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[WTP]- A Term in Review and a Look Forward.

Ziua 1,940, 19:11 Publicat în USA SUA de Hale26

Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.

~Louis E Boone

Evening WTPers,

As we approach the end of Oblige's PP term, this month's PP electing-process has begun. Now, no hiding it, this was a...strange, month ?
Basically, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Lets backtrack a little.

Before the term began (begun?), we had 2 candidates.
On one hand, we had a very media active, former spokesman- Serendipitous

On the other, server of multiple terms in eOffice and former POTUS- Oblige.

Both candidates had their flaws and plusses. Seren was marked in controversy during his term as spokesman because of the Candor message; Oblige for having little info on his run for PP.

When put to the polls, Oblige won the election handily. I like to think this was thanks to the awesome vision he presented in his campaign article, [WTP] Oblige for Party President !

(Basically sums up Oblige's article :3)

Just as things were looking cheery, Oblige got bad news. Due to unforeseeable work IRL, he was going to have to be AFK for most of his term.
However, he did leave us with a brief vision of what he'd like to have achieved.

Due to more RL stuff though, ilphen and nose didn't have time to do most of their duties. Myself and Mazz were semi-AFK for a bit of time due to RL sometimes too.

Despite this, Oblige's term wasn't an utter failure. IA managed to get a good team (Love you Orion, Savy and Concept. Shout out to the new PHS trainees as well), excellent whitelist system (Looks f**king beautiful), and various other reforms.

Forum use also notched up a little, thanks to all those who use it. Got some very high-quality articles out of ilphen too. (ALL HAIL AQWWL!)

Hell, we even managed to get FTW up. (Thanks to henryfrench, ilphen, nose and all other donors/collaborators.)

Coming out of a fairly bad term, WTPers head to the polls to select a new Leader. Due to more RL, Oblige will not be running. (Though, an active Oblige month is something I have no problem with. He did well the first time he was PP.)

Since myself and Orion did not accept their nominations, Mazzy cat is the only one who is running for PP.

Because we only have one candidate, we aren't going to have a /real/ off forum election. Sure, we're having a forum one. But, though everything is ready, an off forum election when there is only 1 candidate doesn't make sense

...and Mike's voting domain is down for a few days, so we can't have an off forum one even if we want too.
(Believe it or not, I wanted to have an off-forum one.)

Personally, I have a good feeling about this month. Mazzy will have an active team, PPDBs will be fully utilized, and I'm sure IA will keep rocking. Hey, if things go well, I might even get to step down from IA early.

But most of all, the reason why this term will go well is that we, after 6 months, still hold the ideals of this party strongly.

Most importantly, the founding tenents of strong communication, intelligent populism and activity are idolized.

See, something we've learned through this game and RL is that you cannot fear failure. In the end, one failure doesn't decide the endgame.

As long as we remember that, strive to do well and keep ourselves balanced (both ingame and out), we're going to do just fine.

Continue to Insurgio, WTPers,

Good Night

To Shout-
[WTP]- A Term in Review and a Look Forward


Hale26 Ziua 1,940, 19:12

Also- If someone could teach me how to color text, that'd be awesome.

Feel kinda bad having to make you guys click on a "link to nowhere" just to get some color.
(Because, even though I warned you, I know you're still going to click on it -.-)

Talostastic Ziua 1,940, 19:18


MazzyCat Ziua 1,940, 19:18


Meow! ♥

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Ziua 1,940, 19:22

I'm not a WTPer but this article was mildly awesome.

I mean, as awesome as a WTP article can be. :3

Hale26 Ziua 1,940, 19:34

Pssh, you know you loved it Dunks ^_~

ilphen Ziua 1,941, 18:43

I want to molest you and stuff.


The Mike
The Mike Ziua 1,941, 18:43

WTP es awesome \ o /

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Ziua 1,942, 13:24

I really hope the next Party Leader can breathe some life in the party. You guys have the right intents but need clear action.

Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Ziua 1,943, 00:30

Excellent article.

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