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Rest in Peace EDEN! Oh Wait...

Dia 1,941, 11:26 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Shoi12

I’m no fool. I don’t deny facts, truths, what is right. As much as I do tend to like EDEN nations, I can’t deny that CoTWO has the advantage. I mean, look at the world! It’s not as if I’m the only person who hasn’t seen the influence stats. CoT and TWO, while a tad weaker than EDEN on their own, make a great enough gap in damage that they win most of the campaigns. Indeed, EDEN simply cannot battle in a straight-on fight and expect to win more than a handful of fights. However, as simplified as the game has become, there is still some element of strategy involved. Wit and intellect do make a difference. EDEN has been broken, and many have abandoned the sinking ship. But remember, the ship has not sunk.

The worst mistake any group can make is underestimating their opponent. Overconfidence can be a nation’s downfall, and can end grand ambitions. There is a reason EDEN has survived so long while other alliances have fallen. Remember PHOENIX, ONE, Terra? All have died, and while other alliances have certainly arrived to take their place, EDEN has remained, and has lasted for years. There must be a reason, no? EDEN has been through hard times before, when ONE nearly controlled the planet, and surely, players assumed the end. But, one event, and EDEN was back in the running. It’s never-ending change in eRepublik. It’s not simply a war game, but also a diplomatic game. India didn’t leave EDEN’s loving embrace because of resources or greed, but because of the people in these nations and the relationships between the players. EDEN remains hopeful because they know that it takes but one dispute to break the CoTWO coalition apart.

Poland attacking Russia could have been a lot worse, as CoT declared their neutrality and avoided armageddon. Yet, even this has caused an outrage to many players in CoT nations. Russia is very close to CoT nations; notably Bulgaria, the leader; nations formerly in Terra, such as the USA and Brazil; Asgard nations, such as Canada and Sweden; and even EDEN nations such as China, the very reason why the Russians were attacked. There is simply no arguing the fact that Russia would be the instigator for all of this calamity. CoT can be easily split apart into two sides: nations that favor TWO completely, and nations that still hold some relations to EDEN. Russia, while not officially part of CoT in any way, is held in very high regard by many CoT nations, such as the Americans, whom have signed multiple treaties of good will with the Russians. They are the primary reason why Russia even had a chance of winning their fights against Poland, and even won a glorious victory.

And look at the Balkans now! America supported Albania, and EDEN saw a chance while CoT and TWO had conflicts of interest, and now there’s a massive war in the Balkans! Am I going to say that EDEN will completely destroy Serbia and make them cry? No, of course not! TWO is no chump, even on their own, and especially with CoT still being their close friend, EDEN is fighting an uphill battle. Yet, remember. EDEN only got a minor sliver of light with the Polish-Russian conflict, and they have already made a very strong effort into the Balkans once more. Imagine what will happen when someone leaves the alliance. EDEN’s greatest trait is its ability to endure hardship and suffering. They have done it many times before, and who’s to say that despite how mighty CoTWO is, they won’t survive once more?

And remember, Bulgaria and FYROM have already fled the region for Saudi Arabia and Egypt. They did not lose those regions in wars. They practically gift wrapped them for the Turks and Romanians. Romania, Turkey, and Greece are all about to free up their NEs. Who knows what they’ll do next? Will I say with certainty that their possible (probable) involvement in the wars will undoubtedly win the war for EDEN? No. All I’m saiyan is that despite all the hardship EDEN has gone through, they fight on. The biggest mistake is to underestimate your enemy. Don’t count EDEN out just yet.

Or maybe I'm just biased 😉

TL;DR America likes Albania and Russia so EDEN won't lose

Until next time, take care!

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Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dia 1,941, 11:39

Voted and enjoyed as per usual

VirgilBC Dia 1,941, 17:57

Comentário apagado

klop123 Dia 1,941, 11:39


Allegra Avionte
Allegra Avionte Dia 1,941, 11:43

Good read, Shoi 🙂

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Dia 1,941, 12:35

good stuff, voted.

I do think one of the primary goals of CoT-TWO HQ is to break down EDEN, and it's working so far. I think it's only a matter of time but I do give credit where its due and say that EDEN's few remaining nations are doing one hell of a job holding them off. (for now atleast)

CptKaydee Dia 1,941, 12:35

Face the facts, EDEN wont die anytime soon.

The.Puppeteer Dia 1,941, 12:49

TWO/CoT would like nothing more than to see EDEN die, but EDEN is the oldest alliance in the game and it was never made to conquer. It is based on friendship. So, only members can kill it, not the battle outcome.

olivermellors Dia 1,941, 12:51

enjoyed this. thanks. btw, if China does get decimated, who do you think will own all those lovely tiles?

klop123 Dia 1,941, 12:53

Poland will probably move, if TWO gets bored they may follow as well. Then CoT and TWO will split etc.

OVALNI REBORN Dia 1,941, 13:49

As far as the shouts in Croatia go, it is RIP EDEN

BorKan wrote 3 minutes ago
Tonight's EDEN died! Alliance that sells its dmg among themselves does not need to exist more.

Pontifex Maximus, please do an exorcism upon the body of EDEN

Rona1d Dia 1,941, 16:06

Allea Jacta Est!, with Croatia in Asia, EDEN can´t do anything, they recovered a lot of territories due the drain in Russia, but after that they will be wiped again, and then, what? maybe EDEN is not dead, but is useless

ligtreb Dia 1,941, 16:46

Good read, as always.

Mr_Pornstar Dia 1,942, 07:07

good read

SamLeVil Dia 1,942, 07:20

Good analysis. There are and always will be tensions within alliances.

In the past, countries left EDEN, sick of the constant arguments between its members. Part of EDEN, Spain has always been a bellicose nation since V1. I remember when we got involved in "French Toast" missions to help Spain against France & the UK. Constant quarrels in the Balkans, between Croatia and Greece, has made Spain and Poland (yes, those TWO) leave EDEN and create an alliance on their own.

Nowadays, EDEN seems less prone to tensions within itself despite each country being in a survival free-for-all mode. Maybe this guaranties its sustainability?

Maegalodonus Dia 1,942, 09:10

EDEN died a long time ago, dude. The Cromanian bros just kept the same old label, which they consider to be their own private property.

How many original members are there now?. How many ex-Peace, ex-PHX members had joined EDEN or become pro-EDEN (mainly the ones butthurt with Spoland + some tit countries that come in handy for the Cromanians)? So that's it with EDEN.

If tomorrow Croasania and Romania want to make some new alliance they'll call everyone else traitors, take the label EDEN with them and put it on in their new alliance. Along with the usual little hamsta countries the Cromanians like to have for glittering their creation, ofc.

And then say that EDEN never dies and blablablabklablalbablalablabalbapotato whilst some twats echo their blablablablablablapotato in the media.

komplicirani Dia 1,943, 04:23


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