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Australian Parliamentary Party (APP) - A Fresh Start

Ziua 1,950, 01:03 Publicat în Australia Australia de venja

Yes here it is ...

For a few months it was controlled in a way to support other parties.

From today I will be returning APP to active duty.

Public reaction

This party will always promote democratic freedom for all citizens, a stronger Australia and good government.

This party will stand for equality for all members, support for Senate candidates and a inclusive process for endorsing PM candidates.

To this end we will be having a return of the public APP forum discussion regarding the PM primaries in the next few days.

If you want to be part of a fresh start and to help build something meaningful for our country - come be part of the APP. Signup in game and in the forums.

You can also contact me in game, in the forum or on irc.



Tim_Holtz Ziua 1,950, 01:29

ronnyjnrjnr doesnt have another party he supports

way to ignore democracy when you dont like it

ronnyJnrJnr Ziua 1,950, 04:53

its a PTO when game mechanics put me in power but its democratic when game mechanics put venja in power. LOL

supereviloverlord Ziua 1,950, 09:55

If it's legitimate when game mechanics put you in power then it's every bit as legitimate when they do the same to venja.

Paul J Keating
Paul J Keating Ziua 1,950, 02:28

Good to hear, Time for APP to return to greatness

venja Ziua 1,950, 02:52

well maybe tim_holtz and ronnyjnrjnr ignore democracy but I don't.

Tim_Holtz Ziua 1,950, 04:54

so if i join your party, you will run me for congress? assuming there are other people within the party who support me?

ronnyJnrJnr Ziua 1,950, 04:47

yep.. you cared so much you ran both times i was elected... oh wait... no you didnt... good show. tell me more about how much you care about the party

venja Ziua 1,950, 06:14

Haters gonna hate

LanyIsLost Ziua 1,950, 11:04

yes supereviloverlord but..............everyone said it wasn't democratic even when ronnyJnrJnr won the next 2 elections, so now Venja is claiming he is PP democratically when there wasn't an election to vote him in as PP.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Ziua 1,950, 17:49

this things leaves a bad taste in my mouth... much as I am against the PTO, too much time has passed since and Ronny was actually elected by the party.

LanyIsLost Ziua 1,950, 17:54

not once but twice!

venja Ziua 1,950, 18:55

Once only and by imported ACP voters. The party has subsequently had other ideas.

Callumh123 Ziua 1,950, 21:48

Comentariu șters

LanyIsLost Ziua 1,950, 11:20

venja is NOT the democratically elected PP of the APP, don't buy into his spin.

Nicky6Fingers Ziua 1,950, 16:30

i would DIE if Ronny ran next month and won LMAO

venja Ziua 1,950, 18:56

prepare to swallow your own words

venja Ziua 1,950, 18:53

RJJ PTO's his way in - he didn't win democraticaly. Lany is just sad she has lost her powerz

ronnyJnrJnr Ziua 1,950, 20:53

i guess you missed the 2 times i was democratically voted in....

venja Ziua 1,950, 21:00

I sure did and yes I do know a PTO when I see one.

ronnyJnrJnr Ziua 1,950, 21:02

so u missed a democratically elected president for two months running. Please, tell me more about how much you care about the party LOL

LanyIsLost Ziua 1,950, 21:01

You're delusional

venja Ziua 1,950, 21:10

APP is now run democratically. Sorry ronny, Lany and Tim - but your time here is over.

LanyIsLost Ziua 1,950, 21:39

Don't be too sure about that

venja Ziua 1,951, 02:25

Are you threatening to PTO again ??

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