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[Fed] Interview with Paul Proteus!!! - By Kurt Vonnegut

Ziua 1,980, 04:29 Publicat în USA SUA de Duncan Crowe

Fellow Readers o/,

Recently, there was a Fed. scavenger-hunt that went up on the Fed. forums. One of the items on the scavenger-hunt list was to interview a nationally-known Fed. When this item came up, I decided that the one and only Paul Proteus would be perfect for this!

So, please enjoy my interview with Paul Proteus, protector of the weak and defender of Fed p/h.

1. How long have you been playing eRepublik? Is there a eRep player that helped you from your e-birth and mentored you along your road to national exposure?

I started playing eRep in January of 2010 (That's Day 802, god I feel old). I actually started playing because of somebody I knew RL, Penguin4512, although in terms of mentoring and all that jazz, Eleriel, Ilestis and JNArno all helped me get started and actually got involved in the game.

2. So, why did you choose the name ‘Paul Proteus’? Is it significant in anyway or did ya just find it on a bathroom stall?

Paul Proteus is actually the character from a Kurt Vonnegut novel, Player Piano. No real reason beyond being a fan of Vonnegut. Fun fact: My first choice was "Billy Pilgrim", kind of glad that was taken in retrospect. Although I should totally try looking for usernames on bathroom stalls, probably get interesting results.

3. What made you leave eSwitzerland, a country which you have held eCP of twice and currently serve as VP for?

Well, after my second term as President, CRoy actually sent me an invitation to come to the eUS and serve in his cabinet, he lost but being invited to the eUS seemed pretty cool at the time. A lot of my favorite players in eSwitzerland had quit or gone inactive, and with the PTO threat finally being over I knew that they could handle things without me, the eUS is just more fun to play in, more is going on, more of a challenge, and I'm still able to remain involved back in eSwitzerland. eSwiss at heart~

4. When you came to eAmerica, why did you decide to join the Feds? How long have you been in the Feds? What has made you stay for that long and what, in your mind, encourages new players to join the Feds?

Heh this is awkward but actually I didn't, I remember Eli trying to recruit me on my first day here (along with everyone else), but because CRoy was the only eMurrican I knew at the time, I joined the Libs which was a great experience in of itself, I worked with some great people and gained experience running a party. However, after the Libs died, I was confronted with having to find a new party, and that's when I joined the Feds. Wasn't a particularly hard choice, I knew some Feds fairly well (including Soren and Angelini) and they had by far the most tight knit and active community. I've been in the Feds for over a year now, and I stay for the same reason I joined, and I'd imagine that's why most people join the Feds, our community is amazing and you can see that just by seeing how active our members are on the Forum and IRC. So that's that ^^ Proud/Horny~

5. In the Feds, what offices have you held? Which one of these has been your favorite, and which office would you like to continue holding the future? Is there any office that you would like to serve in that you have not yet?

Honestly I can't remember all I've done, but I've served several stints as the Political Director and even more as a Deputy in that role. I've also been Party President, if any one remembers that, actually I did that twice. And clearly those were my favorite months in the Party, to have a chance to lead the Party that I love was great, and I think I did a fairly good job too ^^. And I'm always game for doing work in the Poli Dept, I like that kind of work lol

6. On a larger scale, what national positions have you held?

Oh god, now these I really don't remember, back a bit under Blank Keating I was the Secretary of State; I've been Deputy Sec State a few times, ran the ambassador program once; under Speedcat, who was Sec Def at the time, I was the Deputy Secretary of Defense and ran OMS. Oh also I'm the Secretary of Media right now, and that's only in the eUS~

7. You are a member of the recently consecrated Fed. SHIELD MU. In your opinion, what makes this MU great and why did you join?

I join MUs to have fun, before I was a member of the UM which I enjoyed and would recomend, but the opportunity to move into an MU with a community as active and fun as the Feds was too much to pass up.

8. What are your goals in eRepublik? Can we expect a Proteus for POTEUS soon or a PP for PP?

Heh, Proteus4PoTeUS is always something I've wanted to try again, though we'll have to see, I'm not going to run if I don't think I'd be the best candidate for the job, so the best I can answer with is we'll see 😁. I'm pretty hesitent on PP4PP though, we have enough great rising Feds who deserve a chance at that job before me, I'll be happy to advise them though.

Thanks for reading!

If you want to hang-out with more awesome people like Paul Proteus, stop by the Fed. forum and IRC and get involved!


Fed. Party Page
Fed. IRC

[7:40pm] Paul_Proteus: I hope the answers are okay lol
[7:41pm] Dunks: dw, I'll edit them


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Ziua 1,980, 04:32

Paul Proteus is super awesome, but that Dunks guy is better than Oprah at interview. We should get him his own eRep show or something....


fingerguns Ziua 1,980, 05:56

I can't decide what I enjoyed more, the interviewer or the interviewee.

Both make me so p/h, I can't stand it.

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Ziua 1,980, 08:35

Voted....HARD! So P/H

Petey Alazar
Petey Alazar Ziua 1,980, 10:41

proteus4poteusssss p/h

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Ziua 1,980, 15:46

Thanks Dunks, it's an honor to grace the fine pages of your paper~

crashthompson. Ziua 1,980, 20:19



EnterAwesome Ziua 1,980, 21:51


ligtreb Ziua 1,980, 22:05

Hay rides for all!

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Ziua 1,981, 06:32

Paul Proteus, we may not be from the same party, but it is a honor for me to work with you.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Ziua 1,981, 17:08

As it is with you DLS, thank you for the kind words

The Original Fawkie
The Original Fawkie Ziua 1,981, 14:14


Cody Caine
Cody Caine Ziua 1,981, 18:20


Jd Jack Serenade
Jd Jack Serenade Ziua 3,601, 02:44


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