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[WTP] A Message Gone Wrong

Ziua 1,900, 11:31 Publicat în USA SUA de MazzyCat

Yesterday a message was sent out to all WTP members. The wording was poorly chosen and not what was intended with the message. I dearly apologize for this mistake. WTP was attempting to show our members all sides of the candidates. I agree that the way handled should have been far better than was.

WTP was trying to better explain Candor's theory with AFA. Potus Candor the Full Resources 10/10 Candidate is Candor's latest article where he touches on the matter of working with AFA. Not to allow them to take over the nation or such, but as a different strategy. This should have been what was included in the MM. Instead of the "I encourage all of you to vote for either Jason Statham Jr or John Killah; though we are not attempting to stifle individual opinion, Candor is an AFA/PTO sympathizer."

That said. Yes we did feel that the people had a right to know what the different candidates stood for. Especially Candor with his unique humor campaign. This is not an attempt to hide what was said or what has happened. Rather a way to help people understand the intent of the message. Discussion is desired on the subject. So please ask any questions you may have.

Thank you

We The People President



Kody5. Ziua 1,900, 12:25

Rabble rabble

frejzer Ziua 1,900, 12:42

'eeeeere kitty,kitty,kitty...

BugsBunnyz Ziua 1,900, 13:24

Awesomest PP evar!!!

Hale26 Ziua 1,900, 16:25


This wasn't done so much to blast Candor. We felt that people had to know things that he simply didn't mention. (Not out of malice on Candor's part~ He prefers lulz>srs biz. Plus, he did mention it in his old articles)
BUT, this was done in a bias way. AFA is one thing, but some think they aren't PTO. Rather than shun these people as "fggts", we should either let them be or convince them of our cause. Leadership showed bias in this message, considering our demographics.
Considering our demos, things should have been handled differently. Maybe a "Pro and Cons list", a "leadership endorses by vote" list, an "invitation for people to debate on our forums" thing.

What I do like is that we frankly aren't trying to hide this. We made our people mad, and we're sorry. But we aren't completely in the wrong.

I'm happy to see that this has led to debate on our forums. Just part of the usual new-party growing pains. Still, WTP can be seen as more than *just* a party ^_~.

Candor Ziua 1,900, 19:01

Mazzy is a very good person and valued friend, and WTP is full of great people!

I'm sorry you guys had any trouble wrt me and/or that message. I wasn't bothered or offended honestly, politics is what it is, and by some standards, that was barely a nudge.

That said, since you provide the opportunity here, I do think my message is often misunderstood with regards to the AFA, in a jumble of hostile retort.

The AFA isn't leaving, no sooner than iNCi left anyway. And there are a lot of decent people in the AFA who would like to be recognize as whole citizens. Even their MU would consider joining our forces, in joint leadership and conquest.

RGR himself is a unique bird, and what people choose to think of him is an individual choice, and none of my business really. But you miss the other 999 real people, spread out in two parties, by dismissing the whole group with labels that most certainly do not apply universally.

Anyway. Thank you Mazzy and WTP for considering me in your election primary, and again in the General Election. A lot of you I know well, and am friends with, and I appreciated your defense. But I wasn't offended, I've thicker skin than that.

And Mazzy and I's friendship is WAY stronger than any silly mass message! You guys are lucky to have her, she is truly awesome incarnate.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Ziua 1,901, 01:45


Waysted Ziua 1,901, 15:35


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