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*eRep MU Profiling*

Ziua 1,911, 16:12 Publicat în India India de Khurram Soul Collector

After Plato's visit to India things 've been changed dramatically inside India. As India recruits 'High Profile' international soldiers 're coming to India to join new Super MU, very soon. Many people 've been opposing this idea though, coz they're still scared of United Aggression and also scared of Croats.

Super MU's meeting room.

Situation is getting worse as 2 days ago some National Data Base records 've been stolen from Indian Government Archives. Government and opposition 're just blaming each other, as some Idiot wild people 're trying to drag some honorable citizens into Sh*t.

Last night President Xordin called on Chief M. Khurram in Presidential Palace. The records were taken on the direct instructions of Plato, though President shared some secret documents carrying some secret information of citizens, which 'll be used to generate new records. Chief shares these few records here of some citizens.


Ashwamedh with his underground Brotherhood members.

NAME: Ashwamedh
KNOWN AS: Old Wise Man
AGE: 34
PARTNER: 3 wives, 16 children
IMPORTANT INFO: Has been member of underground Brotherhood since age 16, involved in more than 40 kidnappings, assassination of a former Prime Minister.
SPECIALITY: Kidnapping and Torture
FINANCIAL SOURCE: Ransom, Harvesting crops.
COMMENTS: Soon we'll learn how he took over the whole Brotherhood.


Asmita, member of The Hague International Criminal Tribunal.

NAME: Asmitatheone
KNOWN AS: Spiritual leader of India
AGE: 30
PARTNER: South Asian household
IMPORTANT INFO: Has been working in international law for over 10 years, involved in many international arm deals, responsible for stealing 'Defense Strategy' of EU from Brussels Headquarters.
SPECIALITY: Making fake copies of legal documents.
FINANCIAL SOURCE: Illegal arms dealing, Passing favored laws.
REFERENCE: The Hague, Interpol.
COMMENTS: Soon we 'll upload the video of files being stolen from Brussels.


Ashphalt, shooting the Kinng of most dangerous gang in the neighborhood.

NAME: Ashphalt
AGE: 19
PARTNER: Unknown
IMPORTANT INFO: Was brought up in a dangerous neighborhood, One of the best sniper, brutally killed rival gang leaders to force them follow her gang, slaughtered 3 police officers.
SPECIALITY: slaughtering in public, best sniper.
FINANCIAL SOURCE: Gang Tax, Illegal medication.
REFERENCE: Human Rights, Police Watch.
COMMENTS: We'll soon obtain the pics of police officers being killed publicly by her gang.


Xordin, fighting against Allied Forces in Iraq.

NAME: Xordin
KNOWN AS: Master and Commander
AGE: 30
PARTNER: Owns a Private Harem
IMPORTANT INFO: Was brought up on a Military base, has been trained by Al-Qaeda and CIA in Afghanistan, responsible for bombing an American Airbase in Baghdad.
SPECIALITY: Bomb expert, Fighting frontline.
FINANCIAL SOURCE: Selling bombs to Taliban, Meditation instructor.
REFERENCE: Scotland yard, Crime Watch.
COMMENTS: Soon we'll get to see the Baghdad Airbase bombing.


Shocky, first Commander of Punjab Regiment leading UN Peace Corps.

NAME: Shockwavve
KNOWN AS: Punjabi Gabru
AGE: 24
PARTNER: In a relationship with Miss Switzerland.
IMPORTANT INFO: Was alleged member of Khalistan Movement, trained by Canadian Secret Service, killed 10 of his own senior officers, known for his business with Spanish Royal Casino.
SPECIALITY: Bazooka Fire, Telepathy and Hypnotism skills.
FINANCIAL SOURCE: Hypnotizing card players, Famous Surgeon.
REFERENCE: India Most Wanted, ISI.
COMMENTS: Next we'll see how he Hypnotize and wins in casino.

M. Khurram:

Khurram, goes to racist level, in being a proud South Asian.

NAME: M. Khurram
KNOWN AS: Chief of Security
AGE: 29
PARTNER: Divorced, always falls for psycho girls and always gets his ass kicked.
IMPORTANT INFO: Wanted in India-Pakistan both, Have killed a Pastor, an Imam, a Rabbi and a Pandit, Sells weapons to Hamas and Mossad and pays them to kill each other.
SPECIALITY: Eating P**sy, giving ladies an Ass Addiction.
FINANCIAL SOURCE: Takes money from his Billionaire father's accounts, Sex Guru.
REFERENCE: World Peace Council, Inter Faith Dialogue.
COMMENTS: NEXT ARTICLE we'll put his 'Sex Adventures'.

Those who wanna be part of new 'Data Base', plz send your names and information for this secret training programe.
Jai Hind


NueveOcho Ziua 1,911, 16:37


Great article 😃

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,912, 01:12


Burzuj Wannabe
Burzuj Wannabe Ziua 1,911, 18:13

Good stuff, i like it

CobeMakedonski Ziua 1,911, 18:13

good job 🙂

Vladika. Ziua 1,911, 18:14

Very funny article:)

Mr.Santino Ziua 1,911, 18:14

good work 🙂

Nuno 'Primo' Duque
Nuno 'Primo' Duque Ziua 1,911, 18:14

good article! thanks!

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,912, 01:10

Glad you like it bro,

Hugooogo Ziua 1,911, 18:15

great article 😃

Naboal Ziua 1,911, 18:17

good work!!!

mojov Ziua 1,911, 18:17

good article

SilverTestelone Ziua 1,911, 18:17

nice : )

samaelII Ziua 1,911, 18:17

nice article 🙂

Nuno Sliver
Nuno Sliver Ziua 1,911, 18:18

very, very good article!

BrandyMel Ziua 1,911, 18:19

Nice article!

Harry Maione
Harry Maione Ziua 1,911, 18:20

i like it, good work

taidenn Ziua 1,911, 18:20

Great team! 😃

Saludos desde eParaguay! o/

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,912, 01:11

Saludos desde eIndia! o/

el.alcalde.simon Ziua 1,911, 18:20

good article!!!

MaryBorges Ziua 1,911, 18:22

good article

Milenkovski 1
Milenkovski 1 Ziua 1,911, 18:22

I like it nice job men !!

prem kumar
prem kumar Ziua 1,911, 18:22

good article

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,912, 01:13

Thanks bro 🙂

McGinty.dc Ziua 1,911, 18:23

good work

opetijaovde Ziua 1,911, 18:23

funny article

glup123 Ziua 1,911, 18:23

good work Ziua 1,911, 18:25

good work ! 🙂

Windupbird Ziua 1,911, 18:27

Good job 🙂

KoutaMUTSURINI Ziua 1,911, 18:35

i like it

torres865 Ziua 1,911, 19:13

good one.. couldn't stop laughing

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,912, 01:14

Will make you laugh more!

GouthamKrishnan Ziua 1,911, 21:23

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lHonouR Ziua 1,911, 21:25

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Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,912, 01:08

Wait for the next 🙂

Dranze R Ziua 1,911, 21:31

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Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,912, 01:07

Keep reading/watching for next 🙂

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Ziua 1,911, 22:14

waiting for wildy to comment :--P

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,912, 01:06

She might wait till next article 🙂

Ind1anMartyr Ziua 1,911, 22:58

lol kidnapping and torture for me!!! nice /me loves it o7

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,912, 01:05

I've to put the pics yet, of your hard work 🙂

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Ziua 1,912, 23:46

yaar g kmaal kar dita.....

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,912, 01:04

Agey agey dekhye hota hey kya 🙂

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BrknSword Ziua 1,912, 02:45

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Mr Immanuel Kant Ziua 1,912, 05:22

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Mr Immanuel Kant Ziua 1,912, 05:22

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Terciopelo Ziua 1,912, 07:41

is this the way of writing against a woman ?

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,912, 08:28

ask her....

Terciopelo Ziua 1,913, 03:53

u better ask urself

ashphalt Ziua 1,912, 22:51

What the hell is wrong with you? There's a limit to how far you take things in this game. You've become the friggin' master. I've never been more ashamed by an eIndian. Thanks for setting up a kickass example for our n00bs of your petty thinking and devious nature!
+1 Chief Khurram.
Hang on, I meant 'Cheap Khurram'.

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