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[BOOM] Boy Pick Up For President

Ziua 1,980, 07:47 Publicat în Philippines Filipine de Boy Pick Up


I am announcing to everybody here that I am running for Country President of the Philippines this coming May under the KMP-FCP banner. So let us get started in this article. I will show to you all of my plans, if ever I shall be elected by the masses.


> International Positions
* Erepublik World Academy Assistant (March 2013)

> Royal Positions
* Grand Duke of Visayas (January 2013 - Present)
* Duke of Visayas (December 2012)
* Royal Scribe (December 2012 - Present)

> Government Positions
* Two-Time Congressman (41st and 45th Congress)
* Three-Time Minister of Culture (January - March 2013)
* Two-Time Minister of Education (January & March 2013)
* Two-Time Vice Minister of Internal Affairs (August & October 2012)
* Two-Time Vice Minister of Defense (July & December 2012)

> Diplomatic Positions
* Two-Time Philippine Ambassador to Western Europe (2012)
* Philippine Ambassador to Russia (June - July 2012)

> Party Positions
* Party President of the Filipino Communist Party (April 2013)
* Party Spokesman of LAKAN-KBP (March 2013)

> Military Positions
* Commander of Pinoy Mobsters (December 2012, April 2013)
* Second Commander of Pinoy Mobsters (October - November 2012)
* Regiment 1 Captain of Pinoy Mobsters (December 2012 - Present)


* Revisit and Reuse - Some great plans of past administrations that were discontinued or never implemented, those are what we will try to do, revisit those ideas and if we can, implement it to our administration.

* Cooperation and Unity - One of the RDPM members told to us why are they staying in the Philippines. He said,

"We will leave in a few months, It's fun to move countries a little bit."

Since the RD Philippines Movement has stated their plan for our nation, let us give them a chance to prove themselves that they are worthy of their stay. Maybe I was wrong in judging them as pests and invaders of our nation. Let us all be productive and be unified to build this nation. Let us cooperate and not fight.

* Monarchy - Our glorious nation is the second nation to successfully put up a monarchy. We are just behind the UK's Monarchy, headed by King Woldy the First. We shall honour our monarchy at all times and give big respect to them, especially Her Majesty, Queen Kadayao the First.

* State Religion - During the reign of President Hekter, he unofficially made Stapler the Almighty God of the Philippines. I will push through now what will be called Staplerism. This will be a polytheistic religion that will honour the Filipinos who had saved our nation from the past. From the Secta Guru Varnish Take Over, to the Filipino-Indonesian War. We shall give praises to them.

* Activity and Fun Boosting - Probably if our nation will be put up as the real Philippines, nobody but our neighbors would know about us. We are growing to a laid-back nature and this shall be stopped. We shall boost activity here so it could be More Fun in the Philippines.

So just to refresh it, COOPERATION, Giving HONOUR, Making IMPROVEMENTS and Giving back LIFE and Spreading the LOVE.

In short, C.H.I.L.L!

Vote and Subscribe!

Boy Pick Up
Grand Duke of Visayas
EWA Assistant
FCP President




Coco The Killa
Coco The Killa Ziua 1,980, 11:37

All hail the Almighty Stapler!

Makedonec 1992
Makedonec 1992 Ziua 1,980, 12:55


Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Ziua 1,980, 13:18

I thought eJapan also has a monarchy

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Ziua 1,980, 19:48


Liana Paldrov
Liana Paldrov Ziua 1,980, 20:28

I think eJapan had abolished their monarchy due to lack of government support.

kmm225 Ziua 1,980, 22:59


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