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[eChilean Embassy] eSerbian Ambassador Introduction

Ziua 1,819, 17:53 Publicat în Serbia Chile de jotapeee

Greetings From eChile !

First of all, I would like to congratulate ALL the new elected presidents and their cabinets to our allies, our Friends and our brother countries.
I wish a successful month to all the friendly governments, I have no doubt that our good relations will continue to grow as they have until now.

Here's an intro for you to know more about eChile:

Original regions:
Norte Grande.
Norte Chico.
Zona Central.
Zona Sur.
Zona Austral.
The capital of eChile is Zona Central.

Chile (RL) is located at the end of the world south-west corner of the South American continent. With a population of 16.572.475 people. The capital (and most popupalted city) is Santiago. Our President is Plato Sebastián Piñera.

In eR we should look like this:

My name is jotapeee. I'm the new Ambassador of eChile in eSerbia. I have taken the challenge with pleasure and hope to make this relationship grow and keep helping each other.

Let me introduce you the Government of eChile:

President of eChile: Karl von Lautaro.
vPresident and Ministry of Internal Affairs:Kadercito.
Undersecretary of Communications: Pescaman.
Ministry of Economy: Conkeror69 and Raax.
Ministry of Defense: Judoka7.
vMinistry of Defense: Mae.stro, Llillo and megabull.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Sr.Cadillac.
vMinistry of Foreign Affairs: Daanitha.
Ministry of Social Security: Paulette R, SansCoeur, Wisho and Joupino.
Ministry of Education: Shipamogli.

I wish to help eSerbian government and EVERY citizen that fights for this lands.
You can contact me via PM 24/7.

Don't doubt calling us to fight for you! Jusk ask it and we will there !

*** Chileans and Serbians, let's rebuild this friendship, step by step, battle by battle, victory by victory, if we manage to do that, none defeat will harm us. United towards victory, more united in the defeat! And remember, this is not RL and we are here to have fun. ***

Hail eChile !
Hail eSerbia !


Of couse not everything is eR (yes, I just said that) there is SOCCER too !!!!

Chile and Serbia will meet this Wednesday on a friendly match!!:



eChilean Ambassador


VIadaaa Ziua 1,819, 18:35


Kiza No Sleep
Kiza No Sleep Ziua 1,819, 19:05

It's great to fight togather 😉


Don Machak.
Don Machak. Ziua 1,819, 21:50

Hail eChile !
Hail eSerbia !

S Trunks
S Trunks Ziua 1,819, 21:54


Karl von Lautaro
Karl von Lautaro Ziua 1,819, 21:55

Hail eSerbia!!

Hail eChile!!

Hail Friend!!

Skull Kraken
Skull Kraken Ziua 1,819, 22:01


Anastazis Ziua 1,819, 22:25

Hail eChile !
Hail eSerbia !

KA ZETRO Ziua 1,819, 23:41

give us some rl informations about current situation in Chile o/

River Rover
River Rover Ziua 1,820, 00:29

Hail eChile !
Hail eSerbia !

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Ziua 1,820, 04:15

Ako te to stvarno interesuje, pogledaj moje novine, posvecene su tome 🙂
inace vote

bernoldi_salieri Ziua 1,821, 01:32

Comentariu șters

danijelkg Ziua 1,821, 07:55

Hail eChile !
Hail eSerbia !

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Ziua 1,821, 08:05


Darkcesar13 Ziua 1,821, 08:07


Mire tica Feniks
Mire tica Feniks Ziua 1,821, 08:12

Hail eChile !
Hail eSerbia !

JPSpace Ziua 1,821, 08:16

Hail eChile !
Hail eSerbia !


Zvenyhora Ziua 1,821, 09:24


Rusofil74 Ziua 1,821, 14:19

Hail eChile !
Hail eSerbia !

PutinPOWER Ziua 1,821, 17:09


Suelo Argentino
Suelo Argentino Ziua 1,821, 18:02

Argentina 😉

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