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[eUS VP] - What have we been doing?

Ziua 1,881, 17:05 Publicat în USA SUA de John Killah

Good evening America, you’re going to have to bear with me on this one, this is something entirely new to me and I’m sorter in the gray :3

Now, I know you’re all not used to the Vice President doing anything … I’ve always known it to be the same as you all do – A political patsy … Chosen to try and sway a parties votes and then once their running partner is elected, consigned to do nothing but advise the rest of the term.

But Fingerguns is delivering on her promise to not give empty titles. As soon as we won, she told me to get working … That’s all I needed to hear since while she was running, we had both discussed what I was going to be doing if she won. Like I said in my article declaring my support for her, we were both on the same wavelength.

And this is one of the things – We decided that I should be here to help with transparency with the government … to help you all understand what we have been doing. You can expect at LEAST 1 article a week to help you keep up to date on what’s been going on.

What have we been up to this past week? - The opening days

Well first and foremost, we’ve been acquainting ourselves with our positions and each other. While some of us returned from the previous administration under Inwegen, there were also some new faces in there, in positions they haven’t been used to. So the first couple of days are a mix of settling in and attempting to establish grassroots in the plans we have all been working on during the campaign trail.

With this established, Fingerguns tasked us with multiple plans … not short term goals either. She has given us all central plans which she wants finished by the end of this term. From there we create our own departmental goals with the aim of fulfilling those central ones. It’s not always easy because contrary to belief that we do anything we want, we don’t … we work with constraints, which you’ll view when we get further into it.

After Day 2, the real work began ...

What have we been doing? - The middle days of Week 1

With the crack of the whip, we were off. Fingerguns told us it was time to start working on those central plans and asking for feedback on how all the departments were settling in. These are days when activity is really high in terms of replies to threads … there is usually around 2 to 3 pages of replies from various departments reporting back or advisors posting their opinions and offering help to secretaries and deputies alike.

One of the biggest topics being discussed is how we can make our MU’s more efficient in order to operate within the budget Congress assigns us. First things first, no specific course has been set upon … and even if there were, I think it would've been better coming from the PotUS rather than from the VP.

Either way, we all discuss the pro’s and con’s of any action we take … I can definitely say that there are multiple scenarios we think of with regards to efficiency and the budget. I haven’t been well versed in the issues of the military (Until recently, I’d always spent my time in the eUS Military, so funding and the problems associated with a budget has always been a non-issue to me).

So I personally messaged the Secretary of Defense, Emdoublegee. For maybe half and hour or more, we talked about the topic at hand … I asked him to fill me in on the work he’d been doing under previous terms to help me get acquainted with the job he has to do, and then we started doing maths and all sorts of statistical stuff to see what we needed under different scenarios. While we didn’t miraculously come up with a solution, I think both of us came out of it with a better understanding of not only the situation, but each other’s position and problems associated with it.

What have we been doing? - The Current Days.

And all this has lead to the current day … and i’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve hardly mentioned Interior or State. This is the part where I’ll answer them … Why not speak about State? Because what they’re working on is EXTREMELY sensitive right now. I promised i’d only speak about things that wouldn’t impact in progress work, and talking about State’s current work would do just that.

As for Interior, they’re doing what they always do - Constantly discussing fun ways to launch fundraisers for our programs, discussing articles to release that would contain helpful information for new players and even some old players that are looking to expand their knowledge in areas they previously didn’t know about. Basically, talking about Interiror is hard because everyone already knows what they do. And anything otherwise is secret :3

And of course, the best for last - ATO. Those 3 little letters are thrown around alot nowadays, with the threat of the AFA constantly on the horizon. Things have been tweaked under this administration and now has the CoS working WITH the DHS to work alongside other parties. They’ve been in constant contact with all the Top 5 Parties Presidents to ensure their elections are being fair and not unduly influenced, and from what Jefferson Locke (The CoS) has told me, every PP has been extremely co-operative with him.

That is all there is in this article for you all. I promise you that the next article will more than likely involve even more information i’m allowed to give, but I hope you will take the time to realise that Fingerguns, and myself, will be sticking to the promise of trying to make ou government more transparent and open to you, the public.

Keep it chillin eAmerica!

Your Vice President, JK



John Killah
John Killah Ziua 1,881, 17:05

First denied for a VP doing something!

blondeninja Ziua 1,881, 17:08

Nice article

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Ziua 1,881, 17:14

Boated for my man, Vice President of eUSA John Killah!

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Ziua 1,881, 17:16

go America!


ligtreb Ziua 1,881, 17:29

Thank you for the update.

George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Ziua 1,881, 17:36

Great Article
Boated Hard

Synesi Ziua 1,881, 18:22

Always glad to see one of these.

fingerguns Ziua 1,881, 18:37

Do it up JK!!!

jadiv Ziua 1,881, 18:47


Candor Ziua 1,881, 19:20

Work hard, appreciated, and always especially appreciate Executive media. V.

Bucephalus92 Ziua 1,881, 19:35


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Ziua 1,881, 19:43

Fluffy for PP! o/

DaleCooper Ziua 1,881, 21:28


Tiamati Ziua 1,881, 22:19

Thank you for the update x2

I am looking forward to hearing additional details regarding domestic policy in action in subsequent updates seeing as our economy is currently at a crossroads with wages having fallen 20% thus far during this administration.

Not saying the current administration could have done anything to prevent it; merely curious what the executive branch has determined as the best course of action to take with the funds collected through the oppressive 25% income taxes loyal eAmericans are presently enduring.

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Ziua 1,881, 22:28

Good article
Voted 🙂

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Ziua 1,882, 00:01

Hey Tiamati, could've voted for me.

Tiamati Ziua 1,882, 00:25

@RGR; Lol, I would run for PotUS myself before endorsing you; usually I refrain from voting in Presidential elections. While I was the 8th vote for FingerGuns the last election I voted in was many months ago.

I would however be more than happy to give you 1 gold for renouncing your eUSA citizenship just like I did during v2 when you went off to eMontenegro shortly after its addition to eRep.

It might not be a trillion dollar coin, but it is shiny.

loftedraptor Ziua 1,882, 00:43

Big - Strong - Proud! = AFA = WOW!

emdoublegee Ziua 1,882, 00:48

Good stuff, glad to see this getting out there JK!

lasvus Ziua 1,882, 01:07


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Ziua 1,882, 01:54

Good update!

Zheng He
Zheng He Ziua 1,882, 02:41

Thanks JK!
Would be nice to see details next time.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Ziua 1,882, 04:27

Excellent update JK! 😃

arith seneviratne
arith seneviratne Ziua 1,882, 07:54

the weapons are becoming expensive so pls try to resolve this issue because the job market is collasping at least try to decrease the prices i am not critising i just want a solution to this problem thank you for your time

FirstLaw Ziua 1,882, 10:28

I hope you can give more information in your next article like you promised. There was hardly anything in here.

Iamnameless Ziua 1,882, 14:01

would match Tiamati.Magick's 1G offer, as would others I'm sure

Tiamati Ziua 1,882, 14:05


While I understand your perspective regarding the cost of weapons historically it is unheard of that day workers can even afford 1 ultra gun for a day's wages; let alone 5 for every three days work...

The economy is in what I would term a decaying orbit... As the value of CC strengthens against gold raw material price in CC will fall, which causes wages and raw materials to fall in order to offset manufacturing losses on q7 weapons resulting in additional strengthening of CC.

This is of course the vicious decaying orbit caused by supply exceeding consumption is only made worse by voodoo economic policies such as the laffer curve stifling economic growth with oppressive income taxes and exorbenant weapon VAT levels.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Ziua 1,882, 15:02

Nicely said Tiamati. I wrote an article on it Called "Just the Issues." The article got 8 votes.
It seemed like a waste of time, to me. That's when I decided to get involved in politics. (Out of the frying pan and into the fire.)

David North
David North Ziua 1,882, 15:08

Great stuff JK

Hale26 Ziua 1,882, 19:35

Good article. I would like to see more FA information though.

I mean, I've yet to see why I should fight for Bulgaria VS Greece or the like. Though I can't claim to be Pro-EDEN anymore (EDEN is dying, and Cromania is weird), there are some parts of EDEN I'd rather not fight against. (Like Greece)

So yep, FA stuff would help 😁

Thedillpickl Ziua 1,882, 19:57

I would like to see Tiamati.Magick just so he could get perspective on what's going on. Not saying he has no idea, just that some things don't exactly work like you'd expect them to. Take the econ for example. The gentleman points out that weapons cost too much. I make Q7 tanks mostly to use supplying my MU but I occasionally sell them for income. I think weapons don't cost enough. I'm sure that food producers feel the same.

The problem is not that producers charge too much. It is not that salaries are too low. Overall it is not even the laughable overproduction or anyone's greed. What has happened is that long ago the admins took out a great deal of strategy from the game. Not just econ, the war mod took a hit also. When the strategy was removed then anyone could make a profit. Soon it became no one could make a profit so the admins set up 'bots' to force the econ to work. Finally, not that long ago, admins stopped the bots. Now all that Work as Manager income is practically non-existent. The salaries are based upon cost of RM and sales price for products. (Only an idiot would work an employee in a RM company.) The cost of products is whatever the market will bear and that ain't much.

So we are back to my argument from almost 2 years ago. If you make the game 'fair' so that everyone is a winner (i.e. Socialism) then we are all losers. When I ran Gherkin Corp. I had 65 well paid employees and gave out bonuses. Then the admins 'fixed' the econ so that it was 'fair' and soon everyone had their own companies. Well take a look at the result. 😛:P

I think we were much better off when 10 - 20% of the players owned the companies and 80 - 90% of the players worked for us or joined a military commune.

Tiamati Ziua 1,882, 20:37

I would welcome your perspective regarding the macro-economic mechanics at work within the eUSA; in all fairness it was Arith whom felt that weaponry was overpriced. I merely attempted to inform him that historically high quality weaponry is far more expensive than it is currently.

I completely agree with you that weapons should be more expensive in gold terms (which I feel they will become by the end of FG's present term) and that admin decimated the economic system which worked very well in v1. I myself hit Guru 7 star 1 day before economic skill was eliminated entirely. Those were golden days of economic activity during early and mid v2 when I used to run dozens if not hundreds through Esoteric Stone per day...

That said, I completely disagree with you regarding use of employees within WRM companies as that is the only venue of employment which does not cause horrific economic erosion to their employer's assets. 'Communes' as you've eluded to can function profitably if all members are willing to engage in increased logistics and activity however it has always been my opinion that they (mil communes not contributing their fair share to the eUSA tax-base) are detrimental to our economy.

Trade embargoes against enemy nations such as Serbia will benefit our economy far more than groups of players working together "under the table" during hard economic times to keep the systemic problems out of army's reach.

Lastly I must disagree regarding "work as manager income is practically non-existent" from what I have seen of the economy since land was introduced it is the only way for employers to mitigate the losses incurred by employing fellow eCitizens at 'competitive' job market wages. This, along with careful understanding of the monetary market are the only ways to generate profit while remaining a loyal tax-contributing citizen.

Of course, BH medals are a far more enjoyable way to generate profit when possible.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,882, 20:51

Nice work, Mr Vice President!

Batuhan Mert Aktepe
Batuhan Mert Aktepe Ziua 1,883, 03:12

Why do not you citizenship?
Is there a valid reason?

Fitisin Ziua 1,883, 07:11

I like Jk, but honestly go back and re read this article. Central plans, work, replies, off and running, discussions, .... FOR WHAT? what is the subject of all this work? Nice you're all working hard, but game still same for the rest of us. Hope you guys are having fun though! Hopefully somebody, somewhere is.

Thedillpickl Ziua 1,883, 17:04

The macro-economics are simply this. Everyone has companies. Everyone produces crap. Very few exist that are consumers. Ergo over production on every level. Over production is the main cause of market prices in the basement. Low profit because of low market prices causes low salaries.

At the time of the 'fix' I was guru*****, getting ready for 6 stars. As you know because you were there also that meant that I could work my companies by floating from one to the other. I'd work in grain 3 days and then work my Q1 & Q2 food companies. I used employees because it was 'fun'.

My apologies if it is possible to make enough at 0.04 for WRM to hire employees. I see now that a rubber plantation at 60% makes 400 units/employee. At current market that is a gross profit of $16. The current salary is $17+. This new math is so confusing to me. 😃:D

I do however see the flooding of the markets with overproduction and the single greatest flaw in the econ mod. Admins addressed the problem with buy bots but have since removed them. This, in my opinion, is why there really is no economy in eRep. Anyone with some sense will buy companies to produce their own supplies by way of WaM and forget about the rest. Although decent profits can be made if you WaM enough RM to cover what your employees use.

Not paying taxes is my right according to game mechanics. In fact I asked Evry about that very thing a year or so ago. He told me that I was doing it right if I paid no tax. :shrugs: I've donated a bunch of stuff to govt. programs in the past. I've also given to some notable MU's. Only to be ridiculed and told how "bad" I was when my opinions about FA varied from the acceptable norm. Well guess what? I don't feel so charitable anymore. I'll take care of my own at Pickle's and everyone else can worry about themselves.

As far as trade embargo or tax issues, I do not even begin to know about or care about them.

Thedillpickl Ziua 1,883, 17:26

Like I said, I don't pay taxes and I don't import/export.

Let me readdress the WaM issue. I should have said that WaM is not really profitable the way most use it. I'll cut straight to the point, if you WaM a bunch of RM's to supply employees in a high Q factory then you are making money. If you have a half dozen Q3 RM's supplying 2 or 3 low Q factories then you are making dimes and nickles. If I wanted to be legit about taxes (which game mech. say I don't have to) I WaM enough WRM to fully supply 10 employees and myself in my Q7 weaps factory and 5 employees and myself in my Q6 weaps factory. That would bring in a gross daily income of $2019.20 at current market. After 25% VAT that would leave $1514.40. After paying a generous $18 wage for 15 emps that would make my net profit $1244.40. That's a ridiculously low figure just to employ people and pay taxes.

If I just WaM'ed the 95 rubber plantations I would net $1330 currently. No tax on RM production, so that's not helping anyone.

Now I ask you, which is better? Pay a miserable salary and a few tax dollars to the govt. while flooding the market with my weapons that apparently are to expensive, paying nothing and flooding the market with my WRM production or having some fun with my MU mates while laying down some damage on the daily fight order (We usually follow the CP Campaign of the Day.) and meanwhile not driving the econ even farther down than it already is?

I guess I'm just a bad person all the way around. I don't even go for BH's for my country. I keep the gold myself.

Thedillpickl Ziua 1,883, 17:33

Made an error above, WaM'ing the rubber would net $1520. That makes me even less inclined to hire employees.

Tiamati Ziua 1,884, 00:07

While I agree withy most of what you have posted in response regarding how the economy arrived at this deplorable position I disagree with the math you've provided regarding daily profitability of thousands of dollars per day by employing 15 people between 1 q6 and 1 q7 weapon factory even if you were able to WaM the 25000 - 30000 WRM every day; here's why.

Along with the 18 dollar salary per day one must consider the amount of WRM destroyed in the process of creating these weapons as part of the manufacturing cost of these weapons. Lets just stick to q7 for the example with just the 10 employees working in the q7 without getting into the 11th WaM.

10 employees costing 180 dollars consume 32000 WRM which @ the 0.04 market price is worth 1280 dollars therefore total cost would be 1460 dollars to create 160 weapons which could be sold at 9.50 each. At this price point vat would be roughly 50 cents so 9 dollars would be collected by the seller.

At 9 each, the 160 weapons would net 1440 dollars in sales after costing 1460 dollars to create, thus employment within Q7 weapon factories yields a daily loss of 20 dollars since one must consider the market value of the WRM consumed during tank creation.

Similarly, as you've pointed out it is also not profitable to employ within WRM companies as the employer will also incur losses there. My contention is that the crippling income tax rate of 25% artificially inflate job market wages is the unfair shifting of the tax burden upon the youngest eAmericans only to shield military communes from their fair share of an unfair income tax burden.

I for one continue to await some sort of domestic policy statement from our PotUS, as many others are I'm sure. Until then all I can do as a responsible employer is continue to offset economic losses through WaM until the market corrects itself back into viability.

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