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[OMG PP Election] Going Barefooted...

Ziua 1,913, 03:45 Publicat în Germany Marea Britanie de Konrad Neumann

The sun is shining and the day is warm. On a nice summer day there is nothing like taking your pair of sandals out or even going barefoot. The simple and innocent joys of life in that something as taking your shoes off brings memories of childhood, innocence as well as the real simple and basics joys of life. For me, Open Mind Germany is like going barefooted.

OMG from my perspective is an innocent and simple party. Our party was founded as a simple party. Our beliefs is not that of the right or of the left. Our simple principle is of inclusion and to do what is ideal for the eGerman community. What works should be policy regardless is it left right or center. We welcomed all who wants to join the OMG earning us a reputation of being a noob/ 2 clicker party. Regardless, I value and like this nature of OMG. It is simple and our values are innocent and bold.

As I run for party president of OMG, I would like our party to continue on our simple and basic values. I would like to see our party to "go barefoot" and focus on inclusion and coalition building. I am personally please to see that tensions in Germany is a lot lower than last week and I hope this trend will continue. I look forward in working with my colleagues from the LPP, Metze, KPeD, SPeD, BP and others and that we can all "go barefoot" in the days to come.

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slayer10 Ziua 1,913, 03:50


Satyre Reynes
Satyre Reynes Ziua 1,913, 03:59


eisenmutter2 Ziua 1,913, 06:27

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eisenmutter2 Ziua 1,913, 06:27

1. support CPcandidate under condition that LPP won't be in any ministry

2. hi "[o]ur simple principle is of inclusion"

atsan Ziua 1,913, 09:41

urghh ponies... still voted

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Ziua 1,913, 13:53

didnt you mean mlp party?

Letnix Ziua 1,913, 19:40


Akeshi Ziua 1,915, 09:10


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