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No Kneset for eIsrael in January 2013

Dia 1,891, 15:51 Publicado em Israel Israel por danis1982

Hi to everyone! We all know that the situation in eIsrael is very delicate. We are not going to have Congress election this 25, because we couldn't get back any region.

This means:
- There will be not 200 Gold in donations to the gouvernment.
- We will not be able to give CZ to any new request.
- Each new law proposal will be send and approve ONLY by the CP.

- Less money in the treasury will give us a financial crisis.....well actually since the gouvernment of Meow2 (November 2012) i don't remember to saw any financial statment...... but if i were you i were not waiting for a lot of supplies soon.

Anyhow; We are ready to get our territory back, the current situation is that eSerbia can not get any bonus from our territory, so there is no real interest for them to keep us.
eSerbia try to give our territory to MKD, but thanks to Greece they have problems with that. Anyway Serbia is very strong and if they have only 6 RW against them, they could easily win each one of them.

What we need?
If we realy want to free at least one region, we need to arrange and organiza the RW under the MoD orders. Set a day and time, choose wich minibattles do we need to win, send our people there with supplies, and fight!

IMPORTNAT: I would like also to remember to every Congress member to NOT ACCEPT CZ REQUEST Without the approval of the MoIM.

Now the list of people that they should donate the gold from their medal to the state:

2 a neria Israel First
5 asafasaff FoxHound Academy
7 Barazuca Israel First
8 BenGurion1 Samsons Party - PTO
10 cautionsss My Israel - PTO
11 Crossover MC Israel First
14 givati187 Israel First (+5 GOLD: Jul/12)
15 Hadara Hit Samsons Party - PTO
16 halfon1 Israelis Party
17 Hapoel Petach Tikva Israel First
18 idanrcool Israel First
23 N e x F o X Samsons Party - PTO
25 Peacefull My Israel - PTO
27 Roni Rubin Israel First
29 RuviG Israelis Party
32 Super 8 FoxHound Academy
35 ViorKerzner Israel First
36 wars33 My Israel - PTO
37 Zionism My Israel - PTO

To Arrange your donation, please contact our MoF, a Neria or Givati187

And Of course, there is people that already did their contribution to the state:

34 tsahi K Israel First
6 avnerba Israel First (YET: +7 GOLD: Jun/12 & Jul/12)
19 Kiochan Israelis Party
1 A Chainsaw Israel First
9 BmGolubovic Israel First
28 RozenXStyle Israelis Party
20 Light Bulb Israelis Party
4 Asaf1999 Israelis Party
21 LiorD Israel First (+5 GOLD: Jul/12)
26 romshaked Israelis Party
12 Doreen Christopple FoxHound Academy
13 dpdevil Israel First
22 MrBannana Israelis Party
24 Niv Sadeh Israel First
33 T.GodFather Israelis Party
30 Sergeant Autumn Israel First
3 ArikAharon Israel First (YET +5 GOLD: Oct/12)
31 Shoham Israel Israelis Party

Am Israel Chai!


EynPahad Dia 1,891, 15:56


Hunter Willis
Hunter Willis Dia 1,891, 16:18


Lets free eIsr!

Nathaniel Birchwood
Nathaniel Birchwood Dia 1,891, 16:54

V >>>Free eIsrael

liransin Dia 1,891, 16:58


Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Dia 1,891, 17:07

this is the most pathetic crap i ever heard of ..... this most hope you guys have is... eSerbia really doesnt have no use for our regions....... sad but true i suppose ...

Vlad Gordin
Vlad Gordin Dia 1,892, 00:01

Any chance to get one region by agreement with eSerbs for rent? Saudis made it...

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Dia 1,892, 01:34


adogana Dia 1,892, 01:57

Filthy, stop whining and shiting about Israel.
Just stay the traitor you are, ad stop shitting in the nest you used to love so much; Israel.

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Dia 1,892, 17:00

adogana i am not whining... i am telling the truth... and i am far from a traitor... months ago i had to move to bulgaria to fight against israel's true enemy which is turkey because eisrael decided to make them a friend.... and sure enough after a few more months turkey attacked eisrael... and while eisrael was deciding how they could kiss turkey's rear end to get their regions back i was busy fighting them then.... so dont tell me about much of anything

adogana Dia 1,892, 21:42

Its simple Filthy: walking over from Israel to Bulgaria, which isnt EDEN, is just being a traitor.
Is ok and fine!

But do not come over here, and sell crap as your truth, A traitor stays a traitor!

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