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A new friendship - Novo prijateljstvo izmedju Srbije i Rumunije

Ziua 1,920, 04:43 Publicat în Serbia România de elbandido

Some time ago, on Wednesday September 28, 2011, we were informed:

As you travel across the eRepublik map, you can find in Southern Europe one grey spot in the Balkan peninsula. In real life you can find there the Albanian and Kosovo territories. As the eAlbanian community in eRepublik is growing larger and larger it’s time for the eAlbanians to get a country to settle.

So in the following period of time we will analyze what regions will form eAlbania, what resources will be found in the new added regions and what’s the status of eKosovo.

On 12 October 2011 a poll has been set in order to decide the status of eKosovo in eRepublik:

As you already know, together with eAlbania we will add eKosovo as a new territory in eRepublik.

After analyzing the international status of this region we realized that there is no right or wrong decision. Any resolution from our side, in this case, will be quite arbitrary.

As a result, our conclusion is the following: since we all are in a game in which you can rewrite the history, the eRepublik citizens should decide on this topic, by participating in a poll. The poll will be available in the next couple of days and the eRepublik community will be the one to decide the status of eKosovo in eRepublik.

Poll is active and everyone started to vote. eRomanian president from that time said:

We are at war with Hungary. We all know very well how it feels when Transylvania suddenly turns green and we see red in front of our eyes. We do not accept, even if In Game is not the same as Real Life, that the region they long for may become theirs.

Certainly this game has nationalistic aspects too because otherwise lots of us wouldn't be here today. That is why I ask you to vote! We support the effort of Serbia in this endeavor, the same way we did it on other real life occasions. Kosovo is Serbia!

Kosovo as a region of Serbia!

Alex Craciun

After 23 hours have passed since the voting started we were informed about intermediary voting stats:

Total votes: 38.255
* 50,39% voted for an independent eKosovo
* 49,61% voted for Kosovo as a region of Serbia

What countries voted the most until Day 1.423, 6 o’clock server time?
Of course, Serbia is the most motivated so more than 5.000 citizens voted. On the following places were Poland (more than 3.000 votes), Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) – more than 2000 voters, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia and Hungary (more than 1.500 voters).

Who voted for Kosovo independency?
From the total number of voters from Republic of China (Taiwan), 94% voted for Kosovo independency! This decision was sustained also by 87% from Croatian voters, 85% from Colombia and Bosnia Herzegovina and 84% from the total votes in Uruguay, Cyprus and Malaysia.

Who wants Kosovo as a region in Serbia?
Of course, first of all, Serbia: 96% from the Serbian voters chooses this solution. But this solution is sustain also by more than 80% from the voters in Thailand, Montenegro, Rep. of Macedonia (FYROM), United Arab Emirates and New Zeeland, while in Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic more than 70% from the total voters consider that Kosovo should be a region in Serbia.

The poll ended, we were informed about the final result.

As you already know, it was a very balanced poll and the final results were almost impossible to be predicted. Each of the options have several times had the majority of the votes. Still, after 3 days of voting, while 59.634 citizens expressed their opinion, the vote concluded:

- Kosovo as a region of Serbia: 30.039 citizens;
- eKosovo as an independent country: 29.596 citizens.

So Kosovo will be added in eRepublik as a region of Serbia, we will let you know when this will happen. Until then we have to prepare the map, to choose the resources (do not forget that we will also add eAlbania together with this new region) and then we’ll go live.

Until then, we will find together who voted the most, what countries had a great influence, practically, who took this decision. As you saw, a great number of citizens voted. By the way, huge thanks to all the players that showed their interest for voting in this poll and to the community as a whole.

Finally, Serbia won a new region, Kosovo. Serbia, of course, together with Rep. of Macedonia (FYROM), Romania, Poland and Hungary were the most influential. You can see the top 10 below:

On Thursday November 8, 2011, we welcome in eRepublik a new country, Albania, and a new region for Serbia, Kosovo.

Hail Serbia!
Hail Romania!
Vreme je da nase prijateljstvo zazivi.
Novo prijateljstvo izmedju Srbije i Rumunije.



elbandido Ziua 1,920, 04:51

Hail Serbia!
Hail Romania!
Vreme je da nase prijateljstvo zazivi.
Novo prijateljstvo izmedju Srbije i Rumunije.

xenophob Ziua 1,920, 11:36

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Napoleon 54
Napoleon 54 Ziua 1,921, 14:02


I didnt want to believe what people say for you but now I understand Im wrong and they were right.

Shame on you mate ,really shame

Of course u can have your opinion but dont be a hypocrit


8-3=1 Ziua 1,920, 04:51


Old Bilbao
Old Bilbao Ziua 1,920, 04:54


costin1989 Ziua 1,920, 04:56


Sas Dragos
Sas Dragos Ziua 1,920, 04:57

Hail Serbia! Hail Romania!

aero73 Ziua 1,920, 04:59


Lapraksi Ziua 1,920, 05:03

Transylvania is Hungary!

Old Bilbao
Old Bilbao Ziua 1,920, 05:03

Mongolia is 😁

E x x E
E x x E Ziua 1,920, 11:25

hungary is Mongolia!

Lapraksi Ziua 1,920, 11:34

Romania is Egypt

Cneazu Ziua 1,920, 18:08

Stii gluma cu Budapesta? 🙂

diximen Ziua 1,922, 13:21

Transilvania is Romania,hungaria is nothing@

Matracuca Ziua 1,920, 05:03

Hail Serbia!
Hail Romania!

Predsjednik Republike SrBske
Predsjednik Republike SrBske Ziua 1,920, 05:06

Ja bih mogao roman da napišem o tome koliko su nam Rumuni pravi saveznici i koliko su dobri ljudi. Pogledajte samo ko mi je zamenik komandira i ko je jedan od 2 kapetana, a sva priča je naravno krenula od glasanja

Colonel Landa
Colonel Landa Ziua 1,920, 05:07

Romanians are our best RL neighbours! Regards from Serbia!

Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Ziua 1,920, 05:08


Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia Ziua 1,920, 05:13

Unsub, no vote! Kosovo should have been implemented as an independent e-country!

Arn.Magnusson Ziua 1,920, 09:28


crom-vanadiu Ziua 1,920, 21:46

lol, butthurt.

eDLD Ziua 1,920, 05:18

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eDLD Ziua 1,920, 05:22

sub + vote (asa ca sa anulez "dezastrul" anuntat mai sus de Lawrence offf ..., ala de lupta anul trecut contra eRo, just for fun)

Predsjednik Republike SrBske
Predsjednik Republike SrBske Ziua 1,920, 05:24

Hail eDLD eternal 83 commander!

Orrrm Ziua 1,920, 05:25

What is this? wink wink...

GringoLBV Ziua 1,920, 05:39

Hail Serbia!
Hail Romania!

Darkslowstar Ziua 1,920, 05:43

Hail Serbia! Hail Romania!

Rastko1991 Ziua 1,920, 05:45

Raul Doru Ziua 1,920, 05:52

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Darkslowstar Ziua 1,920, 06:01

ce mare prietenie avem in RL cu croatii? E doar un joc, sa nu uitam asta

Raul Doru
Raul Doru Ziua 1,920, 06:04

avand in vedere relatiile excelente pe care le avem in joc cu ungurii, mai ca-mi vine sa te cred ca RL nu are nicio influenta in eRep... 😃

Wallachian Ziua 1,920, 05:52

Well in-game we have Croatia so NO to alliance with Serbia.
In real life Romanians from Timok Valley dont have schools in mother language, dont have religious sermon and if god forbid they bring a Romanian priest to bury their dead they are brought to the police and threatened. Needless to say I dont consider Serbs friends and they shouldnt even be allowed in the EU. So NO to any friendship with serbia in RL either.

Raul Doru Ziua 1,920, 05:54

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Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Ziua 1,920, 08:44

I know that Romanians should be granted to listen classes in their own language but yet again I don't know real raeson behind that. One of the reasons some of my friends there (Romanians too) list is that many people just move from that region to other foreign countries leaving their houses empty. There are plenty empty villages there. Well you will see all those big rich houses with no one living in them. Yet again I don't see why would that be one of the reasons. As for Serbs that got their rights in Romania I know that they had to do that together with other exYu citizens in Romania. Serbs had no chance getting ability to listen classes on their own language if they didn't made group together with Croats and Slovenians I think. that is totally different matter tho. So yeah Romanians should be given ability to listen/read on their own language no matter if that would last for next 10, 50 or more years to come.
About church don't try to persuade me that it is any different in Romania. Serbian priest have no right to do any ceremonies in Romanian Patriarchate.
And about minorities in Serbia. You are yet again wrong. Raska is region that holds a lot of Bosnians and they even tho have similar language as Serbia one listen and write on their own Bosnian language that has only Latin letters. On other side you have Bulgarians and Macedonians that do everything on their own language and have news on TV on their language. Government signs are written on both their and Serbian language. Same goes with Albanians on south or Hungarians on north. Saying that they have no right is just absurd....

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Ziua 1,920, 06:50

Well when you touched RL stuff I felt somewhat obligated to tell you other side of the story....
While Romanians in Serbia deserve to listen school classes on their mother language it is totally different thing why it isn't like that. Low population prevents that some schools even work. Having Romanian language in those schools is last thing on list people that live there concerns. Add to that that population there is steadily declining and you will see why is there no interest to add another language in schools.
And about church and stuff. Look at how Orthodox (I am not sure about Catholic one) church works in first place. Orthodox church doesn't have one main church but it is divided in Patriarchates. In beginning you had 5 and now you have a lot more. Lets say that every Orthodox country has its own Patriarchate now plus there are some others. That being said Romanian priests don't have right to serve any ceremony on Serbian Patriarchate or vice versa. Even on smaller scale Orthodox priests don't have right to serve any ceremony where they don't have (in lack of better word) have jurisdiction.

Raul Doru Ziua 1,920, 07:22

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bmarke011 Ziua 1,920, 15:53

You are talking about Vlach minority, less commonly known as Valahii din Serbia. The Romanians in Serbia call their community Românii din Serbia. Although ethnographically and linguistically related to the Romanians, within the Vlach community there are divergences on whether or not they belong to the Romanian nation and whether or not their minority should be amalgamated with the Romanian minority in Vojvodina.

On 1 March, 2012, Romania and Serbia signed an agreement concerning the Vlach population in Serbia. According to the agreement, members of the Vlach community can declare themselves to be Romanians, and those who do so can have access to education, media and religion in their language.

cc1432 Ziua 1,921, 14:08

mi se rupe. te faci frate si cu dracu sa treci podu, astia am fost si astia vom fi asa ca ciocul mic walla 😁).

Rilindasi Ziua 1,920, 05:52

Unsub. No vote.

Aradstorm Reloaded
Aradstorm Reloaded Ziua 1,920, 05:52

Hail Serbia!
Hail Romania!
Hail Osveta83!

Zimniy Veter
Zimniy Veter Ziua 1,920, 06:00

Romania bends over, Serbia SCOOORES!!!
Romania has orgasmic orgasm.

Croatia cries in a corner feeling betrayed.

Argessos Ziua 1,920, 06:01

Hail Serbia!
Hail Romania!

Leviatanul Ziua 1,920, 06:03

Hail Serbia! Hail Romania!

blackpanther76 Ziua 1,920, 06:04

Oh you naughty boy : )) you think you'll bring Serbia on your side remember them how you voted?
I not my concern...and for sure not my business.....but this is soud so desperate......don't you think? : )
If this is a "Hail" day....than....Hail all countries ; )
Have a nice day all o/

Markozlol Ziua 1,928, 01:01

Greek betrayer go lick Albanian foot please.

szekely ostor
szekely ostor Ziua 1,920, 06:16

If this is a "Hail" day....than....Hail all countries x2

Zimniy Veter
Zimniy Veter Ziua 1,920, 06:20

Székelyföld isn't a country.

szekely ostor
szekely ostor Ziua 1,920, 06:29

I don't understand why "they" stick all Romania to the Szeklerland 😃

szekely ostor
szekely ostor Ziua 1,920, 06:33

"two points and high D" ... that escaped from my previous comment

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