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[WTP]- Election Musings, Leadership Roles and New Ideas.

Ziua 1,902, 17:35 Publicat în USA SUA de Hale26

Laws too gentle are seldom obeyed; too severe, seldom executed.
~Benjamin Franklin

Evening America,

As all members of WTP will know, voting was taken off the forums and put back into the hands of anyone who wishes to voice their opinion. We are proud to say that 48 of WTP's 353 members chose to have a say in our eNation's eFuture.
Though that is just over 10%, we are proud that almost all WTP members were given the right* to participate in these elections.

Despite the achievement of getting all voting off the forums, a blight overshadows this election. That blight is a PM, sent with most Leadership consent (My own consent was given as well), to the party..
Greetings, ________

I am the Spokesman of the We The People Party, of which you are a member.

If you meet requirements you will be allowed to vote here:

I encourage all of you to vote for either Jason Statham Jr or John Killah; though we are not attempting to stifle individual opinion, Candor is an AFA/PTO sympathizer.

Jason\'s latest article can be found here:

John\'s latest article can be found here:

Thank you for your time.

The reason why Leadership sent this PM was mainly that we felt that Candor's stance on the AFA was largely unknown to the party. Candor had, at this point, no serious articles. No one campaigned against him, people thought he wouldn't get votes..etc
Hence, he was mostly a fun, lulzy 10/10 candidate.

In short- We thought the people were missing something.

Now, I am firm in the fact that the AFA is a PTO organization. That is not an opinion in my books- It's just a fact of this game.

But it offended many people when we threw Candor in line with the word PTO. To be blunt, if Leadership really wanted to voice an opinion on Candor we shouldn't have done it halfway through voting VIA PM.

And this is where we are left off. A hurried, good intentioned attempt to inform our voters came out to look like Leadership trying to control the outcome of an election.

The main issue that has been discussed amoungst the partiers is how to balance Leadership's opinion, with our own. As expected, Leadership must have say in most votes and elections. After all, we are the ones who run the party and generally know what's going on.

It's just the way we voice our opinion that has to be questioned.

Picking up wherever this this thread left off, here are my views on the role of Leadership during elections...

1. For CP elections, Leadership will invite all CP candidates to either a Q&A session, or an IRC Debate. Those who cannot make the IRC Debate will be given a Q&A, those who cannot make the Q&A are extremely lazy.
Q&A questions can be proposed by anyone, mustn't be too personal.
("Hey Candor/Jason/John, what's your eye color ?" is....well..actually, we might let that on. But if they don't respond, you know why <_<)
The IRC Debate will be moderated by someone appointed by the PP/VP, and questions will be asked in a debate format. All logs will be published and shouted.

At the end, Leadership will open the primaries and include 1 PRO and 1 CON of each person, as well as a link to their most recent article.

We will also be encouraging candidates to take eachother seriously. Even if it's just 2 extra paragraphs at the end of an article. I mean, no matter how lulzy someone appears they are still running against you.
Aside- Donations to Presidential candidates who take their opponents seriously will be considered. For every paragraph, .01cc will be given. Those CC add up ^_~

2. For Congress elections, we should give a recommended list of people with pros-and-cons to most candidates. Has to be PP approved.
BUT, we will stick to Hawkie's system of voting. It would look something like this...


Pro- Has nice hair
Con- Has nicer hair than me
Pro- Is a pony
Con- Isn't apple jack :>
At a certain point we'd stop the cons and pros, ofc.
3. For PP elections, I see no need to change anything. Obviously Leadership will not be voicing views or endorsing anyone there.
But if certain people want to campaign for candidates and they happen to be in Leadership, they may do so under the guise of a normal citizen. They can mention the work they've individually done for the party, ofc.

Just some ideas. Could've done this without article, but this helps nonforumers see something is going on 😁.

At the end of the day, WTP is much more than a hunk of 40 gold occupied by 356 people. We are not just a 5th party, a shout feed or a place where ATOers graciously visit every few days.

We are the ill defined future,

A shadow of what lies yet to come,

A social experiment.

Signing off for now,


Aside- One-Two Warfare articles will be up when I get the new map. Why?
Just because I'm spamming my subs with WTP stuff :3

*Right- PTO threats and citizens under level 24 could not vote. Also, around 3-4 people slipped through the cracks. I'm working on ways to prevent that, sorry guys.


MazzyCat Ziua 1,902, 18:21

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

Candor Ziua 1,902, 19:04

Fyi for the world, most of my articles will always be a mix of lulz, and serious. I'm playing a game, and running for pretend President of a pretend nation. I'm here to have fun.

I can turn on serious light a light switch when need be.

But if you look back a couple of years, and read POTUS articles from 08-10, you'll see my style is in line with where we once were as a team. Some story line, a lot of humor, a blend of reasonable information.

We've gotten of track as a nation and team, allowed the story to be written for us. And that story has been one of gloom and anger.

No more. We're taking charge of the story again, and it's going to be a mix of role play and laughs, while we busy ourselves beating someone up. We aren't going to be too picky, but someone's getting a boot in the gut, because that's what we do, we kick people. And keep kicking.

And regardless of the previous story line, the AFA is going to be right there with us, kicking turd ball opponents as members of our team, and community.

Hate me for it. But let yourself lighten up and laugh while you're at it.

Loves to Hale, a hardworking asset to the WTP. V.

Rice Racer
Rice Racer Ziua 1,902, 19:16

The only say leadership should have in the elections is if it is against an actual PTO candidate. Candor was in no way a PTO/AFA candidate. He has had his own small party for years and at one time was in the WTP party leadership. He left to resume leadership in his party. Since he was not a threat the leadership of WTP should not have sent out the message discouraging votes for him. Just because he has a platform of 10/10 resources and similar goals as the AFA which goes against the current regimes goals he was branded a AFA sympathizer. Candor is in no way beholden to Ajay or his sheep and wouldn't assist them in hurting this country or draining its treasury. Though I has upset about the actions of the leadership I hold no grudges against Mazzy or her advisers and hope we all learned something and great things will follow.

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

Henry William French
Henry William French Ziua 1,902, 20:25

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

av khan
av khan Ziua 1,902, 21:40

I might or might agree with some of the things you said but those are really irrelevant at this point of time. I quite like this idea not only because its how I would like WTP to be as member. An educated democracy. But also because it clarifies the role of the leadership and party members. Thank you Hale and Mazzy and rest of the leadership.

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Ziua 1,902, 21:58

Good words, Hale

You guys have a good team still coming together. Bumps along the way are expected and I believe the intent was fair. Execution faltered.


ilphen Ziua 1,903, 02:09

Pro- Is a pony
Con- Isn't apple jack :>

I see what you did there!
hahahaha 😃

Geronimo100 Ziua 1,903, 02:51

Good, I like Pro versus Con lists 🙂

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

Orion Pearl
Orion Pearl Ziua 1,903, 18:46

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

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