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[AFA] weekly report [ PP elections, CTRL, CS elections...]

Ziua 1,793, 14:08 Publicat în USA Serbia de Hanibal LA

Day 1793

Dear eAmericans,

this is second article in row about AFA and eUSA politics and i hope i could manage to write to you weekly as AFA Party President. Short reports and resumes will be part of HMS from now on. I'll try not to be boring, so let's start 🙂

Party President elections are over. We managed to keep out party i think first time since we started fight in eUSA. This i great victory for American Freedom Alliance, but for all eAmericans too. This victory is sign that we reached critical point, and everybody must watch us as serious player on eUSA political scene.

In previous article i tryed to show some parts of AFA politics in future, but i'll repeat once again that AFA is not here to hurt eUSA, but to improve political, economic and military situation. I'm in touch with our CP,vCP and rest of Gov and negotiating about future of eUSA. It seems to me that some of them are not ready to find compromise with almost 45% of eUSA population.

I offered and asked reasonable things like compromise about PTO attempts in our party and respecting eUSA laws, but like so far, they just ask and push, without any chance to make some deal. Classic dictatorship. But ok, we're used to it, and AFA have capacity to continue fight till end.

I hope you all saw this article. Polish CP explained some things related to CTRL. Many of you remember i said at begining that CTRL in form like this one is not good for eUSA, but elitists pushed what they had on their mind, without even asking eUSA citizens about serious issue like this one.

Now, once again, they show'd they are not capable doing job they do. Probably would not even comment on this, but we are talking about leading one of most powerfull county in eWorld.

How stupid you must be to make alliance with somebody, and after few weeks to make ultimatums to you allies. Let me be clear. Our Gov asked ePoland to break MPPs with eSerbia and eHungary, but in same time, they want to sign MPP with eCroatia.

You have to admit, you really need to be a genius to do stuff like that 🙂

So, what now? We broke relationship with old allies, and have new one. That's fact and there is no back now. If you read my last articles, you could see that now i don't have anything against CTRL. Me must live with that.

Thing i want to ask you is :"why do we always make problems?"

We wanted that alliance, and now our Government trying to screw that too. If they succed, we will not have any allies behing us. Just becouse them we are always "partybreakers", "problemmakers" etc.

It's clear that CTRL is eUSA future, we allowed that and now live with that. ePL CP said well:" You are requiring from us to execute your commands while you are not able to secure your own country."

Stop them showing us as "badboys" everytime. Take eUSA future in your own hands and decide. It's just on you eAmericans.

eUSA is CTRL member, and i'll fight for that alliance, becouse we don't have any other. right?

Congressional elections comming. AFA is prepared for new victory. Be part of that glorious victiry. AFA leadership considering congress cadidates and you'll be informed asap about candidates list.

If you want to take part in ballot, contact any of AFA officials and we will discuss.

On last elections we got 26%, and our goal for this month is 33%. Help us reaching that, becouse that is in best eUSA interest.

You should read RGR's Congress election informations

Our future politics will stay unchanged. Taking back all foreign regions ( in deal with new allies ofc ) and fixing economic situation which is terrible now, once again, becouse our Gov.

They cant realize that PToers won't leave just becouse they cuted some bonuses. PToers are not here becouse bonuses, but becouse PTO 🙂 simple, but still not enough for some guys here to understand.

Also, i must inform you that AFA got brand new forum. This will improve our job and help us to conduct democracy in this party too. So far, we couldn't do any legit elections, but from now on, everything will be transparent and everybody will have chance to prove himself.

Join forum and start discussions with other AFA members.

That's all for now. expect more in next days.

Must remind you that all of you willing to join AFA are welcome. We are eAmerican party, not private property like rest of Gov's parties. We live democracy, not dictoatorship.


For shout:

AFA - weekly report [ PP elections, CTRL, CS elections...]

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MrBogdan Ziua 1,793, 14:17

: )

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Ziua 1,793, 14:27

So you finally admit you're PTOers?

They cant realize that PToers won't leave just becouse they cuted some bonuses. PToers are not here becouse bonuses, but becouse PTO simple, but still not enough for some guys here to understand.

Rona1d Ziua 1,793, 14:31

now, you you agree with CTRL?? lol!!! but in the last campaign for POTUS, you was against CTRL, and wanted the support of the EDENites in America xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD omg this is just hilarious,Your goal is to go against the government, in any way, if they dont want to break the MPPs we cant do nothing more, CTRL is dead and all the players will back to the old system of 2 alliances


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,793, 14:35

RS tell me what gonna happen if eUSA leave CTRL. we already broke old relationships and u think old allies willa ccept us like they did in past. i dont think so. we betrayed them and now its too late.

i said before. im ok with CTRL, but now in this form. US Gov did all without asking citizens about anything. Now, we are part of CTRL and we all must live with that

Willy Gray
Willy Gray Ziua 1,793, 14:38

AFA is hungarian for VAT or PDV. Think about that....

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Ziua 1,793, 14:45


Lady Aurora
Lady Aurora Ziua 1,793, 14:45

o7 Nice article! : )

K1tho Ziua 1,793, 15:11


chickensguys Ziua 1,793, 15:26


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Ziua 1,793, 15:39

AFA! o7

Zeng999 Ziua 1,793, 16:11

AFA! o7

Candor Ziua 1,793, 16:14

Well written. I wish you were on our side.

But alas. You don't play nice in the sandbox 🙁

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,793, 16:18

candor...ill show u something in igm. after that wtire comment again

bigcdizzle Ziua 1,793, 16:41

You people make me laugh.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,793, 16:47

bigcdizzle making u happy is biggest compliment i ever got xD

olivermellors Ziua 1,793, 16:58

AFA doesn't make me laugh. They appear to be pushing a strong economy, which I like. They appear to recognize the reality that CNTL was probably doomed, is now almost certainly doomed and that is our present lot no matter what. Better think of what to do now instead of argue if it was a good thing to start with: pretty practical. But I do have some very grave reservations about HONESTY. Maybe you can concentrate on that and build a party that is a credit to the US instead of its nemesis.

olivermellors Ziua 1,793, 17:01

Here are some things I will be looking for:

1. admit that Hanibal did not appear on the big ass POTUS debate. Its pretty obvious, so just admit it and demonstrate that you can be truthful about things which may be embarrassing.
2. Exercise control over congressmembers: stop illegal citizenship grants right away. No need to make deals about this. Be the first to demonstrate that you are now a party that does care about the US.
3. Engage in honest policy debate about concrete issues

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Ziua 1,793, 17:08

This just cements the views on the mentality of this party. We MPP'd Croatia AFTER Poland re-upped theirs with Serbia and Hungary. God, epic fail.

Viarizi Ziua 1,793, 17:08


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,793, 17:24

JJ dont spin my words. i didnt say what u did, just what u aksed before signing !!!

@Olivermellor ty bro, apreciate good, healty conversation and advice.

first, i dont know how u concluded that guys who was on bigass potus debate isnt me...but ill leave u that to think about that..its funny on some wierd way xD

second. i wont do anything without other side showing good will and promise they will not hurt our policy..

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,793, 17:25

breaking IES procedure is the only way for now to protect all we have. stop PToing us and we wills top breaking IES procedure..end of story

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Ziua 1,793, 17:31

It just proves you have no clue what's going on. You are pretty much unfit to serve in any high office in this game.

Its funny how you conveniently play the role of victim in every article. YOU are the problem, not the solution. The things that happen to you, you bring on yourselves. At least be truthful one time in your miserable existence.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,793, 17:33

the most important is that u know all and u have everything under control.

u guys screwed all what can be screwed + few more i said, u rlly need to be genious to achieve that. well done o/

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Ziua 1,793, 17:47

Yes according to you we screwed up something. The only thing we have screwed up in the past few months is letting you anywhere near congress. You are an ill-informed waste of a top 5 party president.

olivermellors Ziua 1,793, 18:41

first, i dont know how u concluded that guys who was on bigass potus debate isnt me...

very disappointing. Is this plausible deniability? "i didn't say it was me, just asked how you know"?
There are multiple indicators but as I don't want to describe in detail the multiple analyses which entertained me for a bit, let me point out:

olivermellors Ziua 1,793, 18:45

your newspaper articles are characterized by the absence of the grammatical definite article "the" and "a", consistent with your native language; The speaker in the bigass audio debate consistently and constantly uses these articles, correctly. I conclude with a high level of confidence that the person writing the articles is not the same person speaking on the audio files.

We haven't even started talking about things like natural rhythm, sentence construction, vowel sounds, etc.

Isagoras The Greek
Isagoras The Greek Ziua 1,793, 19:25


SCPittman Ziua 1,793, 21:18

A true patriot knows how to properly spell the word "because."

Sando Griffin
Sando Griffin Ziua 1,794, 02:21

JJ - I don't see eUS losing its territories and bonuses under AFA rule... I see it losing territories and bonuses under the previous and current rule... So please, don't talk about who is incapable of virtual "positions" in "high offices"... It's lame, right.

Sando Griffin
Sando Griffin Ziua 1,794, 02:24

All of the people who are not RL Americans but have eUS cz in-game are here only for the economical advantages. No one wants to steal your country trust me. And because of the bonuses, these people actually ARE INTERESTED IN the eUS being strong and having 10/10 bonuses. So these people fight for the eUS and to everything in its best interest, because if the eUS is strong, they can take advantage of the economical benefits. No point for them in weakening the country, get it?

Belisarus Ziua 1,794, 02:54

Hanibal, why do you intentionally misinterpret the facts and the timeline of event? I would say you are intentionally lying, but then you could find yourself insulted. USA did not enforce any ultimatum on Poland, the government just tried to force Poland to follow what they signed - CTRL charter. If you remember, the charter clearly says that all core members should avoid getting involved in Balkan wars and MPP-ing Balkan countries. Charter also says that members cannot be allied with countries

Belisarus Ziua 1,794, 02:57

that are enemies of another member, or with the countries that pose the real treat to the security of member's state. Poland did all of that, and should be kicked from the alliance. Poland signed MPP with Hungary and Serbia which are heavily involved in Balkan affairs, Poland signed MPP with Serbia who is one of the oldest enemies of USA, still posing a threat. On the other hand, USA dropped all of their Balkan MPPs.

Belisarus Ziua 1,794, 02:59

It is clearly a lie that USA demands from Poland to drop MPPs with Hungary and Serbia, while at the same time signing MPP with Croatia. USA signed MPP with Croatia only AFTER Poland signed MPP with Hungary. Is it so hard to understand the chain of events.

Belisarus Ziua 1,794, 03:01

On the other hand, you now clearly show that your intention and political agenda is in fact to drag USA in ONE alliance. If you support CTRL in current form, with Poland MPPing Serbia and Hungary, than it is clear that you support USA as an unofficial member of ONE, where the US govt will be excluded from any decision making.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,794, 03:11

belisarus " you now clearly show that your intention and political agenda is in fact to drag USA in ONE alliance." u must agree that this is what US gov doing since start. im just saying its better now to stay here, instead breaking another alliance, and stay wthout any ally.

Norbengo Ziua 1,794, 03:14

We are here to make eUSA proud and respectful again.

AFA! o7

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,794, 03:15

@olivermellors mate i had prepared spech. writen and edited...thats why i made less mistakes then here in articles. when i write articles, i dont care too much about my grammar, because however i try to do that perfectly, i will do mistakes agan.

u dont know me well, never igm'd me, but ppl who do that constantly, know that when i type fast, im making lot of mistakes on my native what then to expect when write on eng..

sasa55555 Ziua 1,794, 03:40


kushtrimzz Ziua 1,794, 03:46

go back to servia

Jon873 Ziua 1,794, 05:07

/me is too lazy and too damned damn to vote.


Uschmidt Ziua 1,794, 05:10

Please use the Google translator!!! This English hurts my eyes!

Jon873 Ziua 1,794, 05:12


PM if you want the answer.

KiltJoy Ziua 1,794, 05:36

New Players: eRep allowing players world-wide to join any country. Unfortunately AFA is overflowing with anti-US people & led by skilled propaganda writers. Please look for real US military units & political parties to find real US players and friends.
US Department of Education explains political parties & has real US military units links at the bottom:

Conte Oliver
Conte Oliver Ziua 1,794, 05:41

Kad budete maznuli amerima šolde pa da završi konačno ova sapunica?

HladenSpricar Ziua 1,794, 05:51

eUSA bonuses:

1. before AFA: 10/10
2. after AFA and similar "human rights" groups went active in the eUSA: 60/60 or lower... : P

Sando Griffin
Sando Griffin Ziua 1,794, 05:58

LOL, another great croatian-american failing in his propaganda endeavors. AFA never ruled the country so far, so the lost of all the European bonuses can be purely attributed to the current and previous governments, who are definitely not AFA...

And please, fellow "american" from hrvatska, learn English.

HladenSpricar Ziua 1,794, 06:03


Piflarčino jedna... : D

PS: i'm not Croatian. My mother is from Prlekija and my father from Steiermark.

C E R O V I N A Ziua 1,794, 07:12


kuultras Ziua 1,794, 07:21

AFA! o7

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Ziua 1,794, 10:17

Sando Griffin: I see the eUS losing lots of territory in an AFA led eUS. I mean pretty hard to do anything war related when 90% of your military won't follow orders. And that is exactly what would happen if the AFA succeeds in their PTO. Is Hanibal going to make up for billions in damage spent elsewhere?

Party Presidents are required to be informed because it is in the best interests of national security. Hanibal is far from that, therefore a danger to national security. Solid logic is solid.

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