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Cabinet report day 1950

Ziua 1,950, 04:01 Publicat în Australia Australia de eAus Department of Information

Cabinet Reports

I asked Cabinet Ministers for an update a few days ago. The enthusiasm for giving reports has waned (though it was never strong, I admit). After going through the pain (like pulling teeth!) of chasing them I finally got enough to post here. Here's what each Minister said verbatim (I kid you not).

Reximus is unfortunately MIA

We are endeavouring to track him down. If anyone has any information as to his whereabouts please contact Draim.

Department of Immigration
Report by Arthur Cole

...I do stuff, boringly dull stuff and message people about boringly dull stuff regarding boringly dull individuals.

Department of Finance
Report submitted by Venja

I have done very little. But everything is still under control 🙂

A few years back I might have told a story about how much gold I had made for the government to fund an invasion of Indo, or the fact that I had sorted dozens of houses for newbies or made sure our economy was rocking as best it could ....

But hey I do love what the admins have done for this game.

Department of Defence
Report by Valentyme

We are currently working on several projects which are detailed below:

1. We are currently working to write a new AAFA with the help of Xavier Griffith which will hopefully rectify some of the issues that are within the DoD and with the ADF. Hopefully the finished copy will be given to the PM to read over within the a week and then it will be sent to the senate.

2. After a few successful trials with AMUA we have put the program on hold while we continue to build up the structure of it. We will soon be looking for QM's/officers which will help myself and the rest of the DoD to implement the program. With the help of Xavier Griffith we hope to get this program running to its full potential and we are currently looking at ways that we can get non-irc users involved int he program. We are all very excited for the changes that are going on in this department.

3. We are looking at possible battle strategies that we may need to implement in order to secure us a congress. Along with that we are advising the MoFA and PM which mpps would be the most strategic to acquire for any possible up coming battles.

That is all we have to report at this time.

Department of Foreign Affairs

Submitted by Xavier Griffith

Alot of the Ministers have been talking to other nations that tend to be Neutral about MPPs with us. As everybody knows. The NaN has been fully released to the public and has its own forums and Wiki. While the Charter is still being refined and no full nominations have occured, Grimstone and DraimAlexander have become the Interim Consuls for the alliance.

The alliance has already had some nations interested in it, and India inparticular believes it would better suit their situation and is making an application. Cyprus has also contacted the Alliance about membership, probably looking at this point more than anything. Ireland is aware of it, however was looking more towards a CUA membership. Having at least 2 of the CUA members join the Alliance would be welcome.

While the Ministers work on hunting for MPPs we can sign, we will now also be actively looking for neutral nations that may be interested in joining NaN now that the full information has been released.

Department of Foreign Affairs

Submitted by Tim Holtz

The Foreign Affairs department has been busy this term making new friends affirming others and generally trying to improve both our standing and relationships with potential allies

some of this has not been seen ingame but some has ala NaN

this alliance is something that has always been informal for years but we have decided now is the time to formalise it.

Department of the Prime Minister

Submitted by DraimAlexander

I have been working with all departments to try and ensure success. The bulk of that time has been focused on Defence and Foreign Affairs and I am hoping to work more closely with Reximus on domestic affairs over the coming weeks, especially on trying to see centrelink succeed.

With Defence we have been discussing and planning out reform or replacement options for the ADF as well as trying to plan out a strategy to make sure we retained congress for the march/april term. In Foreign Affairs we have been incredibly busy reaching out to most, if not all, ecountries trying to gage where they were at including if they would be interested in an MPP. I worked closely with the team members reaching out on our interests and priorities and responses to questions or requests. On the complementary side of FA I have worked closely with Majester and XG on the plans for the NaN alliance we started recently with South Africa. Especially as we got closer to announcing this has transitioned into very direct and frequent conversations with Grimstone, my opposite number in SA, as we both planned the roll out and executed it through admin tickets and then eventually into the game.

Chief of Staff/Minister for Information

The eAustralian National Library

Please subscribe to the Government Department Newspapers, Join the eAustralian Forums, and take a look at our National Library run by the Department of Human Services to aid our New Players.


eAus Department of Information
eAus Department of Information Ziua 1,950, 04:03


Binda33 Ziua 1,950, 04:04

First! (sorta)

DraimAlexander Ziua 1,950, 04:08

If anyone has ever wondered what happens in the Cabinet IRC room, you can basically just picture these cats + Majester and you have around the right idea.

LanyIsLost Ziua 1,950, 04:30

really cool article Binda!

Binda33 Ziua 1,950, 04:32

Thankyou 🙂

argi the eliminator
argi the eliminator Ziua 1,950, 05:02

Keep it up guys (and girls)

venja Ziua 1,950, 06:20

Cabinet is full of cool Kats this month

BOUD1CCA Ziua 1,950, 13:49

Cats are most appropriate \o/

schofeild Ziua 1,951, 02:22

thanks for the heads up. keep us posted 🙂

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,951, 07:55

Very nice work, voted ,5 stars.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,952, 02:27

Cats?! ALRIGHT! Target practice 😃

Binda33 Ziua 1,952, 06:06

I'm telling all my cats to pee on you (it's good target practice)

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,952, 09:10

Meh cats r pussies

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