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[MoFA] A message to our friends and allies!

Ziua 1,835, 13:09 Publicat în Bulgaria Bulgaria de Ministry of Foreign Affairs BG

Greetings all!

After today’s exhausting battle we decided that big thanks are in order. That is why I’m grabbing a cookie for inspiration and a new article is born!
Long story short- we lost today to eGreece by one point 🙁 Bummer really, but as they say, “that’s the way the wheel turns”. This is just one battle and we need to suck it up, get ready and hit even harder, because we can! At least our allies won today, yaay 🙂 🙂 🙂

Although we lost, today was a very special day for us, because we got so much support and help that... well, left us speechless or wanting to start kissing every single person we can get our hands to.

First, we have to say a big THANK YOU to all of the members of CoT and the HQ of the alliance. Especially the last few rounds were a priority and we thank each and every person, who tried to help us by coordinating, fighting or just by wishing us luck and supporting via shouts.
We also have to say a big THANK YOU to our allies: Poland, Hungary, Serbia. Your support means alot to us o7

Needless to say such a war is a very expensive thing- you have to buy tanks, build rockets and so many more things. Our friends from Serbia gave tanks today, for our battle, without wanting anything back.. this means alot to us, because not many countries would do it. And we were in need of support! THANK you Serbia for this, we will not forget it!
Also in a quick meeting with half of the HQ of CoT and a few members, Indonesia and Chile gave us over 3k tanks for the “last stand”. I don’t know how many “thank you”s I must say about that!

Overall I am getting a bit sappy and girly, forgive me 😃
But when a friend comes to you, asking “Do you need anything?” and then you just hear “You got it, we will help, we will give, we will support” this is something special and should be cherished!

Honestly right now the lost does not seem like such a big thing, we can fight again tomorrow, we will win tomorrow! But today.. we saw the biggest plus to this game- building friendships, connections, loyalty, trust.

We thank each and every country, that helped!

Thank you CoT!

Thank you Macedonia for fighting all day next to us, for putting us as top priority, CoD and organizing your troops to come when needed!

Thank you Poland for helping and caring and being behind us! We are waiting for you 😛

Thank you Indonesia for the help, the tanks, the support, you are one of a kind!!

Chile.. ah we just love you even more now, if it’s possible 😃

And Hungary, we salute you for everything you have done for us o7 !

A big thanks to all of the other countries that I did not mention personally, but we saw you were next to us, trying your best and we will not forget this! Thank you Spain, Russia, Slovenia and many more!

Yes, I think I overused “thank you” in this article, but it was very hard to put all of our emotions into one small article.

We love you all, we can never repay you for the support!

Aaaaand I am done 😛

MoFA of eBulgaria



CHIVAREGALSR Ziua 1,835, 13:12

V&S pole

CaMoMuHaBaM Ziua 1,835, 13:14

Friends Thanks a lot for help


tomekfaszcz Ziua 1,835, 13:15


Jurukov Ziua 1,835, 13:15


El Reto
El Reto Ziua 1,835, 13:15


NO CARRIER Ziua 1,835, 13:16


Prophet009 Ziua 1,835, 13:17


Alvaro Rousseau
Alvaro Rousseau Ziua 1,835, 13:17

I will always help you... and CoT o/

MHoropykua IIIuBa
MHoropykua IIIuBa Ziua 1,835, 13:17


windfall Ziua 1,835, 13:17

Sometimes when you lose a battle, you win more... That was the case today.

A full respect to our allies and friends o7

Black Snakee
Black Snakee Ziua 1,835, 13:19


LitoII Ziua 1,835, 13:19

So nice to have a female for MoFA... kissing somebody isn't a fag thing anymore xD

b u c a
b u c a Ziua 1,835, 13:19

Thanks and respect for everyone!

Spidercho Ziua 1,835, 13:20


shoorbad Ziua 1,835, 13:20


ShmBigger Ziua 1,835, 13:20

Today was an extraordinary moment for all of us.
Day filled with many emotions, some positive others negative, but I found one we really friends! These friends were with us today, would be shoulder to shoulder with us and gave everything for us.
Thank you friends!

Quantum Solace
Quantum Solace Ziua 1,835, 13:21


Morrpheus Ziua 1,835, 13:22

Sometimes when you lose a battle, you win more... That was the case today.

A full respect to our allies and friends o7


vpablo Ziua 1,835, 13:22


United Macedonians
United Macedonians Ziua 1,835, 13:22


titillica Ziua 1,835, 13:23

Red hearts and other girly things around. That's ok, we accept you as you are.

Plainswalker Ziua 1,835, 13:23

It's all good, we'll get them tomorrow...the war is long...

Rona1d Ziua 1,835, 13:24

We will win the next time, that"s for sure

newtopgun Ziua 1,835, 13:24

q dijooo?????? xDDDDDDDDDD

MamaniCholele Ziua 1,835, 13:25


CaMoMuHaBaM Ziua 1,835, 13:25

@titillica moron she is a girl !!!!!

Huasoemier Ziua 1,835, 13:25

HAIL Bulgaria
HAIL Chile


Mitko Makedonecot
Mitko Makedonecot Ziua 1,835, 13:25


Daanitha Ziua 1,835, 13:25


invaluable Ziua 1,835, 13:26

titillica, ya n00blet, our MoFA is a girl ; )

talibankoBG Ziua 1,835, 13:26

Comentariu șters

Wildrunner Ziua 1,835, 13:26

so nice 😘 and hugs x D

XherrzMKD Ziua 1,835, 13:27


We lost the battle, but not the war. The greek visa cards can't last long against our unity.

AGGELOS_K Ziua 1,835, 13:27

You have successfully moved to Macedonia,Greece.

mitsotakis 1212
mitsotakis 1212 Ziua 1,835, 13:27

great article!
i wish good battles to everyone!
great war guys! o7 to every erepublican

Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Ziua 1,835, 13:27


CaMoMuHaBaM Ziua 1,835, 13:28

@mitsotakis 1212 Great victory for you today, good job o7

Dellodas Ziua 1,835, 13:28

Serbian weapons given to Bulgarians were putted to good use :

Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Ziua 1,835, 13:28

thank you for failing even with 3 NEs to win the battles of importance.

"This is just one battle and we need to suck it"
"wanting to start kissing every single person we can get our hands to"

whatever rocks your boat man^^

TheYakuzini Ziua 1,835, 13:29


p0wermax Ziua 1,835, 13:29


Benzo Diazepino
Benzo Diazepino Ziua 1,835, 13:29

We will be there tomorrow too, side by side, fighting like brothers!

Brave Bulgarian warriors I salute you!

Aexil Kong PRC
Aexil Kong PRC Ziua 1,835, 13:29

We will always help you


Makedonas GR
Makedonas GR Ziua 1,835, 13:30

What are you talking about??
Macedonia's CoD was always for Greece !!

btw really moving article about allies and friends, you are always faithfull to any allies the new year brings...XD

dimov_es Ziua 1,835, 13:30


Dunci Ziua 1,835, 13:30


Excelsior.HMA Ziua 1,835, 13:31


kokan p
kokan p Ziua 1,835, 13:31


eDuH uDeoT
eDuH uDeoT Ziua 1,835, 13:31


DrKaban Ziua 1,835, 13:32


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