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Ziua 1,821, 04:51 Publicat în Malaysia Malaezia de Blitz Aegis

Salam Satu eMy
Long time i not update my newspaper
Today news is not about troll or something
I just want to say 20 hours more
There will be a big fight at Parti Rakyat eMalaysia i as the spokesman in the party fell proud to see our old president fight to be our party president.
But Who The Big Name ???

Who already played this game long time ago of course know well who they are
Amli Nujhan VS Lenin1990

Today i as the spokesman for the party want to make a report how the election goes on

Sir Amli Nujhan still working on
While Sir Lenin1990 just hoping that he will win the sit of party president

The supporter of the candidate are waiting the door of the voting room open
here is picture of the supporter

There also some incident that not good for our country
The supporter become aggressive and throw red paint to the Sir Amli Nujhan supporter bus and damage Sir Lenin1990 car

Sir Lenin1990 supporter angry with the Sir Amli supporter action
Luckily the police make a fast reaction by stop the fight by using water cannon and some special squad

That all the report from me Blitz Aegis (SPOKESMAN)


Nerzhu1 Ziua 1,821, 04:59

V + do I need to declare Darurat? hahaha : P

TeMing Ziua 1,821, 06:35


mhifzan Ziua 1,821, 06:57

3rd, v ,and s. haha x D

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Ziua 1,821, 07:15's still a troll here.. -.-'

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Ziua 1,821, 08:16

In the mean time, I was puffing hookah with Atsalenios ^^

Amli: "Look at what is Karam Singh babbling about the 2 ex-CP... I never was..."
Atsalenios: (drowsily) " What? you want me to sing eh... ?"
και σαν πρώτα ανδρειωμένη,
χαίρε, ω χαίρε, Ελευθεριά! ....3X

Blitz Aegis
Blitz Aegis Ziua 1,821, 08:41

hahaha XD
when boring time come

Firebourne Ziua 1,821, 09:54

Must be the work of The Joker.

theSafeGuard Ziua 1,821, 11:07

waa..waaa ... XD

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Ziua 1,822, 23:57


HardFever Ziua 1,822, 00:23

mana boleh declare darurat...nanti tak pasal perintah berkurung...

MiVEX Ziua 1,822, 00:24


Aizat Afifi
Aizat Afifi Ziua 1,822, 03:50

wow..masih ramai...
mcm tak percaya...

Atsalenios Ziua 1,822, 05:47


the article and the comment by amli are EPIC

Blitz Aegis
Blitz Aegis Ziua 1,822, 06:59

hahaha XD

Lokajaya Ziua 1,822, 20:41

Tangkap perusuh!!!!

Hajariyan X2
Hajariyan X2 Ziua 1,823, 04:34


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