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Proposal for a inter-MU Supply System

Dia 1,902, 09:03 Publicado em Japan Japão por Principe Alessandro

Inter-MU Supply System

Greetings eJapanese citizens

In this article I am going to expose my proposal for a system to supply the eJapanese soldiers. Some time ago the past governments have attempted to create a true national army but in fact so far I think that this attempt was unsuccessful mainly for the fact that the soldiers are affectioned to their MU and it is very difficult to make them join a national MU.

So far the majority of the eJapanese damage output comes from private funded MUs and I don’t think that this fact will change in the future.

Anyway the weakness of the eJapanese MUs comes from the fact that they are small and they lack funds to supply efficiently all their fighters so I thought that instead of trying to create a national MU the government should try to create a commune system to supply all the eJapanese MUs.

The system should be funded by the government and by the MUs, the MUs will also provide the workers needed to produce the weapons. Since the factories are going to be public property they should be kept by a new Ministry appointed for the task of supervising the production and the distribution of the weapons. If possible the people appointed for this task should obtain the foreign citizenship of a country having full weapon bonuses. The amount of supplies given to each MUs should be proportional to the number of workers they have provided.

The advantages of this system are multiple especially for a small country like eJapan that have a fractionated military:
- pooling together the resources small MUs can overcome their lack of funds
- soldiers won’t be forced to change MU and at the same time they can receive more supplies
- the damage output of eJapan will increase and with this will increase also the reputation of eJapan among our allies and making us respected by our foes.

Regards and have a nice day



Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Dia 1,902, 09:09

Thing is tho.. the gov doesn't have funds for this~ thus is why it's never been done.

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Dia 1,902, 09:11

Well as I said the funding should be jointly provided by the government and by the MUs.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Dia 1,902, 13:31

even then, the gov still doesn't have enough 😛

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Dia 1,902, 15:00

Not so sure how the government would feel about funding private mercenaries.

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Dia 1,902, 18:36

Uhm I feel a little disturbing labelling members of MUs like Nippon Power, Maid Cafe, Shinsengumi and Teishin Shudan as mercenaries. Sure we are not directly under the government but we are fighting still for eJapan.

Aragaki Ayase
Aragaki Ayase Dia 1,902, 22:21

Better the MU set up one itself for supplying the Q7 for its own soldiers.

Aragaki Ayase
Aragaki Ayase Dia 1,902, 22:23

Also, for government it's better to fund the soldiers by part of the CC for the weapons used or food after the military exercises

Sophia Forrester
Sophia Forrester Dia 1,903, 09:33

It's not a bad idea in the abstract. I don't think we can afford it right now, when we barely have money for MPPs, though.

Auraborus Dia 1,904, 05:11

The plan is sound. The person doing the manufacturing should be an ambassador to that country, so that political relations are solid, and for some reason there is never a trade embargo against it.
Yes, the hesitancy of people to leave their MU that they have been with for hundreds of game days is difficult to do. I wouldn't call the SSG mercenaries, but titles mean little to me. We always lock our battle priorities and daily orders onto the MoD's orders for the day.

The creation of the company to be able to sustain is huge, and would require direct gold donation from players just for that project. A Q7 Factory requires 26,400 raw material for the manager and 10 workers to produce its weapons. Even with a 100% bonus, allowing 600 raw material for a rubber plant, we would need a Q7 Factory and 44 Rubber Plantations.

Yes, it really is a good idea, but for anyone to want to be part of it, they must help to build it, donate, and sustain it. Essentially, its what the SSG is doing now... without the bonus. Only 12 weapons per worker and the Rubber Plantation production is only 300. I cover the monetary loss out of my own pocket.

ArisaChan Dia 1,904, 06:32

^Too risky to do, it takes one retard to get his hands on the comps and all effort is gone and as it seems there are enough of those in the eWorld. Rather than having public ones state should jsut aid MUs which have proven that they are loyal for a long time with the funds. By this though all MU's should get funds but the Fac will be mu property, thus 1 retard does less damage.

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