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Message to EPC Down the Road is where I'll always Be.

Dia 1,598, 05:48 Publicado em Canada Canadá por Rylde

The time for military tactics has passed. EPC effectively proved its point by taking canada's oil region as a show of our anger towards the govt and congress.

What were we gonna do wipe the whole Frackin country??? Drop hundreds of dollars on a regular basis to trade back a UK region.

I think not.

Basically if this was WWII we bombed a railroad and it was a mother frackin expensive one.

Time to regroup and reorganize under a Canadian political banner to fight for our morals and beliefs.

We showed them the measure of our resolve through military action. Now lets carry that resolve into the political arena and call a ceasefire.

I will hence be asking for and negotiating a cease fire with EPCs members henceforth.

Be it old MOO, CPP, CVP or MDP. We have to take the fight in house where it matters.

Effectively from the thiefs's point of view he has won.

Why ??

Because were not there opposing him.

Those that are willing to retake canadian citizenship and continue a non militray method of war should join me.

Your angry and I'm angry. Harness that anger and beat them where it actually matters.


Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Dia 1,598, 06:02


A R Carlysle
A R Carlysle Dia 1,598, 06:03

Silently righting wrongs at every stop along the way?

used to love that show as a kid.

Mike Littoris
Mike Littoris Dia 1,598, 06:50

Awesome Littlest Hobo badge!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,598, 07:01

I always found it weird fighting against some of my brothers on the battlefields. Political battlefields, however, are different. I almost always viewed eCan as politically torn anyway.

Wilhelm Gunter
Wilhelm Gunter Dia 1,598, 07:33

Maybe tomorrow, I'll wanna settle down. Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on. Until tomorrow, the whole world is my home.

Well, I'm glad it's tomorrow - Welcome back!

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Dia 1,598, 09:02

Official badge of the EPC.

Rylde is a true eCanadian hero and patriot.

Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Dia 1,598, 10:06

You're Angry

Your angry

You're Angry

And losing an Oil region for a few days hardly proved a point....

Rylde Dia 1,598, 12:22

I could list multple reasons why your wrong but your smart enough to know them and more than likely smart enough to not like overall message of my article.

SaraDroz Dia 1,598, 14:22

Bit of sense at last.

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Dia 1,598, 14:32

Rylde is THE true eCanadian hero and patriot.

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Dia 1,598, 15:32

This message does have merit.
now that this has been said, I wait to see what happens next

Dr. James McCrimmon
Dr. James McCrimmon Dia 1,598, 20:33

The message has merit

you're = you are
your = your waffles

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dia 1,599, 10:19

Rylde is THE true eCanadian hero and patriot.

Treian Dia 1,599, 12:58

To Rylde and the EPC, the Canadian National Coalition will welcome you and your idea's into reshaping the nation.

Come home and let's start fighting the good fight in a way that can truely make a difference.

Cataract Dia 1,602, 18:49

Welcome back, Rylde!

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