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[CP] November 2012 BUDGET.

Ziua 1,821, 13:29 Publicat în Australia Australia de Ranger Bob

Dear eAustralia

I present to you the November 2012 eAustralian Budget.

This Budget is handed down to you in a climate of great instablility for our nation. It is also delivered in an environment where any deficit is expected due to reduced revenue associated with a lack of a whole country.

I make no apologies for this. But at the outset, I trust you will see compared to previous governments, I am offering a responsible and balanced budget that helps build our community, continues support for our new players and armed forces, and ensures sustainability for the longer term while we debate our alliances and remain occupied.

Firstly, this government will deliver a NET OPERATING DEFICIT of -$109,301.30

I believe this is a responsible Budget, but I can not offer you a magic bullet. As you all know, at the moment our expenses will runneth over our income for many factors. However I would like to note that I am delivering a reduced and REALISTIC budget based on ACTUAL expenditure last month.

I have to say the sheets handed to me have not been the most clear or accurate. Therefore in forumating this budget I have had to rely much on incomplete information and a lack of transfers or actual recording around opening and closing balances.

I would like to thank the previous MoF for their work in providing information to me, however I had to make quite a few assumptions.

Underlying assumptions are that the AUD - GOLD rate = approx $348. This is based on current MM trends, and represents a fall in the last month on this conversion, whereas previously this was around $400-$450.

INCOME: $190,000 TAXES.

This is conservative and based on last month given no substantive change to our situation, tax rates and projected growth. The ACTUAL last month was slightly higher than this, however, I would prefer to offer a conservative estimate in order to deliver a realistic worst case estimate. This way any improved outcome reduces the bottom line.

DONATION: $99,000.

This has already been received, and while an offset yes, it will assist though ensuring MPPs do not require eAustralian Government expenditure.


I will note last month, DoD for one was budgeted at $1.2 million. However looking at the books, actual expenditure was far less.

I am aware of TJs article that based on actual expenditure we have a few terms at most left. But I think the budgets to date have been highly overinflated, and I do not intend on reflecting hundreds of thousands more than required.

DoD Budget = $690,000

$600,000 of this will comprise ongoing supply and potential MU funding based on MUs being prepared to en-masse elect to be coordinated for ADF battles. This does meet the recent IG ruling, as if an MU does elect for funding it will be required to commit to meet ADF equivalent requirements as set by the MoD and ADF Marshal in line with current legislation.

It is a significantly reduced budget. However given previous expenditure, not an unrealistic one.

MPPs equate to $90,000 or 9 MPPs. As explained above this is in effect cost-neutral to the Government but is accounted for the purposes of transparency.

ACTUAL DoD Expenditure post-offset (funds carried forward): $201,801.30

Centrelink = $100,000

This DOUBLES the already independent donation to establish this organisation of $100k, bringing the total to $200k this month. Through this TRIAL, Centrelink will also handle new player support including food and weapons, somewhat absorbing the current funding role of Tango (or, the old Boot Camp as it was once called).

This expenditure will be totally dependent on activity and will hopefully assist with the more sustainable growth of our population into the future.

MoI = $5,000

The Ministry of Information will have funding to run several competitions and activities to further increase activity under Irule777. Ideas will be appreciated, however this will support prizes that encourage fun and frivolity for the country.

It is a modest investment with potentially an important return.

Citizen Fees = $1,500

Based this on joining rates over the last month.


Presently at the moment, eAus monetary holdings (as at 00:00 eRep day 1821) are as follows:


$500,317.00 / 90.04

Reserve Bank
$2,681,316.96 / 2543.64

$26,230.00 / 1.03

$398,198.70 / 9.26

With a total INCOME of $289,000 projected conservative, and the above ACTUAL EXPENDITURE of $398,301.30 I offer you the operating deficit of $109,301.30

Again this I believe is a realistic and responsible budget.


Kind regards



Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Ziua 1,821, 13:30

I will not be putting any spin on this. The budget result appears improved mainly because I hve curtailed expenditure down to what is largely ACTUALLY being spent. So this is not in effect an achievement of this Government, more a reflection of the reality.

But it does mean we have more than 4 months in the bucket.

Kami Carmine
Kami Carmine Ziua 1,821, 13:48

This is not on ranger; how dare you lay our a detailed budget? I haven't seen one of these in months!

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Ziua 1,821, 17:52

Revised accounting for carried forward funding available in ADF Org. This would be supplementing up to monthly budget of $600,000, therefore is adjusted taking in account my planned actual additional spend from RBA funds.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,821, 19:25

I commend the level of detail you have put into this Budget in handing it down, Prime Minister. I do stand on one sole concern with the accounting and deficit projections: the Treasury balance sheet's incorporation into the Budget. Now please correct me if I'm misinformed, but without a Congress to activate transfer mechanics, it's largely locked in escrow short of MPPs. As far as appropriation to government expenses, the bulk of the $590,000 (incl. gold equivalent) is untouchable.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,821, 19:25

So if I may ask, would you please explain how does the situation reconcile with the Budget in operational truth? Thank you.

infin Ziua 1,821, 19:52

There is no offsetting of unspent funds. Money unspent by a department is returned to consolidated revenue. I would appreciate it if you accurately portrayed the fiscal position for the month i.e. buy including all budgeted spending in this month's budget paper.

If last month's spending is lower than budgeted then the final report should reflect as such.

Thanks for the report.

infin Ziua 1,821, 19:53

On another note, expect a call from our unelected Inspector-General to require you to post this in the Forum Senate.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Ziua 1,821, 20:48

TJ, you are correct. However the bottom line is that it still counts towards our financial picture as a whole - while I could completely separate it out, and, it does not factor in expenditure, it is worth noting that although we are reliant on the RBA, it is not like zero funding is coming in. This is consistent with previous accounting standards in reporting the budget (ie, it has not before).

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Ziua 1,821, 20:49

To determine the impact of this if you IGNORE funding being received by the RBA simply remove the income tax component from the sheet. Howver I have opted to leave this in, as although we can not as of yet transfer from it, it remains under eAustralian control in the absence of a PTO trying to steal it via donation.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Ziua 1,821, 20:55

Infin I get what you are asking, but I would note I did include the actual under DoD, just the amount under ADD that would be needed to meet their monthly allocation. I will, when I get home, add a section to report what the deficit WOULD be without this existing allocation (ie, if I returned it to revenue then re-transferred it) - simply add the $398,198.70 I'm saying ADF already has to the deficit. : P

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Ziua 1,821, 20:56

Either way, looking at the expenses I do not think you would disagree it is far more reasonable than previous.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Ziua 1,821, 21:11

Certainly no problems with it. I am a little concerned about the lack of military funding but we are far from being in a position to do anything other than essentials.

witherd1 Ziua 1,821, 22:23

infin, I already reminded Ranger 3 days ago to post the budget in the Senate Forum. I like to be on the ball like that 😉

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Ziua 1,821, 22:42

Yeah yeah he did. Sorry I had to post in a hurry this morning before I left for work and put it up on the forums as soon as I could. Apologies it was not at the exact same time but it is there now.

witherd1 Ziua 1,822, 01:40

Thanks Ranger.

Mickskitz Ziua 1,822, 18:10

Solid budget, appreciate the work

AusOrac Ziua 1,823, 01:05

When do the chickens hatch?


Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,823, 04:50

Thanks for the response, PM. I certainly wasn't inferring you had done anything malicious, but you can see how some might misinterpret this as a 'cook the books' Budget given that we have over half a million dollars currently locked out, hence how it will be difficult to realise the deficit projected. To have, or not to be able to have a Congress, this month, is the question.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Ziua 1,823, 05:09

Working on it.... : P

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Ziua 1,823, 08:11

"To have, or not to be able to have a Congress, this month, is the question."

Actually its not big on the agenda. Ranger never promised regions, he in fact made it clear that he was not promising anything in that regard.

Besides Senate have done nothing for almost two years, so its not really a big deal in my book.

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