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[MBN] Forum Primaries vs Popular Poll Primary

Ziua 1,820, 04:11 Publicat în USA SUA de Drew Blood

Currently America has a two party system, the American Fascist Alliance and all the others. At the moment the parties each hold primaries with a set of candidates, I have no idea how those candidates are chosen; but I am pretty sure that in the USWP and the AFA they are selected sans a poll. The FEDS claim to have the best system and they have been encouraging us to use their system, the WTP does it by ‘thread vote’, for those who don’t do forums a thread is started with a list of nominees/candidates and each member comes in and openly proclaims their vote...right out there in front of god and everyone. Now there is talk of using the ‘Popular Poll’ method for 6th parties so they will have a voice, a voice they already have in party primaries.

Recently there has been an influx of Party Propaganda, each one telling you who they are, what they stand for and yada yada yada.... The United Socialist Workers Party (USWP), the American Military Party (which was created by JCS soldiers), the FEDS and my party -We The People (WTP)- all agree to a Unity Candidate. However my feeling is, ‘If a popular poll is good enough for 6th parties, why not the whole country?’

Last month the same system as the previous month was again used and an open popular poll was conducted with the forum selected candidate and 2 others who volunteered to be included in the poll. Now it was loudly proclaimed that all the open poll did was confirm that fourm votes work. I agree that the poll was conducted to late, but the technology was test. So, we have the technology, we can rebuild one part of the forum process in game, where every citizen who wishes may vote.

Well, how about we test that theory, starting now. Each party forum selects a candidate from THEIR party, no outside other Top 4 party candidates allowed. Then 7 days prior to December 5th this government in every newspaper it controls, through MU memos, shouting by every cabinet member and all the party presidents, on IRC and party forums blitz America with, “Get Out and Vote in the Popular Poll’. Then 5 days later hold a ‘National Poll’ of 5 candidates, one Candidate from each party and a 6th party candidate, excluding the AFA.

Some are going to say that such a poll is simply a popularity contest. Well isn't that what Forum Primaries are? The most popular party member is selected. Using both methods America can have the best of both worlds. Each party picks a candidate and the list is submitted to the American citizens, winner is the Unity Candidate. Now both sides are going to tell you that the other method can be tampered with, which is true even in real life -think GW- so for me that point is totally moot and irrelevant. It has always bewildered me as to why any party would allow outside candidates, every Party has someone who wishes to run for President. So what if you get you toockus handed to you. However, if by chance a party didn't have a candidate then simply allow a 6th party candidate to run for that party.

When I joined this game back in 2009, America was a respected world power. EDEN did not even want America in their alliance (for new citizens it was formed as the European Defense and Economic Network) and made America serve an Apprenticeship before they would allow full membership. Back in the day America could be counted on by our allies to deliver a death blow to any battlefield anywhere in the world at anytime. We did that by having Brothers all over the world and by having their backs when they needed us.

Now we have screwed every friend we ever had, for Poland, Spain and the Lulz of it all. Our politics or the lack thereof has made us the laughing stock of the world, even Canada is splitting gut on the floor in the fetal position laugh their butts off. Our Laissez faire attitude toward security has allowed malcontents into our country -the worst one being the admittance of the Gimper after his overseas adventures. I am glad Slade Cash is head of Homeland Security, immigrants are welcome enemies of the state are not -RGR you should get citizenship wherever the **** it is that you are whatever it is you are and good riddance. However he is not America’s only enemy, termites have infested the house of Democracy and it trembles in the wind of change.

Citizens, ask yourself; is this the America you want?

Order of the Black Shamrock
Corporal, 7th Air Wing
'Green Lantern Flight'
Unites States Air Force



Drew Blood
Drew Blood Ziua 1,820, 06:56


HannyaTR Ziua 1,820, 10:08

Q6 Silah Dağıtımı / Q6 Weapons Giveaway

and also denied.

Candor Ziua 1,821, 03:08

Good article, voted!

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Ziua 1,844, 23:42

This is a pretty nice paper. I'm going to run a link from mine. There are some good points here. It saves me from a lot of debate.

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