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Weekly Power Rankings #29; Saviors and Failures

Dia 1,902, 23:59 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Shoi12

Welcome to another edition of the eRepublik Power Rankings! Here are the rules; the efforts of the top five countries this week will be recognized, and the five worst performances will be mocked, no exceptions! Countries are recognized for many things, including successful defending, securing strong alliances, and, of course, conquering rivals. Without further ado, let's begin!

Updated as of 12:00 New World Time, Day 1,901

Btw, you guys want me to use the normal map or the new, still-in-beta-but-hella-shiny map for tomorrow's pics? And if it's the latter, what settings? (I was kinda waiting)

Rk (Last)


1 (NR) Republic of China (Taiwan)

The end is near! The end is near! Or at least, that's what CoT forces exclaimed around the world as Operation Gangnam Style pledged to liberate both South Korea and Japan while eliminating the Taiwanese people from the map. With USA at the helm, it seemed like a done deal. But EDEN showed it still packed a punch despite its losses in other regions. Taiwan repelled American invaders as South Korea and Japan failed to overthrow their colonizers. Taiwan suffered a few losses, and still has not reclaimed their homeland, but Taiwan remains on the map, as strong as ever. USA may come again, but the score is 1-0.

Week rating: 9.7/10

2 (NR) United Kingdom

Congratulations, United Kingdom! You got bailed out by your big buddies in the south! The UK's declaration of war on little Norway went nothing as planned. Instead of an easy victory, they were invaded by long-time rival Canada and for a time lost regions both in Wales and in Scotland. However, thanks to Spanish intervention, the Brits not only survived the onslaught, but conquered both Norwegian regions as well. Norway may have escaped with Congress, but Britain managed to prevail despite three nations (don't forget about the Netherlands) fighting to wipe them. Mighty impressive.

Week rating: 9.2/10

3 (B5) Latvia

Speaking of getting bailed out, am I right? Latvia was pushed back down to a single region to the east, as Sweden threatened to occupy and possibly conquer their longtime adversaries. However, Latvia managed to disperse Swedish forces and reclaim all four regions. Furthermore, they even managed to break into Swedish regions starting with Gotland. The coup de grace, of course, was receiving direct Polish support. Purposefully losing their regions in Sweden to make a path for their pink allies, Latvia has all but assured their sovereignty and Sweden's demise for the next few weeks.

Week rating: 8.9/10

4 (NR) China

First off, it was Spain with the audacity to attack Guangdong and defeat China. Of course, get your paws off my Hong Kong :3 Spain failed, but then Brazil started wanting some dim sum, and went through the whole 'take over Philippines and chill and NE' ordeal. This time, however, the Brazilians were caught off guard, as China was the first to strike, taking Luzon to silence the Brazilian threat. With Brazil quickly retreating to South America, that's another successful defense of Chinese regions under Atracurium. When is it America's turn? With Indonesia marching through Philippines, will China intervene a third time?

Week rating: 8.4/10

5 (B1) Argentina

Argentina has struggled to hold onto the regions they fought so hard to recapture, but recapturing the lands itself has been an impressive feat. With Chile's empire now fractured thanks to Auckland being recovered (illegally) by the New Zealanders (due to Argentinian support), Argentina was able to recapture all of their regions. The Argentinians have since lost most of those gains and a chance at a higher spot in the rankings, but certainly their achievement is nothing to wave off. Argentina will still have to find a way to hold off Chilean reoccupation, but they've certainly shown the capability.

Week rating: 8.1/10

Honorable Mentions: Mexico, Spain


Just barely good enough: Albania, Brazil

B5 (NR) Canada

Canada's mighty protection of Norway was going smashingly well. Take over Wales, West Midlands, support Norway in taking Scotland, everything looks great. With Poland busy battling in the Balkans, it seemed like an opportune moment. And it was, really. However, even with Poland taking a break from babysitting, Spain still remained. With Portugal unable to get back on the map, this led to not only a quick retreat out of the British homeland, but a quick shift in gears to a defensive war. No matter how gutsy and brave the Canadians are, numbers are numbers. They're outgunned. Look at the map.

Week rating: 3.9/10


Let’s show our stuff as a mighty and powerful country and prove that we deserve to get into CoT as a full member! Besides helping friends South Korea and Japan, USA’s plan to destroy and wipe Taiwan was also to show their loyalty to their new alliance, as well as show off their usefulness. They never accounted for the fact, however, that Taiwan would fight back. And fight back they did, as USA failed to defeat their EDEN enemies. Although they managed to keep the island of Taiwan, they were kicked out of Taiwan’s colonies. USA will have to try again...

Week rating: 3.1/10

B3 (5) Sweden

Sweden can surely beat Latvia in a war with no foreign intervention. But this is eRepublik, where the superpowers of the world throw their troops around as if this was a game. (Oh wait...) Big bad Poland just loves to interfere with local battles, and they’ve decided to attack their former chums to the north in order to protect Latvia and end the battles. Great for Latvia and TWO pride, but not particularly good for the poor Swedes, who find themselves in a Kobayashi Maru, losing region after region and being helpless to recover them. Sweden might just have to accept defeat here and work from there 🙁

Week rating: 2.5/10

B2 (NR) Norway

Gotta admire Norway for their guts, don’t you? Against a nation 10 times their strength, they managed to find a way to coordinate their troops and hold back the British assault, even managing, at one point, to take Scotland, claimed to be one of the greatest achievements in Norwegian military history. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. UK fought back, and though Norway, to their credit, managed to keep Congress, the Brits have since wiped the minor Scandinavian nation. With Canada fighting its own war, it’s not likely that Norway will find any help any time soon.

Week rating: 2.1/10

B1 (NR) Australia

Let’s see the plan, shall we? Meet with Chile, agree on a plan, and slowly receive their lands back while going to a CoT MPP stack. Yep, that worked out. Due to the failure by both nations to prevent Aussie lands from RWing back to Australia (Aussies blame Argentina, Chileans blame Australia), the two nations have gotten into yet another argument. And with Indonesia deciding to beat up their old punching bag for sport, Australia was pretty helpless against the two-pronged attack. With their old bridges burned and their new path all but blockaded, Australia is the lost puppy trying to find its way. TWO, anyone?

Week rating: 1.4/10


Welcome back: Argentina, France, Montenegro, Netherlands

Sayonara: Albania, Bolivia, Colombia, North Korea, Norway, Saudi Arabia

Other notable events:
Abruzzo ceded to Slovenia
Have you SEEN Uruguayan South Africa? 😳
India and Croatia settle things
Serbia holds off all RWs (gotta give props)

Japanese Music
Mainstream Music
Video Game Music

Great winter-themed music 🙂

Sasha's Theme

Recommendation: 10/10

Until next time, take care!

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panzer1990panzer Dia 1,902, 00:09

We had a good couple weeks against a super power. I think we can be proud of that.

Mann551 Dia 1,902, 04:56

aye, that is true

chewytaz Dia 1,902, 05:43


Akaya754 Dia 1,902, 06:46

eSK is doing a change in plans and NE'ed eROC while eUS NE'ed them, so this time we might actually have to go head-on with eUS for once

Oh well, we have to face them one day

GameChanger Dia 1,902, 08:36



Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dia 1,903, 13:29

Is this some new article thing or something? It doesn't look like anything you've published lately xD

TheBurningMan Dia 1,903, 19:02

Annnnnnddddd still not done

Hyuuz Dia 1,904, 04:38

You should see the squabbling in Australia, bloody Chile.

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