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V for Victory: Happy Easter, Gold Mines, and Airstirkes

Dia 1,957, 22:32 Publicado em USA EUA por Vanek26

Sup America?

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter or Passover or Day off from work/school, whatever you celebrate, as well as bring you some updates.

First off, I just want to say me and my staff are working hard to solve our bonus issue, hopefully some results are achieved soon. The Airstrike/Gold Mine situation has destabilized things, and it seems that most nations want to see how it will all play out before doing swaps or rental agreements.

Secondly, an update on the gold mine situation. Serbia is of course far ahead in Europe, USA is far ahead in the Americas, Turkey has a slim lead in Asia, Australia a slim lead, and in Africa its a toss up with one day remaining, with both countries importing tanks to fight for them. The mines should pop up sometime on Monday, so be ready to start digging for some free gold.

Now, getting a gold mine and keeping it are two different things. Brazil is a very close ally of South Africa and would likely receive that mine if South Africa wins. Bulgaria has the same situation in Egypt. However, both mines are not clear cut, as Greece has been fighting hard with Bulgaria in Egypt and will contest ownership, and Indonesia has NE'd South Africa to try to steal that mine. More on that in a bit.

Poland quickly got an Airstrike, and it seemed like they were going to target Chile, owner of both Australia and New Zealand's potential mine sites. They voted down MPPs with Chile and Lithuania, both CoT members, and seemed ready to pull the trigger. They ended up however Airstriking Turkey, the likely Asian victor. Turkey was under assault by Serbia, so Poland obviously felt that destroying CoT-TWO relations was riskier then double-teaming Turkey with their much stronger ally. However, Turkey has pulled off three straight victories over Serbia and forced Serbia back to occupied Israel, though the war remains open. So tomorrow expect a huge battle when Poland launches their attack, though neither side will benefit from a NE bonus. In a rather ironic twist, by having this massive battle, it pretty much assures that Turkey will be able to maintain their lead over China in the competition.

I'll try to edit the battle link in when it starts, it should be an exciting fight to watch. USA has MPPs with neither nation, so anyone wishing to participate will need to move to another country, Canada for Turkey and Mexico for Poland should be the cheapest moves.

And Canada is about to lose their last region, so they won't exist to move to... so I suggest either just Turkey or Taiwan to move to for that side.

Anyhow, back to South Africa. Indonesia has once again NE'd South Africa despite Brazil's protection and not only CoT's rule to inform HQ about military maneuvers, but also their order to not attack South Africa/Brazil.

Brazil's Statement on the Matter

Obviously, Brazil has made very clear to Indonesia that they consider an attack on South Africa to be an attack on Brazil, and Indonesia has NE'd South Africa for the THIRD time this month, so something has to give, and we hope CoT takes action over this blatant disrespect. The United States stands of course with our bros in Brazil.

Finally, a bit of re-election news, I have received the AMP and USWP nominations unopposed, so barring something drastic I'll be running for President once again next month for sure.

I'll post up a April Cabinet in a few days, probably will be mostly the same, some promotions and reshuffling. Personally I'm happy with everyone's performance, everyone met my expectations.

Don't Google Image search whale hunting unless you like lots of blood.

Oh, and I finished Bioshock Infinite, I have to say its probably the best and smartest game I've ever played, with a fantastic and mind-blowing ending, and y'all should get it.

Anywho, Happy Easter and all that, and get ready for a GOLD RUSH!



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,957, 22:33

Happy Easter? You are not even a believer.

Vanek26 Dia 1,957, 22:39

Oh look, its the runner up from April 2013. Pathetic.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,957, 22:42

Hey Leon, Desert Lions & I are BFF. CruelDestiny is missed here! \o/ Oh, and Vanek, don't count your fluffers before they order 50 big macs.

ScottMo Dia 1,958, 02:57

That is not how Believers treat others. You should be modeling Christ's love for others.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 1,958, 03:11

Just because you wrap yourself in the flag and place a Halo on your head, doesn't mean you any less of a sociopath; it does however indicate that you you're a hypocrite of massive proportions headed for the fires of hell....

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dia 1,958, 04:20

Being a sociopath should be a good thing for a politician. At least 99% of RL ones are sociopaths and hypocrites.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 1,958, 05:28

^^^You would think, right?

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dia 1,958, 07:17

Well, as a matter of fact, I would. A normal person could never be a manager, not to mention a politician or a leader. Usual humans are weak, and restrained by human upbringing and the sense of morality. A true leader would have the interests of his Empire in mind, not petty humans comprising that Empire. If millions should die so that the Empire thrives, that is acceptable. That is the difference between "optimising for good" and "optimising for good in the long run". It makes little difference if your "Empire" is a multinational fortune500 corporation, intergalactic Empire or a local grocery store.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dia 1,958, 08:09

Weird concept "game" isn't it

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dia 1,958, 09:54

@Paul: weird concept "increasing entropy" isn't it?

cc1432 Dia 1,958, 10:58

you don't have to be a believer to use a social greeting. it's a sign that one acknowledges and respects the beliefs of someone else.

amko1of1 Dia 1,959, 04:26

He reminds me a little of Father Comstock...

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dia 1,957, 22:36

Vanek is Victory

Also the Easter Bunny is winning the Fed Primary, so there is that~

fingerguns Dia 1,959, 07:24

His campaign was chocolate. That's hard to beat, man.

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Dia 1,957, 22:38

Vanek is Victory.

nW0lf Dia 1,957, 22:41

Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

Plugson Dia 1,957, 22:51

Good summary ~ ty.
So the Gold Mine Airstrike is Admins version of the Easter Egg Hunt...makes up for having no holiday missions.

"USA has MPPs with neither nation, so anyone wishing to participate will need to move to another country, Canada for Turkey"

Yes, by all means, come to Canada for some Easter Turkey!

ZygaLTU Dia 1,957, 22:54

Vote, greetings from Lithuania : )

O.G. Loc
O.G. Loc Dia 1,957, 23:01


The.Puppeteer Dia 1,957, 23:16

Free dinner!

Sabres still suck.

MazzyCat Dia 1,957, 23:17

Vanek is Victory.

Meow! ♥

Mr.Tosi Dia 1,957, 23:27

Ronald Gipper Reagan you like eggs here have some 🙂

MaulMau Dia 1,957, 23:38

Cool !

Edelmann Dia 1,958, 00:00

Happy Easter, Gold Mines, and Airstirkes!

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Dia 1,958, 00:16

Brazil is no ally of South Africa. They are invaders and occupy our lands.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Dia 1,958, 01:02

At least, the second best president. Maybe, first.
I would vote for him.

Norbengo Dia 1,958, 01:49

I'll fight for Poland in that epic battle.

Turks don't really need a gold mine, 90% of Turks are Kurds or multis anyway...

Edelmann Dia 1,958, 02:29

I for one welcome our new polish overlords.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Dia 1,958, 04:03

Viva Kurdistan!

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dia 1,958, 04:21

It sounds like you've got something against Kurds?

Norbengo Dia 1,958, 05:58

Comentário apagado

Norbengo Dia 1,958, 05:59

No, I think It's a shame that Kurds have to be eTurks in this game, although, Turks are their oppressors in RL.
It's like forcing Jews to play as Nazis. :😕/

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dia 1,958, 07:05

Ok, that's true. But why would you think 90% of eTurks were Kurds? Why would Kurds vote for independence of the so called republic of Kosovo?

Norbengo Dia 1,958, 07:35

Mostly to troll RL Turks. But, I do believe Kurds would be in favor of Kosovo independence, since it's a precedent that may help them in the long run to free from Turkish oppression.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dia 1,958, 09:57

Kurds are original owners of Kurdistan. Serbs are original owners of Kosovo (and Metohija). Turks occupied Kurdish territory. Albanians occupied Serbian territory. How on Earth would Kurdistan independence be in any way related with occupation of Kosovo? I support independence and freedom for all lands currently occupied by Turks which would render Turks landless, but I don't care if they drown, it was their choice to occupy other peoples' lands.

farhadb13 Dia 1,958, 02:00


Eni05 Dia 1,958, 02:15


Daniel Day Lewis
Daniel Day Lewis Dia 1,958, 02:36

V for Vote
S for Subscribe

Lord.Darcia Dia 1,958, 02:50

Truly excellent information. This is quality I would expect from a dedicated reporter, instead we have it direct from the prez.

Thank you so much for your excellent leadership Vanek.
V is Victory!

Edelmann Dia 1,958, 04:10

For some reason, I read "reported dictator"..

Lord.Darcia Dia 1,958, 13:29

well if we continue running him every month he may as well be one : P

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 1,958, 03:12

Vanek 4 President

A V C Khalifa
A V C Khalifa Dia 1,958, 03:19

[TOP 100 MU of CoT]

vote, sub and shout 🙂

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dia 1,958, 04:22

Happy Easter!

It is nice to see the president well informed. Chile... lol.

John Largo
John Largo Dia 1,958, 04:41

Vanek 4 President

Vesko Petkov
Vesko Petkov Dia 1,958, 05:24


Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Dia 1,958, 05:37


You were by far a decent president, unlike ALL the last 11 months LOSERS!!!

Light Bulb
Light Bulb Dia 1,958, 06:35


ElvenCRO Dia 1,958, 07:20

Happy Easter!
Vanek is Victory!

Emerick Dia 1,958, 08:01

>Africa its a toss up with one day remaining, with both countries importing tanks to fight for them.

If Brozil is smart, they'll hire some tanks for SA

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