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Unity: Behind The Curtain

Dia 1,929, 03:42 Publicado em USA Rússia por Shane McCoy

Unity: Behind The Curtains

This is Shane McCoy Speaking...

After all the observations I made since I joined the game and the things I found out these couple of days as a eUS congressman, I no longer think the unity is pure in its intentions and I no longer think the unity is good.

In this article you’ll be reading the following…
1. What I discovered as a “Unity” congressman
2. What Unity actually is and what its doing
3. Unity and its Circle of Power
4. Conclusion

1.What I’ve discovered as a “Unity” congressman

Couple of days ago before the congress election the federalist party had all their congressmen they wanted in their congress lined up in a list which contained members old and most loyal to their cause.
This list contained one or two of their new brown-noser members just to say we care about new people.
Anyway I was 14 in that list and there was no way I could win because there was no way the feds could get that many votes but due to a major mistake from their pp “Gnilraps” the list intended didn’t go through and I got in by mistake.

From the first hours after that I could see steam coming out of the feds officers head, I’ve never seen some of them so angry, why? Because members like me that didn’t suck up to them was about to be let in their Secret circle. And that was unacceptable to them.
But despite all that they tried to get on good terms with us so things don’t get worse for them than it already is.

When I became a congressman I was happy and I didn’t care why. All I wanted to do Is to get to work and do the best I could. But things weren’t exactly as I thought, the situation inside unity was much worse.

First of all as a unity congressman if you want to discuss your ideas or purpose a law you have a very hard time. You have to get approval of all the people in charge in your party after that you have to convince a lot of people in the unity so there won’t be any problems.

Second of all they make that process harder for a new congressman by giving you a hard time and ridiculing the things you say. Basically if your ideas aren’t in line with theirs its almost impossible to get their approval.

I didn’t like this situation because im not the kinda guy who would suck up to people ,im the kinda guy who has lots of ideas and likes to discuss them with other people. Back in the day people used to call me the “idea guy” because whenever I see something that isn’t the best it could be I always come up with ideas to make things better and I try really hard to defend them and see them happen.
But inside unity none of this matters.
2. What Unity actually is and what its doing

The unity or the “Elitists” as some people like to call them isn’t what it represents
It’s one big party just with different names, and they’ve turned this country into an indirect single-party dictatorship. You’ll read more about this later in this article.

And as of what its doing they’re not even sure themselves. They don’t have a real , well thought-out plan they’re just taking things as the come.

A major cluster f**k that happened on day 1929 due to unity’s failure in its strategic plans, not only they actually helped Taiwan one of our sworn enemies to win its war against South Korea but they failed to NE Taiwan which was their supposed plan!doesnt matter why it shows how unity failed to anticipate what might happen.
now because of their mistake America suffered a Great loss and humiliation in the face of its enemies.

They blame AFA for this but the truth is it was their own fault.

They knew the risks involved but because of their irresponsibility and lack of commitment to take things seriously they failed.
Its partly because they play things so safe that they’re not trained for these kinda things
Most people in the unity despite rejecting AFA ideas they actually more in favor of how AFA play this game.
They call it fun , interesting , and exciting the only exciting thing that unity tried to do recently was operation Gangamstyle , which wasn’t exactly successful,

What they thought would happen

What actually happened

3. eAmerican politics and its Circle of Power

The unity has created a circle of power among themselves so that no outsiders can gain power
Any change or power transfer happens among themselves it may look different but its basically has the same people supporting it. If someone is president because certain people want him to be.
Those certain players are mostly some of the oldest players in the game all of which have held political positions before.
These people include
Artela - Paul Proteus - Oblige -fingerguns - and a few others
If one or some of these people politically support you, its 100% guaranteed that you will get any political position you want.
these people rule the country indirectly

Few Other People who also have influence but on smaller scale. Mostly in their own parties
Duncan Crowe-Molly Emma-Dr Luis Sentieiro-Vanek26-Tenshibo-Mr. Swagg - RainySunday-Max McFarland 3

Lets look at the recent circle of power inside Unity
Fingerguns was supported by Inwegen and became POTUS
Fingerguns VP john killah became POTUS the following month
Now john killah’s VP Jefferson Locke is going to be our next POTUS

You see it’s a circle you just need the right people supporting you.
We all saw a huge disagreement inside Unity on JLOs competency for POTUS but you still saw him becoming unity’s final choice. Why? And why not Vanek26?
Because JLO had the right people supporting him – john killah- Fingerguns-Artela-Tenshibo
It’s a circle it just goes around and around you might see some new people in the circle but it basically involves the same people over and over again!
Now you can join that circle if you want but you’re gonna have to do a lot of ass-kissing.

Unity has made this game a lot less fun because they hold the power and they only give it to people of their choosing
Now you have two options you can do some ass-kissing and start playing the game by their rules so that you may become somebody someday,
or you can STAND up to them take away their power and Return it to the people, that way everybody would have equal chance and opportunity and a lot more fun.

FIGHT the Power
FIGHT the Unity

"Which would be worse, to live as a monster, or to die as a good man?”

Thanks for stopping by.


SinaAria Dia 1,929, 04:17

The biggest bunch of bullshit i have ever read.
From someone I actually liked. Dude, AFA got you. May you rest in peace.

Shane McCoy
Shane McCoy Dia 1,929, 04:19

AFA didnt get me. i uncovered the truth. someday you will wise up too my friend

SinaAria Dia 1,929, 04:23

I think what happened was, you saw the shutter island, and it got to you. 🙂

Syz2 Dia 1,929, 16:01

Uncovered it how? You fail to mention that. You say its a dictatorship and fail to mention the details. You say a lot without giving a lot to support it. That makes it sound like AFA, who also fails to support anything.

Kidd Willy
Kidd Willy Dia 1,930, 07:13

Welcome the world of politics, Unity, AFA, probably some worse some better. I am sure Unity is this way to prevent AFA and AFA is as bad or worse to accomplish their PTO.

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Dia 1,929, 09:20

I lolled bro this is just truth. Main reason why I left this shithole. AFA hass this country fucking tearing Itself apart.

SinaAria Dia 1,929, 09:22

their time will pass.

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Dia 1,929, 09:23

WTF why wont it let me reply to you, anyhow their time will pass but when? When 90% of you has already left?

SinaAria Dia 1,929, 09:25

It won`t let you reply to replys. their time will pass when they finally realize that they can never have our country.

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Dia 1,929, 09:31

Lol bro that's the thing they will NEVER realize that. They are committed to this PTO.

Kidd Willy Dia 1,930, 07:10

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DMV3 Dia 1,930, 13:45

Nominate America's true elitists:

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dia 1,930, 18:58

Clearly, in line with this article, you should all nominate Paul Proteus many many times

klop123 Dia 1,930, 18:04

Wow, the eUSA is really like a dog chasing its tail.
Too oblivious to realize the truth.

Candor Dia 1,929, 04:18

Some true thoughts. But be careful when making your lists of the bad apples. Not only did you list a few who are minor players, but you list a couple who would likely agree with much of your own thinking.

And people aren't simple creatures. Every single person you listed believes that every day they are doing right for their nation. No one you listed means to cause any harm at all. All of them view themselves as patriots.

But absolutely, diversity makes a nation stronger. And nothing you have said here hasn't been said by others elsewhere before.

This poly sci sim has always provided ample proof of the need for a Bill of Rights and Courts to enforce those rights. Without such rights, there's the herd, and the trampled. The users and the used, the in and the out.

And there's little to do but ride the waves of mob mentality.

Candor Dia 1,929, 04:22

Shiz, b4 anyone goes there, I AM NOT advocating for a third leg of government in eRep. Only saying that it is the Judicial that is lacking in order to form a just government, and eRep provides us that example since there is no minority redress or protection. And that breeds mob mentality.

Shane McCoy
Shane McCoy Dia 1,929, 04:29

the people i listed have lots of influence and the things i said was true what youre saying is partly true but that doesnt make up any excuses for what their doing. on purpose or not!

SinaAria Dia 1,929, 04:59

What we are doing, Is protecting this country from Ajay Bruno and his band of bandits.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 1,929, 07:47

I will say it...what this game needs is a third leg! What eRepublik needs is a Judicial System with courts which can enforce laws and I don't mean laws passed by Congress on some out of game forum. How cool would it have been to be able to sue the yahoos who tried to start banks and stock markets and scammed citizens.

Dogpyle Dia 1,930, 08:28

Very cool, indeed.

fingerguns Dia 1,931, 08:21

We've had that before. That level of meta role playing is beyond even the likes of me.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 1,931, 14:51

I am not talking 'meta' gaming...I am talking game mechanics....

Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Dia 1,929, 04:19

so you decided to turn against your fellow party members?
Good job.

Shane McCoy
Shane McCoy Dia 1,929, 07:35

you turned against your country good job to you too

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dia 1,929, 10:26

This is incorrect Shane

Clydeo Dia 1,929, 11:47

That is so far from incorrect. I thought highly of you until now. I've was in congress last month and that was not how all of the people you said were. The only person that could even be considered of those things is Pfieffer and he's just a grumpy old man that has some problems. All of the other people that you mentioned would back you up 100%. It's so disheartening to see someone like you turn out this way.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dia 1,929, 11:51

Just to be clear I was saying that was Shane said was incorrect, in case I was ambiguous

SinaAria Dia 1,929, 04:47

It`s amusing how you decided to write this crap just before the CP elections. How much did Ajay give you?

Shane McCoy
Shane McCoy Dia 1,929, 04:58

you are so naive for thinking like that.

SinaAria Dia 1,929, 05:00

Haha. Your weakness to his pathetic influence amuses me.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dia 1,929, 10:25

Honestly it would be naive to not think like that

Clydeo Dia 1,929, 11:49

Comentário apagado

Syz2 Dia 1,929, 16:03

Why is that Naive? He has bribed many people, though he always says he is against bribes. Like how he scams people for votes and buys votes and yet preaches those are wrong. Not naive thinking, whether it is true or not.

Candor Dia 1,929, 04:48

Shane: People will use what means are available to achieve their goals without any checks on those means. And in those circumstances, mobs will write their own rules. And those folks will believe that what they are doing is correct.

I'm not at all saying that things are being done "righteously" by my standards at all. I'm simply saying that without the Judicial and an enforceable Bill of Rights, people will do what is natural in their pursuit of victory as they see it.

History shows us this thousands of times over. Nations with weak or non-existent Judicial systems are run by mobs, strong men, and dictators, and variants there of. eRep is no different. People behave the same anywhere under the same conditions.

This is how this game is set up. It's fine to take notice and fight against it. But it isn't really likely to change anything over the long run because, while you might change out names, the system we have is designed for the government it produces.


Shane McCoy
Shane McCoy Dia 1,929, 05:03

that has to change. People of america are smarter than that to give up/ fight the power my friend

Candor Dia 1,929, 05:20

Well, I'd never suggest anyone stop doing what they believe to be the right thing. No way. I'm only recognizing the fact that what is "right" in this game is rather vague, and that results in "right" by majority. "Right" by majority never turns out well. We protect the individual against the tyranny of the majority in "Just" nations. We can't really BE a "just" people the way this simulation is set up.

Again, even if you managed to swap out everyone who buys into, "the end justifies the means" lineage, a new generation would eventually supplant them with the same behavior. This sim is set up for the gov we get.

JyM23 Dia 1,929, 10:34

Good points Candor, but why aren't these mobs as influential in other e-nations? My answer is that the people there are not as susceptible to BS and brainwashing. But maybe I'm wrong.

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Dia 1,929, 04:50

As a new Congressman myself, I can assure you this article is full of BS.

Shane McCoy
Shane McCoy Dia 1,929, 05:04

Do not kiss ass. fight the power.

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Dia 1,929, 05:17

The stop kissing AFA ass.

PeVall Dia 1,929, 05:00

Correlation is not exactly causation, but all this stuff kind of happened before the unity elections as well. It's kinda how the game is played.

crashthompson. Dia 1,929, 05:09

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Shane McCoy
Shane McCoy Dia 1,929, 05:15

a congressman doesnt really have any power. when you dicided to move up a couple of spots then you will face the HORROR

crashthompson. Dia 1,929, 05:27

Shane, as a previous eRep character a while back (2 years in fact) I got the opportunity to be a congress member. I remember some people telling me that congress didn't have much power and were sometimes useless. Now I don't know if today is worse or how it is different (still getting reoriented) but back then I found a way to help out and do something I felt was good. If being an insider and "bringing down the establishment" is how you feel you can benefit the eUSA then by all means continue. Just remember, we all have different views of helping out.

Clydeo Dia 1,929, 11:52

Yes Congress has power. Do you not remember the German mpp last month that wasn't supposed to happen but it did? Last month Congress demanded an Albanian mpp and did it happen?

crashthompson. Dia 1,929, 05:30

Ladies and Gentlemen, unless he joins the AFA, Shoe party, or some other Agay group, just stop bringing the AFA up.

baltete Dia 1,929, 06:30


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Dia 1,929, 07:08

Buddy... wow. o _ o

Lots here is crazy and misinformed.

The Stuff You Got Right:
1. The Feds Congress roster problem.
2. The way new ideas and new players are ridiculed inside Congress.
3. AFA does get blamed for too much sometimes.
4. The CP cycle is p controlled.

The Stuff You Got Wrong:
1. The folks doing the ridiculing are mostly the Former Presidents club and Perma-Advisors.
2. The NE yesterday. Game mechanics do not allow us to declare Taiwan a NE until we have a border. NFM declared Spain a NE minutes before the last battle closed. There was NOTHING anyone else could have done about this. Even the AFA PP and some other AFA leaders are angry with NFM over this.
3. I have no power in unity. I do not even have access to the PDB or Cabinet. This is my first time back in Congress in years. Heck, I have had a fairly uphill battle in my own arguments in Congress so far. If you are this wrong about me, I bet you are this wrong about most of those other names.

Please go educate yourself, unless you are trying to write tabloid-style.

SinaAria Dia 1,929, 07:22

Idk... you are just the awesomest nicest person in this game. Others can be dicks sometimes,

Shane McCoy Dia 1,929, 07:24

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