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Poll results!

Dia 1,887, 09:47 Publicado em Japan Japão por Sir Robin Ibz

Hi again, I’m making public the results about the poll concerning the eReligions and the Emperor and giving the prize to the 5 people the dice said.

First of all, I’d like to note something in general for both eReligion and Emperor. There has been people who has named more than 1 eReligion or Emperor candidate, I’ve decided that I’ll count them as 1 vote for each as in eReligions everyone is free to chose what he believes in, on Emperors most people who picked more than 1 candidate gave a reason for each candidate or picked a few candidates which had in common the stated reason.

Let’s start with interest of people in eReligions:

Looks like most people is interested in eReligions, which I think is positive as it would be cool to use it as RP topic.

Now let’s go with the results on eReligion followers:

Not too much to say here besides that too many people commented on the article but didn’t fill the poll.

Next will be checking what do eJapanese think about having an emperor:

Looks like most people would like to have an emperor, but they’re divided between the ones who want one no matter what and the ones who think there’s no right person to be it. People who don’t want it are a clear minority.

Last part of the poll results is who people would want for emperor:

Here I must say a few things, I decided to not count self-voters as it wouldn’t be fair to whoever would think he’s a good candidate but followed my advice to not vote for himself.

I also must say that I didn’t expect people to vote Kokawa because he is dead and I guess many people thought the same as me, therefore don’t think that people has forgotten him, it’s just that probably they expected it to not be a valid answer.

Also in case somebody wonders, there were 31 answers to this poll, 1 wasn’t japanese and the other one was a troll who admitted to me in private that he was pretending to be someone else. So we had 29 real votes. The troll and the not japanese were not counted for this poll results.

And last but not least! As I promised, I’ve rolled a 29 faces dice 5 times and the chosen ones to get 200 円 are the following:
Myung Kei
Daisuke Hideoshi

Thanks for participating.



ahava3233 Dia 1,887, 11:06

Go otouto-san! :D

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Dia 1,887, 11:23


Zodiarque Dia 1,887, 12:42



Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Dia 1,887, 13:08

Maybe I must change my name. Everyone sometimes misspelled my name. ;_;

tarasino Dia 1,887, 13:34

Only if the emperor wannabes accept Touhouism as the only true faith!
I don't want a heathen for an emperor!

cuihao Dia 1,887, 16:36

😛 賞金、楽しい!
I'm a communist!
Lolies of the world, unite!

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Dia 1,887, 16:43

I don't know why they misspell <<Hideyoshi>> ~~

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Dia 1,887, 17:56

@cuihao : Not Communist but Loliist.

ardishabutaro Dia 1,888, 00:55

zodi can't became our emperor.

if he became emperor, our empress will be guy man *scared

Sophia Forrester
Sophia Forrester Dia 1,888, 10:37

Ardishabutaro, there's plenty of precedent for gay royalty who take a wife to keep up appearances.

And wow, I'm honored that someone thought I might be a good Emperor or Reigning Empress, but I don't deserve it. The Tenno needs to be someone who will unite the nation, and I'm too outspoken at times.

Zodiarque Dia 1,889, 05:57


Ardi-kun ? Did I miss something ?

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