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Nippon Banzai!

Dia 1,926, 20:41 Publicado em Japan Japão por Sir Robin Ibz

As you know, I started this RW for a chance at winning it and we won! Kinki is now part of eJapan again. It just goes to show, when we work together we can achieve greatness.
(Epic day deserves epic music)

Everybody worked hard together, and put aside their differences for this RW, with the organizers and main contributors being myself, (Sir Robin Ibz) Oraizan, Irial, Angelkovic, and Ceda, most of which worked together in #nippon-banzai to supply tanks to anybody willing to help eJapan.

Thanks to all the people worldwide who helped us out. Special thanks to hungary for making us their DO, to FAP and Spectra for coming to help when we asked them to, the organizers and distributors, and to: Squibeel, kowalski_afc, and Ouibster for donating tanks. We couldn’t have done it without everybodies help!

Ten Thousand Years!
SOS Brigade

Oh! I almost forgot:

Nice try guy!


Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,926, 20:41


ardishabutaro Dia 1,926, 20:45

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ardishabutaro Dia 1,926, 20:46

Just don't hear what sampz say. He just envy for eJP can free itself. Not for his pathetic country

ardishabutaro Dia 1,926, 20:46

And by the mean his (sampz) country, i don't say eROC

Oraizan Dia 1,927, 23:06

Sammy is pessimistic, really.

Ikari Irial
Ikari Irial Dia 1,926, 20:42

Nippon Banzai !!!

mancera Dia 1,926, 20:43


mancera Dia 1,926, 20:44

btw, Row, Row Fight the powah!!!

ardishabutaro Dia 1,926, 20:44

Nippon Banzai!

Ten Thousand Years!

Lonqu Dia 1,926, 20:45

Nippon Banzai!

Congrats on your victory! o7

Un Foullon
Un Foullon Dia 1,926, 20:45


Lucifel Dia 1,926, 20:47



Oraizan Dia 1,926, 20:48

Nippon Banzai!

Thanks to all for helping us!

Akira Kaburagi
Akira Kaburagi Dia 1,926, 20:50

Nippon Banzai!

Ten Thousand Years!

metehan2010 Dia 1,926, 20:50

o7 o7

Hourai Dia 1,926, 20:59

Nippon Banzai!

theoria8606 Dia 1,926, 21:06


Tsunayoshi Fujiwara Dia 1,926, 21:07

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Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,926, 21:10


ereha.h Dia 1,926, 21:15

Idiotic. At least give an example that which country is PTOing eROC?
Justify your treacherous behavior with your logic as you like, eSB+eUSA, normal people just won't take your shit.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,926, 21:22

Guys, I don't hate you or anything, I honestly hope some day eJapan and eRoC can have friendly relations, this article is not laughting at you as eCountry, I just laught at Sampie because he tried to make me give up and I know he will get it as what it is, a joke.

I've not said some country is PTOing eROC, and FYI, I'm not Serbian or American.

Tsunayoshi Fujiwara
Tsunayoshi Fujiwara Dia 1,926, 21:25

I am not saying you are eSBer or eUSAer. Why clarify yourself so badly? LOL

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,926, 21:27

That was for ereha.h

Oraizan Dia 1,926, 22:05

Americans are a minority in ejapan at the moment. Most rl nationalities we have is Serbian and Hungarian, there isn't a collection of anything else.

ardishabutaro Dia 1,926, 22:10

Sampz also not eROC, he is just Forever Alone guy who didn't know where he want to live

Angelkovic Dia 1,927, 01:37

Ereha.h your so smart 🙂
Can i come Taiwan and PTO your country.. Please?

ereha.h Dia 1,927, 01:46

oh please do. you can have a little one man party and be your own little party president. How wonderful would that be?

Angelkovic Dia 1,927, 01:49

Please my dear ereha, let me be your friend...

Drale.NS Dia 1,926, 21:10

Nippon Banzai !!! it was fun 😁) o7

Albert tseng
Albert tseng Dia 1,926, 21:14

hello ptoer, bye bye ptoer.

thx for buying the dmg

I have lots of fun to see the waste DNG


Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,926, 21:14

Haters gonna hate.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,926, 21:15

It's pretty hilarious that you call me PTOer when you know 0 about me.

ereha.h Dia 1,926, 21:18

It's even more ridiculous when you give no evidence to cleanse yourself and instead questioning that others don't know you well enough 😛

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dia 1,926, 21:21

I'm sorry but I believe in the Presumption of innocence. so for me it's you and Albert tseng who have to prove that I am a PTOer. I know you won't understand what that means, but that's not my fault.

ereha.h Dia 1,926, 21:29

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ereha.h Dia 1,926, 21:32

Fine. Since you want a friendly relationship with eROC, I will withdraw the insulting language. But what you said has told people enough that you are not a RL Japanese. Do you know that 92% of the criminal law cases in Japan are sentenced guilty? No RL Japanese will take the presumption of justice seriously. Don't take yourself in that kind of high regards.

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Dia 1,926, 21:37

>Taking a random fact out of context
>Applying it to the morality of a people
>Using that to support an argument on the internet.

Calm yourself little troll.

ereha.h Dia 1,926, 21:39

find another piece of anecdote to counter my argument instead pointing fingers. Well I guess that's the best you could do, not blaming you.

JyM23 Dia 1,926, 21:56

"find another piece of anecdote to counter my argument..."
Here's an anecdote: China "gave" Taiwan to Japan in 1895 to appease them after the First Sino-Japanese War, LOL. RL Japanese in general aren't butthurt enough to play the game therefore eJ is an international community, DEAL WITH IT!

ereha.h Dia 1,926, 22:03

Oh, and if I remembered correctly you are the descendant of those worthless serf who rebelled against the rightful rule of King George?
Or maybe the poor savage who escaped from Europe because of starvation? LOL. I am see eUSA is complaining about their anti-PTO effort, why don't you bring more RL Americans into the game?

h idenshi
h idenshi Dia 1,927, 23:16

The high % of criminal law cases being sentenced guilty is because the Justice system in Japan is corrupt. Trying to prove one's innocence will usually lead to a worse result than admitting guilt (even if the defendant is innocent). The judicial system is in place to protect those in power, not the peasants. Thus the advise is, 'don't be in the wrong place at the wrong time' and 'turn a blind eye to everything'.

Angelkovic Dia 1,927, 01:44


Myung Kei
Myung Kei Dia 1,927, 06:40

"Oh, and if I remembered correctly you are the descendant of those worthless serf who rebelled against the rightful rule of King George?"
I'm sorry, but how long has your country been both independent and democratic?
About 30 years.
Nice try, go grab another anecdote.

ereha.h Dia 1,927, 07:29

Oh, first you are pointing fingers, now you can't count?
You mean 60 right? And how long since women can vote in the U.S? How long since the African portion of U.S population can vote? You are not as democratic as you seem, unfortunately. Try harder, as least now you are taking some sense into you instead of whining.

Albert tseng
Albert tseng Dia 1,926, 21:40

I play for love& fun. u can read about me on my page 😛

Angelkovic Dia 1,927, 01:46

Go and eat rice, pigs tail and cows ears.
For better your'r NOT!
Sushi is to good for you!

Dead PixeL
Dead PixeL Dia 1,926, 21:19


Temir Beg
Temir Beg Dia 1,926, 21:29


Oraizan Dia 1,926, 21:31

SOS is probably the closest to rl Japan that it gets, having members living in rl Japan. If I have to choose which party is a PTO I'd pick Dnp, and they're the party harming ejapan and not welcomeing rl Japanese. 😃

Haters gonna hate. Banzai!

ardishabutaro Dia 1,926, 22:09

Sometimes this word is just like throwing oil into fire. やれやれ

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