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[AusDoD] Muffins in Battle Day 1826 UPDATED 1300 eRT

Ziua 1,826, 02:22 Publicat în Australia Australia de Australian Defence Department

Priority 1 : Divisions 1-4

Fight for Argentina VS. Chile in Argentine Northwest!

Lets give our bros a muffin break!

Priority 2 : Divisions 1-4

Fight for Greece VS. Bulgaria in Burgas!

EPIC BATTLE! Try to get BH medal there!

Priority 3 : Divisions 1-4

Fight for Serbia VS. Montenegro in Kosovo!

The Australian Defence Force are recruiting ALL Aussies. If you have spirit and want to fight for your country, come onto forums and sign up or drop on in our IRC rooms. Our training groups (Tango Squad) will help you on your way to becoming a fully fledged soldier.

1. Sign up to the Aus eRepublik Forums.
2. Join the Aus Citizen membergroup on forums.
3. Join the ADF.
4. Come on IRC in#ADF

If you need help, ask the ADF Marshal Majester or Deputy Marshal Draim Alexander

Minister of Defence James_Rellori
Deputy of Defense Greg MaCGregor
Deputy of Defense CyberCasper
Intern of Defence Mikeypenny1


v.I.v Ziua 1,826, 03:06

Fight for Serbia????

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,826, 03:27

Yes, N0rdik. Game mechanics mate

v.I.v Ziua 1,826, 03:33


James Rellori
James Rellori Ziua 1,826, 05:14

Battle Order music for today, Mainly the last part 😛

Binda33 Ziua 1,826, 06:56

that Serbia link is incorrect.

Majester Ziua 1,826, 15:56

Please remove the recruitment section and redirect new players to Centerlink instead. The ADF has been mothballed by the government this term.

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