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[MoFA] - Keep on toes...

Ziua 1,916, 08:11 Publicat în Pakistan Pakistan de Ahsan

I've missed some recent changes as I was on vacations for last few days and before start kicking the eWorld and their 'bond007' type activities, as being a proud citizen of ePakistan I'm thankful to Dio Eraclea for his efforts made for the country in his presidency time and congratulations to St0L3n1 for becoming the CP of a great nation for the first time. Also, I would like to thanks Dio Maximus for his contributions and M.N.A for doing D.MoFA job in my absence.

Ok now, enough of your celebrations…

I don’t use the word ‘unfortunate’ here because it seems to make someone weaker. In brief, now the situation we are facing is entirely different, we are lacking of our allies and out of 4 countries only 1 is reaming with us in MPP and i.e. Serbia which is standing and fighting with us till now for our cause of liberation of our occupied regions instead of giving us dramatic explanations of their economic tragedies by refusing our MPP’s proposals like others did. Some of them asked us to elaborate our war strategies and our recent influences and a reason to know any ‘benefit’ they will have after signing MPP with ePakistan. This is a major point to think that where are we standing now!

Yes! This is ‘fortunate’ for the brave people of ePakistan in this scenario and avail this opportunity to stand on our own, cooperate each other, empower government and build a strong ePakistan. Let them know that MPPs doesn’t effects much but this could happen if we all work together as one nation. Such refusals (MPP) enforce us to think broad, be united and keep on toes to face anything at anytime.

Clapping while watching ‘bond007’ on the screen is a waste but do look beyond the scene about fact and reality. Thumbs up for our current MoFA TheJakal on his efforts to make a good relations with other countries and read his article which explains more about MoFA ePakistan activities.

Today 1916, Official greeting message from our Department of MoFA has been sent to few countries and we are waiting to see their respond either positive or negative but we look forward to know.

Deputy MoFA of ePakistan



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Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Ziua 1,916, 09:58

voted & sub

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Mirza Hassam Baig
Mirza Hassam Baig Ziua 1,916, 13:31

very nice

Abuzar Aslam5
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AhmadMukhtar1 Ziua 1,917, 15:50

Very nice article...voted+subscribe

Danidada Ziua 1,917, 22:56

When I'm eOldier I'll probably go to ePakistan. Good people there o7

Sayful Ziua 1,918, 03:34

voted and subbed, nice 😉

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Ziua 1,918, 10:26

The general situation in the economy module is making a lot of problems for us, and not only us. Almost every smaller country is struggling to keep it's MPP stack as the bigger powers are trying to cut their expenses through MPP's. 10 000 CC is quite a lot at the moment.

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