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Brotherhood and Besa

Ziua 1,829, 14:24 Publicat în Albania Grecia de Teuatamus

The world’s smallest nations were born from the greatest tragedies. Our nation is no different. For thousands of years we struggled against occupier and conqueror. Slav, Greek, Roman, and Turk have marched across our land. We fought on and never forgot the blood of our forefathers. In 1912 a new chapter opened in our history. Our independence day is surrounded by so many injustices. Brother was separated from brother. Our nation was left handicapped not by its’ own doing. In spite of this we still continued on. Our people marched forward against the face of oppression.

We united hand in hand and brought Albania forward with us. This is not the Albania that Pashko Vasa wrote of so many years ago. We have woken from our slumber. We are carrying our nation on our backs and building her once again. Our fair maiden, Our Albania shall stand strong. Her sons and daughters never stray from the battle nor do they fight for personal glory. She shall continue to live on as long as her sons and daughters continue the struggle for economic, social and political progress together. In Erepublik and in real life itself. We are the pen of Naim Frasheri and Gjergj Fishta, We are the shield of Gjergj Kastrioti, We are the sword of Alexander and the Helmet of Pyrrhus, Each of us posses the bravery of Isa Boletini and the wit of Ali Pasha Tepelena. We are the rifle of Adem Jashari and the beating heart of Leke Dukagjini. God himself said that nations shall wane and disappear from this earth but Albania shall live on because our fight for her is not in vain! Let us stand strong and united just as our ancestors have. A brighter day is coming and we must seize it!

Rrofte Shqiperia!



Andiroid Ziua 1,829, 14:30

Bukur vlla

Panch0TheGreat Ziua 1,829, 15:33


Shume shkrim i bukur vlla , bravo!

Elvis Dura
Elvis Dura Ziua 1,829, 16:26

voted dhe subscribe 😉 bravo

enzq Ziua 1,829, 16:44


The Revenge 11
The Revenge 11 Ziua 1,829, 17:20


cobra26 Ziua 1,830, 03:15


Ramesses14 Ziua 1,830, 04:21


Crazy Alboz
Crazy Alboz Ziua 1,830, 13:20

V+S pak vota se shqiptarve sju a man me lexu anglisht 😛

Fessti Ziua 1,830, 14:29


ILLYRIAN .PUNISHER Ziua 1,830, 16:24

bukur e pelqeva ne cdo rresht edhe pse ishte anglisht prap me pelqeu : )

vdekjaa Ziua 1,830, 16:45


Afrodita Mf
Afrodita Mf Ziua 1,831, 00:15


Kthetra Alb
Kthetra Alb Ziua 1,831, 02:38


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