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WHPR 1929 - Saturday Edition - Final Term WHPR

Dia 1,929, 19:30 Publicado em USA EUA por James S. Brady Press Room
White House Press Room - Day 1,929: Saturday Edition

Dateline: Saturday, March 2nd (Day 1,929)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
1) Sec of Media reflections with EnterAwesome
2) JK and Jlo CP Term Reflection with One_Sky
3) Legendary War Reporting with Hale26
4) PoTUS Candidates with Lemon Vodka

Sec of Media Reflections
Written By EnterAwesome

Taiga EnterAwesome is out and about

This term moved quickly, as I was recruited into Sec. Of Media rather late. I have a lot of reservations into jumping into a half-finished term but we apparently really needed it so I decided to answer the call to service. I haven't been in a cabinet for the last 2 terms but have taken on roles that other people were unable to perform due to r/l circumstances. I want to say I had a lot of fun, and some stressful times in managing the WHPR, but I also feel like I did a mediocre job... For that, I apologize my talents only extend so far in one direction and I did do my truly best in doing this job. It would help also if I posted in the PDB more too.

Next term, I've seen who will be leading the Sec of Media in every CP's cabinet and WHPR is in a lot better hands next term. Be excited! I know I am!

99% of the work in WHPR went into our writers. They did a fantastic job publishing well informed and well written articles twice a week. WHPR owes it to them to keep it afloat.

They are
Lemon Vodka

I love you America,
I love you Hale,
I love you OneSky,
I love you Mr. Lemony Vodka,


Jk and Jlo CP Term Reflection
Written by One_Sky

Jk + JLo =

The elections are soon and the CP and VP terms are coming to an end so I decided to interview John Killah and Jefferson_Locke

Any final thoughts ? Is there anything you are proud of or you think you could have done better ?

John Killah :

My final thoughts would be I was insane to do this job. It's extremely hard, thankless most of the time, and a downright stress on a life that has had 10 years shaved off it because of that. I do wish the people who considering running in the future luck, it's a tough battle to the big seat, then an even bigger fight trying to prove yourself worthy. I would say i'm most proud of managing to get an MPP signed with our Albanian bro's.

It was a damn good effort on my cabinets part and that also ties in with the other thing i'm proud of. Some of my cabinet were untested in their departments, but they've done amazing - Mr Swagg in Education, EnterAwesome in Media, DrLuisSentieiro in DHS ... They've been magnificent throughout the term and deserve crap ton's of credit for being great.

What do I wish I'd done better? I wish i'd started off on a better footing with Congress since we got off to a rocky start (although i'd like to say with hopefully congress agreement that our communication improved dramatically after the first few rocky days). I also wished i'd been more active, been able to get more done and been able finish this damn Taiwan operation. Alas, I couldn't, and as such, they'll always be regrets.

Jefferson_Locke :

I think the term started out a little slow. There wasn't as much direction as there should have been, but we finished strong. I'm very proud of signing the Albanian MPP, and of solidifying relations with CoT. A HUGE win for us was the ATO efforts, and getting the AFA to just above 31% of congress, the smallest it's been in a while.

I also think that we had a good month in education and interior, and that we have started the process of increasing executive communication with Congress.

Slow start, fast finish. Was it what we envisioned? Not at all. We could have done better with Operation Gangnam style, and there were some issues with communication. I think I did good in that, but overall the term could have been better in that regard."

Overall , it was a good month , lets just hope the next administration will continue their work. It is the last WHPR of the term so I use this opportunity to say : Thanks for reading America , keep being awesome

Legendary Way Reporting
Written by Hale26

Picking up where we last left off, Brasil and other allied forces have been pushed entirely out of Argentina. For now, Argentina has prevailed over our allies and liberated their nation.
Though they are an enemy, respect is given where respect is due. Good fight CUA

Since that front has scaled back considerably in terms of action, this edition we will be taking a brief look at one of our Bromance-Allies- Russia.

Following a Russian-MKD invasion of Iran, the Russian people's gained a 20% bonus to their weapon's production. Though ingame economics aren't brilliant, this win was greatly beneficial for a country that, much like ourselves, weas getting bored with lack of meaningful war.

Though Iranian forces have since made gains on both Russian and MKD, taking Russian out of the Middle East at one point, Russia's counter-assault is so far flawless. Seman, Golistan and Esfahan are back under Russian control, with the oil-region of Fars looking like the next to fall.

Moving back to more domestic wars, it should be noted that Taiwan has regained a border with us. However, they will (yet again) use the territory-block strategy to ensure no direct war touches RoC-Occupied lands.

All of this is, as usual, thanks to a rogue proposal by an AFA congressman just minutes after the window for NE opened. This is a clear act of self-harm to the USA, and the administration condemns this completely.

Of course, nothing less is to be expected of the AFA rogues.

PoTUS Candidates
Written by Lemon Vodka

Although Primaries are just getting done, and winners announced. It is good to take a look on your top three PoTUS Candidates, was their goals were and their cabinets.

Good evening America!

In this issue of the WHPR, we will analyze the March candidates for PotUS. They are, in alphabetical order, Jefferson Locke, Vanek26 and Zoli. We will present a small introduction, their goals and their proposed cabinet members.

Jefferson Locke

Jefferson Locke is a part of the new generation. Although he`s young, he has been involved in various projects from his early eLife. It comes as no surprise that he focuses on the new generation. This being said however, he is also aware that ignoring the knowledge and experience of the veteran players would be a mistake.

His experience includes terms as Deputy Chief of Staff under Inwegen, Chief of Staff under fingerguns, [current] Vice President under John Killah; two times Fed Vice President. Serving both in his party and in the administration, he has both a national and party picture.

- Vice President Artela
- Chief of Staff Dr Luis Sentieiro
- NSC emdoublegee
- Secretary of Defense Duncan Crowe
- Secretary of State Tenshibo
- Secretary of Interior rainy sunday
- Secretary of Education MrSwagg
- Secretary of Media fingerguns

The plans are to keep the Education department functioning at the same level, and also widening its reach by also covering events happening outside the eUS. The Interior department will hold a miss eAmerica pageant; also it will try to kickstart more programs to help the new players. With the administration being proCoT, the State department will focus on mantaining and improving the relations within the alliance, but also with other allies. The DHS will work on directing the new players away from AFA. This is a field where Jefferson Locke has extensive personal experience, having been a part of, and leading, the ATO efforts of the past months.The Defense department will be tasked with keeping the DoD newspaper up to date and visible for everyone. It will also handle the budget problem and try to figure out ways to get more funds to MUs. Operation Gangnam Style will be evaluated, and there is the promise of a major operation.

“Together we’re invincible.”


Vanek is a long time military leader of America, tried and tested. He`s stepping up once again in a time of hardship, when the country is suffering from lackluster leadership, to lead it out of the dark days and back to its former glory.

His experience includes terms as Secretary of Defense, NSC Chairman, Terra Supreme Commander, Terra Supreme General and Shogun. Clearly, a military mastermind.

- Vice President John Largo
- Secretary of Defense Cromstar
- Secretary of State dermont
- Chief of Staff Israel Stevens
- NSC ilphen and Ralph Ericson
- Secretary of Interior rainy sunday
- Secretary of Education Mazzy Cat
- Secretary of Media Oblige

On the domestic front, Vanek plans to continue the ATO efforts, with a no negotiations policy towards AFA. All programs under the Department of Interior will continue. There will be an audit for USAF which will be presented to Congress, to start a trend that involves more transparency and more information swap. Our CoT trial period is set to expire, and it is time for us to also make the decision regarding the Alliance. While he is not anti CoT, he will explore all other options, including staying neutral, if it`s in the benefit of the country. There will also be a survey for all major MUs, since they have a stronger and more direct connection to the public. There will be an attempt to negociate an end to the Taiwan situation, but in the meantime continue attempting to gain a border.

V is for Victory


The American society is divided, now more than ever, and Zoli steps up to fix that. We have the “true Americans” vs the “AFA PTOers”; proEDEN vs proCoT; 10/10 bonuses vs low bonuses; democratic elections vs Unity elections.

- Vice President Publius
- Minster of Interior rainy sunday
- Foreign Affairs Max McFarland 3
- Secretary of Defense bigcdizzle
- Military Counselors Israel Stevens and Technician
- Economical Counselors Tiamati and Kutluk Bilge Kul Kemal
- Free Pakistan operational leader PigInZen

America has a pussy policy to follow its neighbors wherever they go and secure the borders. Zoli would like to see eUSA in EDEN. but will not change the status of CoT trial membership. Operation Gangnam Style is considered a failure and will be shut down, and he will pursue another great war. After liberating Japan and South Korea, he will focus on liberating Pakistan and starting a direct war with China. This will finally give us a challenge, in a strong opponent, and also help our allies by keeping China focused. The danger is a counter attack, but the eUSA has 50+ regions so it will not be wiped, and can always run away by closing the borders, and thus ending the war. Zoli will also try to change the tax system to get more funds, and redirect those funds to the army, based on activity level and following of orders.

Zoli / Publius for a better America

- break -

There you have it, America. All you need to know about the March PotUS candidates. Hopefully this article helped paint a general image about them, and helped make up your mind in case you didn`t know who to vote for.

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EnterAwesome, Secretary of Media

Look for new editions of WHPR on Wednesday and Saturday.



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