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[CP] We won't bow

Ziua 1,976, 09:13 Publicat în Belgium Belgia de

Dear Belgians and Friends,

I will not lie to you, we have seen better days. While the CoT HQ have been giving us much support, the member states put the majority of CotDs to our battles. We are trying to economize the wartime budget, and only spend on the most important things. In recent days Hungarian and Serbian were, and soon an Indonesian MPP will be signed, and I hope, after our liberation/victory we will be able to stop/defeat the attackers.

During the last day France has called us to negotiate. Their president started with a fulsome speech, basically he told us how useful it is for us all. I do not think so. While the french delegation claimed that we started the war (Did you not know? The French only attacked to start a TW, it is our fault, that we did not want one!!), to this I do not have much to say, this is French diplomacy. The true arrogance only appeared at the end: the opinion of their president suddenly took a u-turn and declared that the war is of no interest to anyone and we should stop! They do not want anything else, just Wallonia for 2 months (Have you lost your mind, France?) and our support for a non-aggression pact with Poland. We refused the offer and took our leave with our delegation.

New MPPs...

Their offer shows us, they are afraid. They are smart to do so. They can pretend to be the ones dictating, but whether they keep us occupied or not, they have lost this war. They want to use us to protect them from the Polish offensive. Well we wont. The french president wants to use the war and save himself from the French nation with this irrational demand. Surely the French people will not abide, if they realise that it won't benefit, and will only effect negatively their country. They could have saved their hide after breaking the treaty with the Polish, but with their final decision they have sealed their fate. If I were the president of the French, I would immediately withdraw from the Belgian regions and issue a formal apology, but let us admit it, that would be too coherent for the French.

Perseverance my dear friends! We will do everything to so we can hold the congressal election, do not give up! Fight for the liberation of Wallonia! Fight for Flanders!

With respect,
Alexandross, President of Belgium


Kiyonori Dragnier
Kiyonori Dragnier Ziua 1,976, 09:14

Great article !

Our CP is doing great !

SashaL Ziua 1,977, 16:53


Pertazeta Ziua 1,976, 09:24



↔▲▼! } ¶Úý▼æ

Viridi Ziua 1,976, 15:16

Haven't seen you in a long while ! o/

Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien Ziua 1,976, 09:26

Amen o7

Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien Ziua 1,976, 09:27

Thanks for both CoT&Two that were fighting for eBelgium o7

MCKitkat Ziua 1,976, 09:30

We will fight until the end, every man a walking fortress ! Not a single step back.

Hail Belgium
Hail CoT
Hail TWO
Hail all our friends and allies


Torfyn Ziua 1,976, 09:51

We're afraid ? Are we ?
I regret this isn't the TW it was supposed to be. Looking at this war, both of our countries needed a TW to have some action and getting our war machines out of the apathy they were in. You wanted to make it a true war, your call ; but don't complain about it.

MCKitkat Ziua 1,976, 09:53

A true war, as far as I know, eBelgium did not demand a french province, but for eFrance, you guys were very interested in Wallonia .... And we certainly do not give up any regions.

Torfyn Ziua 1,976, 09:58

I was against this war, but then you felt you needed to brag about our first defeats. There is a lesson for both of us : don't boast about a certain victory, your adversary might surprise you.

Alexandross Ziua 1,976, 09:59

Dear Torfyn, maybe you do not really understand, but for a TW you have to find a partner. Like your president said one day: Oh, does he change his opinion all the time?

Torfyn Ziua 1,976, 10:04

Maybe you should have accepted a TW then. As I said, we both needed it.

Alexandross Ziua 1,976, 10:08

I didn't refuse it. I told your president I cannot decide in this question, so he gave me one day to talk with the belgian congress. Few hours (~2-3) after our talk, you declared war. Huh? : )

Torfyn Ziua 1,976, 10:13

Our congressman launched the NE too soon, the government didn't even had the time to communicate. I learned about this when I read this newspaper, and judging by your tone, it was too late to make things right.

Jofroi Ziua 1,976, 10:15

It's your opinion that we both need it. But as long as you decide it unilaterally it's not a TW. French diplomacy is at it's best, as usual^^

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Ziua 1,976, 10:28

Torfyn, comparison : I propose you to make love with me. You don't want it? If I force you, it's not really good... it's a rape. The same for TW...

Torfyn Ziua 1,976, 11:04

Jofroi : it's not diplomacy when it comes to this. We aren't perfect, but you aren't either. And yet, you felt the need to brag when you won some battles, whereas we try not to. So, Belgian diplomacy ? Can't criticize ours.

Beaverss : yeah, that would be IRL. We're in a game where war is in the core of gameplay. Of course it would be horrible if it was a RL war, but it isn't. Seriously, you're not gonna be mad a some guy who shot you in a FPS, because that's the point of the game (and it's more true than ever since Plato destroyed economy).

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Ziua 1,976, 11:31

In FPS, people can say "no shoot" to discover the map... If you shoot someone in a "no shoot" period, admin will become mad and probably kick/ban you (:

Torfyn Ziua 1,976, 11:41

People discovers the map by visiting it, not playing it ? What kind of FPS are you playing ?

Chihiroh Ziua 1,977, 02:20

Hahah caragecarageCARAGE. Non mais Torfyn calm down nos "brags" c'était de l'humour, avoue c'est hilarant de voir un Belge snobber un Franco pour une fois xD

Ely.nea Ziua 1,976, 10:56

Quelques reflexions : Vous n'etes que 62ème ici et vous pensez résister ?
On va bouffé du belge.
On est des toutous de nos alliés.
On va vous écrabouiller.
On se fait chier alors bon y a que les belges qu'on peut écraser.
et bla bla bla.... en plus vous aviez l'intention de nous louer nos propres régions?

C'est une blague là !

Torfyn Ziua 1,976, 11:07

Le seul article sur la guerre franco-belge dans la presse française les premiers jours, c'était une main tendue pour éviter les frictions. Votre presse n'était qu'un ramassis d'insultes et de mépris pour nous, bientôt suivi par vos vantardises. Et nous sommes les méchants ?
Ça, c'est une blague.

Koratos Ziua 1,976, 20:00

Qui a attaqué l'autre.. ?

Ely.nea Ziua 1,976, 11:08

montre moi un lien d'un article insultant, peut etre venant de shadow, mais bon on y est habitué à lui.

Torfyn Ziua 1,976, 11:42

Et vos JO qui nous dépeignent comme des fascistes arrogants, c'est pas insultant peut-être ?

Radiche Ziua 1,976, 16:49

Comentariu șters

Koratos Ziua 1,976, 20:05

Mais tu fais que confirmer ça, dans ton échange d'au dessus avec leur CP, hein. Le passage où tu dit que la TW était nécessaire aux deux, même si c'est vrai, est juste absolument hautain et contraire à toute notion de diplomatie. La Pologne en 39 avait autant accepté cette invasion que la Belgique... Donc oui, fasciste arrogant. Et ça l'est de vouloir penser à la place des autres, tu rages encore une fois dans les com's d'un article, et ça n'améliore pas du tout l'image de l'eFrance à l'international. GG, c'est comme ça que tu vas résoudre cette crise, continue..

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Ziua 1,976, 23:20

Merci Koratos (:

Minino. Ziua 1,976, 10:17

Hail eBelgium!
Hail TWO!


UKs Finest
UKs Finest Ziua 1,976, 10:42

Hail true allies and friends
o7, gatito con botas

Jofroi Ziua 1,976, 10:47

Hail Trico 😉

UKs Finest
UKs Finest Ziua 1,976, 10:51

Jofroi, j'avoue, je triche, j'ai été élevé au blanc de bœuf 😉
All hail our holly potatoes

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Ziua 1,976, 11:33

Tu es français Trico?

UKs Finest
UKs Finest Ziua 1,976, 11:43

Non, absolument pas!!!

MCKitkat Ziua 1,976, 11:51

Il est plutôt marsien.

NeverPlayer Ziua 1,976, 10:39


Ely.nea Ziua 1,976, 10:48

voted : a wise president o/

Ely.nea Ziua 1,976, 10:54

Ce que je reproche aux français, c'est juste leur mauvaise foi.
first NE : done by a former french
second : to put trouble but no votes
3th : to have a bonus, because the NE was accepted in side efrance before !

MaryamQ Ziua 1,976, 10:50

Thanks to the many true friends of eBelgium who recognized the difference between a friendly TW and an attempted forcible rape.

Tototwalker Ziua 1,976, 10:56

You are loosing and you just critized the "french arrogance".
Try to be a man and be responsible for your defeats.

UKs Finest
UKs Finest Ziua 1,976, 10:57

Seuls les morts ont vu la fin de la guerre

Torfyn Ziua 1,976, 11:07

Ça tombe bien, y'a pas de morts dans les guerres d'eRep.

UKs Finest
UKs Finest Ziua 1,976, 11:14

Si, yen a, permban ou plus connecté depuis 30 jours 😕

Torfyn Ziua 1,976, 11:42

Ça ne compte pas, ils ne meurent pas dans les guerres.

UKs Finest
UKs Finest Ziua 1,976, 11:46

J'ai jamais dit "les morts au combat"

Torfyn Ziua 1,976, 11:53

Donc, ton adage dit que seuls ceux qui ont arrêté le jeu ont vu la fin de la guerre. J'vois pas le rapport mais soit.

Ely.nea Ziua 1,976, 10:57

Comentariu șters

Tototwalker Ziua 1,976, 10:59

osef de nos JO qui sont je l'accorde écrit de manière prétentieuse mais au second degré. Ici, c'est juste pathétique

Kaad Ziua 1,976, 11:09

On va vous virer de la carte plutôt avec nos alliés

Ely.nea Ziua 1,976, 11:18

justement il faut leur prouver que nous sommes différents.

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