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[1872] Q2 Weapons and Food for Fighting Demons

Ziua 1,872, 02:58 Publicat în USA SUA de AeroGent
The food bonus remains at 80%, with the weapons at 60%.
Q2 food and weapons provide the best energy and damage per currency.
Gold is trading at support.

Tomorrow is national president election day.

There are 31 fewer citizens than yesterday, with 86 new arrivals.

The treasury has collected 42.5k eUSD since yesterday for 4.88 eUSD per active citizen. This is a decrease of 0.22 eUSD per citizen from the previous day. Five alliances are pending, at a cost of 50k.

The most effective way to make money, for everyone except Division 4, continues to be purchasing an aluminum mine and selling the production on the open market.

Gold is trading at support, with the high of 348.000 yesterday, and the low of 345.000. The spread is 3.7%, 0.5% less than yesterday. The next support level is 338, the low from 1819. The next resistance level is 376, the high from 1854.



ligtreb Ziua 1,872, 07:22

Voted. Good info as always.

Jetsmets Ziua 1,872, 12:34

I like your tracking of New citizens and how much the treasury makes/spends.

Jay Huntsman
Jay Huntsman Ziua 1,872, 12:36

People need to sub to this.

Jessica Miss Rabbit
Jessica Miss Rabbit Ziua 1,873, 03:25

Nice to see you back

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