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[MoFA] Reports from ambassadors: Politics

Ziua 1,827, 15:49 Publicat în Norway Norvegia de Norwegian Consulate

Let's check some of the informations our ambassadors brought in their first report.

Argentina, by caribo

The political situation is pretty calm, the Country President have a high support from the citizens, so there isnt a lot of news in that.

Besides some intent of TO of different citizens to tiny parties, everything went as expected, the official canidates of the main parties won the elections confortably.

Brazil, by Per Jostein

The culture of pre-defining an official candidate makes the party elections very predictable. Diego Virmond won in ODIN, BeIIenus in Partido Militar, thiaggosilva in Partido Democrata Brasileiro, LuizinhoBrok in SPARTA and MaulMau in PERSONA.

Brazil is more connected with ex-ONE countries and now is taking some distance of old friends - a position that is questioned by some, but supported by the majority of the population. Colombia is not a friend of Brazil anymore after the recent battles and the attacks from Brazil and Spain. It caused an international tension. Probably Brazil is going to take a way to Asia soon. The country is facing an imperialistic period and nacionalism is elevated.

Canada, by Georgij Zjukov

About party elections, most of the election went like expected, they were not really surprising elections.

An invasion by Poland, Canada were almost overrun, but now, it seems like they're having it under control, they have regained much off their country, and Rolo, has lost all of his power, after he dictated Canada for months, and drained they're treasury several times. It was truly a successful PTO.
Now Canada is a democracy once again.

Germany, by Dabii

German authorities were requiring the suspension of the attack on the former German central part of the appeal, also did not want there to uprisings. They only follow orders from the battle groups.

The Congress led by Open Mind Germany, with 31% support. Next elections will be held November 25th. People are surprised by the results of the election and the party chairmen.

Ireland, by Exodah

It seems like Ireland has had a problem with PTO'ers. They took quite alot of cash, but i think they got it under controll now.

There are also a discussion going on there at the moment. Quite a few people think it would be better for Ireland including the prime minister who has had trouble with the eden hq lately and many support him. Alot of the irish think that eden priorize wrong as well.

There has been a couple changes lately. Ethel was replaced by mirek as MoFa and Malbekh got the job as MoD cause of psych0 falling out with eden.

There are 3 big parties in Ireland at the moment.
independent labour party - 80 members - got 67 votes last election
saoirse - 74 members - 65 votes last election
irish freedom party - 45 members - 42 votes last election

I think that saoirse will gather the most votes in the next election. Depending on if the irish are still negative about staying in eden.

The last president election was a close race between psych0 and the current president, winston. Psych0 got 95 of the votes while winston smith got 103. I also think psych0 will win the next presidential elections if he wishes.

Poland, by Evilchriss

Poland has invaded Asgaard. But know it seems like Sweden has taken back their country. But Finland is still under Poland.

Congress seats: Partia Wolnych Ludzi: 17%, Narodowa : 29%, Partia Imperialna: 17%, Polska Partia Patriotyczna: 19%, Polska Partia Cywilna:17%. For next elections, it seems like that Narodowa will get many people in the congress.

Sweden, by bATRA

Neppons have handed over the swedish crown to Plams after 3 month of turbulence for the swedish people. He have created new connections, reestablished old once and worked for the Nordic brotherhood.

Plams is a experianced politican in Sweden and have been working as MoD befor. He has handled the Polish invasion and wipe really well! Sweden is back on the map and lets hope it stays that way. Im still waiting to see what ideas Plams have in mind for Sweden and i wish him all luck in his work.

NationaIgardet is still the biggest party after Flashback Sweden.
Nationalgardet have at the moment 38% and Flashback got 31%. Not any major changes at the moment.

United Kingdom, by noenting

The politic situation in the UK is dominated by some battle between the top 5 parties which divided into two blocks. Each block is accusing the opposing parties to actually harm the UK and to be not democratic. This might have been a profiling battle in order to show a clear line during the PP elections, however, I have been told there was no media battle going on. Past elections shall have been shadowed by vote buying etc to get the Candidates articles into the top voted list.

The party blocks are as follows:

The governmental block supporting the President and currently holding 22/40 seats in Congress: The Unity Party (TUP) - 13 Congressmen; Every Single One (ESO) - 6 Congressmen; UK Reform Party (UKRP) - 3 Congressmen;
And the Opposing block: New Era (NE) - 10 Congressmen; UK Progression Party (UKPP) - 8 Congressmen.

The first public discussion in the UK was concerning the citizenship approval in the UK. For a longer time Ian Keers has done the background research and approved or denied citizenship in a function that is similar to the norwegian Minister of Immigration. This policy was called dictatorship by the opposition and partially ignored by granting citizenship to users that had not been approved by Ian Keers. The opposition pointed out that solution of granting citizenship could be biased as only one person would tend to favor a certain political direction of thought. During some kind of media accusations Ian Keers, residing in Poland to make better use of the production enhancements, returned to the UK (to officially present his opinion in the UK media). As a matter of facts it turned out he resigned as what is the MoI in Norway, but agreed (after being asked by the President) to continue unless a new system has been set up. This new immigration system shall be made up of a group of Congressmen featuring representatives of every party deciding in a democratic process.

Besides of this event the UK is trying to organize the military. The president has recently appointed a military unit to be the National Military. This again caused discussions whether a National Military is needed or not. The military situation in the UK is somewhat confusing with about an (estimated) dozen of units. However, the UK is coordinating the strike times. At the moment the UK tries to cause damage in battles announced by the UKMoD at 2000 UK time or 1200 server time. This coordination lead - according to articles of the UKMoD - to a last minute victory of Chile over Argentinia in New Zealand.

Finally Ireland proposed a region swap with the UK proposing to swap Scotland and Northern Ireland for Wexford and Louth. This deal would have gotten both nations an enhanced food production There have been internal votings in the game and a voting on the eUK boards. The latter turned out a pretty clear result: 42 out of 65 voters wanted no swap at all, while 5 users were in favour and further nine users would accept the deal if Ireland was to leave EDEN. The remaining 9 users proposed different swaps.

The party election campaigns have developed directly out of the citizenship discussion. Most notably Ian Keers accused Sage Goku of several PTO attempts and acutal PTOs in the entire world. Sage Goku in return complained about the Government excluding him from the euk-forums and IRC channels, pretending he has changed his behavior now and is different from what he used to be. The current party Presidents are: TUP - Bohemond4 - 62.31% of votes; UKRP - TheDark Ace - 78.05%; ESO - ApronChef - 100% (only one candidate); UKPP - Lady Macbeth II - 63.49%; NE - Sage Goku - 59.42%.

Ambassador of the week award

noenting was the ambassador of the week. He deserved it due to his great work as Norwegian ambassador in UK, been deeply inserted in their society, bringing a lot of relavant information and well representing Norway. He is acting as an experienced ambassador, even if it was just his first week in this position.

On behalf of the MoFA-team,
Per Jostein, Minister of Foreign Affairs.



Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Ziua 1,827, 18:21

The new crew looks pretty good!

Keep it going, guys!


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Nice article : ]


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Good fucking work, both byt the mofa and ambassadors ! 😃

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Che Kukaken
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GJ everybody, thanx for the info and gratz to noenting:)

Dio Ichigo
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