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Sanders for CP 3

Dia 1,902, 11:34 Publicado em Canada Canadá por CoIoneI Sanders

Goals if elected.
RW the nation.
Go To War With Ireland
Let taxes stay the same
Recruitment drives.

The Cabinet.
chewytaz - MoD
Dozzer_x - MoFA
Sanders - MoF
oinyo - Advisor
I'm still waiting on other responses.



Auk Rest
Auk Rest Dia 1,902, 11:54

A bucket of chicken in every household, right?

Plugson Dia 1,902, 13:36

Is that a Training War with Ireland or the real deal?
You know, they were showing interest in joining Asgard last month.

Venerable Dia 1,902, 13:54

I'm pretty sure venoms wants to wipe the Irish.

Plugson Dia 1,902, 13:57

okay, I guess so. I never realized that Clan Wolf was so war hungry to attack a potential alliance member.
There are so many surprises in eCan politics lately

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dia 1,902, 14:16

Too many herbs, not enough spices.

FRITZHILL Dia 1,902, 14:18

putting eIreland out of her misery sounds good to me

lol this should be good, Venoms multi or not

VastlyFrozen Dia 1,902, 15:01

lol this should be good, Venoms multi or not x2

Oinyo Dia 1,902, 18:00

I think this will be amazing 🙂

I mean look at what we have now? A near complete wipe from the peoples champ.. Ecanada almost all but gone..

I have put my faith in Colonel Sanders. He has heart and a lot of drive. I believe he will do a great job

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,902, 18:03

I want to be VP for the sake of being the longest consecutive serving VP. Selfish, yes.

Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Dia 1,902, 18:04

Why do you still call him Colonel Sanders? Everyone and their dog knows its Venoms

Any statement on how Clan Loser allowed itself to be fooled so mockingly?

crisfire Dia 1,902, 19:00

dont forget IPC

panzer1990panzer Dia 1,902, 20:02

And crisfire your hands down the biggest tool in eCanada

crisfire Dia 1,902, 22:36

sure thing Panzer

Im not the one caught with his pants down though am I?

panzer1990panzer Dia 1,902, 22:40

I doubt you wear pants.

crisfire Dia 1,902, 22:58


Have a great election day!

Marshal858 Dia 1,903, 03:58

Goals if elected:

RW the nation. - Exactly what Rylde has said in numerous published articles

Go To War With Ireland - Before or after we RW Canada, cause really RW canada is about all you can hope for in a one month term, might wanna see how that goes before trying to annoy other nations, also by the time we RW Canada eIreland may be part of Asgard, would you still attack eIreland is that happened

Let taxes stay the same - Hmm, three CP articles with three completely different statements on taxes, obviously it couldn't possibly randomly change again once you were elected

Recruitment drives. - Good idea, but has nothing to do with you being CP if you really want a Baby Boom start it before you go on a CP run and people will know you are sincere, also are you only going to help grow eCanada if you get elected as CP?

klop123 Dia 1,903, 04:11

Silly Venoms. ^__^

Oinyo Dia 1,903, 05:31

Lol Rolo.. When Lord Beorn joined CW I called him Sazbii and I still do to this day.
Why would it be any different for anyone else? You keep thinking that I am the type of person who cares and takes up arms if they find out someone from another clan joins mine and works hard to run for CP..

Colonal Sanders worked very hard to get to where he is. He got the people to vote for him and he has a clean past with us. He has our full backing and support.

Also in all honesty he has a fresh good campaign and is not offering lulz wipes like his competition. He wants to end this war not tell the other country to F off when they ask if we want to stop the war like his competition did.

I think Sanders is a great candidate to come in and clean up the mess that we are currently in. Yes we are a proud country of 3 provinces right now and shrinking..

Rylde was given this country intact and free and is ending his term with it in utter ruin.. 3 Provinces left. probably only 2 by tomorrow... Multiple chances to stop this wipe but instead of using diplomacy he simply stuck up his middle finger.. No I dont think this was a successful month.. and another month of this would be catastrophic for Ecan

crisfire Dia 1,903, 08:26

oinyo your cute when your clueless

Dozzer_x Dia 1,903, 08:42

May the KFC bring chicken to you all. 😛

Derphoof Dia 1,903, 10:36

This administration is gunna be fingerlickin' good!

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Dia 1,903, 12:01

It's like the last four years didn't happen to these new folk XD

panzer1990panzer Dia 1,903, 12:29

Rylde is no longer running & neither is anyone from the MDP = Your argument is invalid.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dia 1,903, 13:18

Sanders is the Venoms, Venoms is in the MDP, your argument is invalid. Do you see what I did there?

Venoms III
Venoms III Dia 1,903, 13:51

MY actions if elected as sanders would reflect those as the CW not as MDP.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dia 1,903, 16:29

"Rylde was given this country intact and free and is ending his term with it in utter ruin"

I see no ruin, we were united by a war we wanted, and it was fun, and still is fun.

Rylde supplied what any Rylde term is expected to supply, kicking enemy asses and having fun doing it. I call that a success o7

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Dia 1,903, 17:28

"I see no ruin, we were united by a war we wanted, and it was fun, and still is fun.

Rylde supplied what any Rylde term is expected to supply, kicking enemy asses and having fun doing it. I call that a success o7"
You can't get credit for uniting the people if you are the one who caused it initially.
You can't claim kicking ass, when ours is currently being kicked.

On a whole however, equal level of fail as previous terms, but just more lively failing.
In my books, still a plus; sadly.

Venoms III
Venoms III Dia 1,903, 17:44

You don't get to criticize unless you been in the big boy chair.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Dia 1,903, 19:00

Tell that to the 99% of this games player base then.
I see no problems with anyone else (yourself included) throwing out criticisms.
Do you take offence since they are directed towards your party?

CoIoneI Sanders
CoIoneI Sanders Dia 1,903, 20:26

Depends if they have merit or not.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Dia 1,903, 20:39

Seeing as how there is logic behind my criticisms, I stand by them.

One cannot make claim to bridging a division by first causing a division. That's like claiming you put out a forest fire, and being the one who initially started it as well.

Party loyalty disillusions the best of us I suppose.

Foxfire Dia 1,903, 21:04

"You don't get to criticize unless you been in the big boy chair."

Running the country, having a war and not wiping the country is not easy, but it is possible and a Clan Wolf President did it. I did it.

Rylde didn't follow through. His failure stands.

Of course the familiar failure PR will follow suit with it was all for lulz or it was fun as they have before and will again. At the end of the day the Clan Wolf party has more stones then the MDP which is why we can always get their goat. We stand for our convictions and we get the job done right until the very end. And that's right from a former big chair holder.

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Dia 1,903, 22:07

nothing is not success, in my opinion anyways

Venerable Dia 1,904, 05:51

We all knew this was going to happen. We knew we were going to get wiped. Any time we touch eUK, Spain or Poland sets in.

We did it to A, secure our stance with Asgard, and B, get the country some activity.

While I don't know for sure about A, B was a success.

"But we're wiped!" It doesn't really matter to us. Wiping doesn't have a serious repercussion. For a small country such as ourself, it is a fact of life. We can either tie down Spain's damage (which we are doing. They have to buy Mercs against us even), or we can sit around with our thumbs up our asses while our players can get bored and go to different countries.

Foxfire: What you don't know is that all of congress has been supporting Rylde the entire time in CDC. All parties. I can't say what we talked about, but I can say that. We are where we are because of everyone.

And it's given us a lot of entertainment.

Venerable Dia 1,904, 06:04

Also Bryan: That isn't necessarily true. There is a technique to restore areas of field to fertility that involves burning them.

Regardless, I'm not sure why you guys are talking about any of this. As I said, congress was behind Rylde's actions all the way. Furthermore, Rylde made a simple mistake of changing parties to check feeds, (which Funky had just done and does almost daily, I think) thinking that he would remain nominated as do those in congress.

None of this was for lulz. None of it. It wasn't a joke, or a method of trolling. That can be seen in congress. It had its reasons, and the consequences were weighed against them and found unworthy. So all of you, MDP, CPF, or CW, stop bullshitting each other and play the damn game.

Zappie Dia 1,904, 06:07

Should also consider that CoTWO has so much spare damage floating around it is almost impossible for anyone not in this alliance to win a direct battle. Even Turkey and Greece are losing these battles very badly. Until alliances shift the rest of us are basically screwed. Can't say for sure that UK or Spain wouldn't have invaded us anyway.

Zianni Vaatez
Zianni Vaatez Dia 1,904, 13:50

I think everyone is rather ignorant of the facts, besides Venerable.

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