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Ziua 1,518, 16:46 Publicat în USA SUA de Eric Hinkle

First, I feel an apology is in order... It's been so long since I've written anything because I've been busy with midterms, etc. So many things have happened: Oblige won his re-election bid for the presidency, and Pizza the Hut has semi-retired (whatever that's supposed to mean). All in all, things are seeming to go pretty good for the eUSA, but one problem that I mentioned in my last run for Congress still persist...bribery.

Perhaps the most blatant and sickening example of this bribery can be found in two recent articles by Dutch Marley (see links below). Mr. Marley has formed a group of approximately 20 voters who agree to vote for the highest bidder. Everything is done in anonymity, and everyone goes on happily, right? WRONG! What about all of the flaws inherent in this system? Think about how easy it would be for a Serb to come in and buy some votes for Congress or the presidency. If Congress knows what's good for the safety of the eAmericans, they will figure out how to stop this immediately.

If candidates want to buy advertisements on another person's newspaper, go for it! Send messages encouraging voters to vote for you. Run advertisements. But when you are paying someone for his or her vote, you just crossed the line. If we are going to be restored to greatness, we must ensure that we have the best and brightest people in office. The only way to do that is to keep elections focused on issues and not bribes.

I am still considering a run for Congress this month, and you should expect a decision in the next few days. If I do run, I absolutely REFUSE to offer bribes to anyone. Additionally, if I do run and I am elected, I will introduce legislation with an attempt to outlaw bribery. Let me know how you feel about this!




Mister Y
Mister Y Ziua 1,518, 17:01

I like it, then I hope you'll run. But no one can stop the bribery, even if it's dumb and meaningless: powers of Congressmen are extremely limited, the medal should be donated etc. Those who buy votes, they just lost money.

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Ziua 1,518, 17:27

i agree, not the first time i've said it

Jameson L. Tai
Jameson L. Tai Ziua 1,518, 22:26

Bribery and "food/g for votes" etc has been around as long as the game's been around. It will be interesting as to how you would introduce legislation, what types of enforcement you bring up, and what your thoughts in general on the topic with a bit more depth.

Justin sauer
Justin sauer Ziua 1,519, 23:53

i like cheese

law301 Ziua 1,519, 00:04

There is a member on here who can vouch for the fact that I turned down a bribe.... Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

MR.Patriot USA
MR.Patriot USA Ziua 1,519, 05:08

ya i taking bribes for votes is horrible, not to mention it shows what kind of character you really have

Anish9500 Ziua 1,519, 10:47


Dutch Marley
Dutch Marley Ziua 1,519, 11:08

Free press! Vote it. Also if you are afraid of Serbs tall the PP's to keep em off the ballot 😛

Dutch Marley
Dutch Marley Ziua 1,519, 11:11

Also wtf is Congress going to do? If game mechanics are changed to not allow this, then I will stop so as not to get banned. But as long as it fits within game mechanics I will do it.

This is a game remember. Please do not try to ruin my fun in the game by putting your rules onto it.

Also I am saddened you have not mentioned anyone else who offers bribes. So I hope Congress also will impose the bans on themselves and the parties that get them elected. Also I hope you tell your party not to offer anything for votes.

SPC91X Ziua 1,519, 18:19

for the new players who don't know what this writer is talking about, here's a link:

i'm not here to judge anyone. it's not my job. but the way politics works in this game you have 2 options:
- that if you're elected, you do as your told by the elites or never get re-elected.
- join PtH's party and, if you're elected you lose any say in politics then never get re-elected.

not my idea of fun but this isn't my show. then again, i don't buy gold and/or spend hours here so who the hell cares?

btw, i hope you kicked ass on your midterms!

Eric Hinkle
Eric Hinkle Ziua 1,519, 19:15

Thanks for all of the feedback guys. First, I just want to point out to Dutch that there's still a big problem with telling the Party Presidents not to put them up for election. You are selling votes for the PP elections. Think about this senario: A serb moves into the US and gains citizenship. He then buys votes for you to become the PP of a party like the NCP. Now, he can make sure that the only NCP candidates are Serbs as well. See the problem? As far as what Congress should/can do about it, that's a good question. Dutch, bringing the admins into it might ruin your fun, but you offering bribes is ruining the fun for those of us who are trying to play an honest game. So, ultimately I would like to see the admins become involved. However, for now, I think Congress could do more to encourage players to play the game honestly. I'm not claiming to have all of the answers, I just think it's a problem that needs to be addressed. Hopefully WE can come up with some answers soon though. Despite what seems to be the contrary in RL, Congress is supposed to work together you know... Together.

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