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Master... Remember The Athenians

Dia 1,788, 14:11 Publicado em Greece Grécia por Greek Ministry of Health

Attention! This article may cause severe intoxication with ouzο and/or tsipouro.

Victoria Aut Mors!

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Salutations from House of EDEN,

Today, EDEN Media Team will bring you to an imaginary trip to our Mediterranean brothers, the Greeks. They joined EDEN on 27th September 2009, and were one of the first countries that became full EDEN members (they became full members at the same time with Canada). Since then they were faithful allies to all EDEN members and we hope that this won’t change too soon.

Who ever had an important battle and didn’t see the Greek MU’s fighting there? Yes! None of you... and if someone tells us the contrary, we wish him a slow and painful death, because he’s a HUGE liar.

Our words can’t describe enough the respect we have for all Greek players so we will just bow before them and we’ll let them say some words about their home-country.

I joined the game on erep day 460. Thrace was recently liberated from turkish control and one of my friends who had joined a couple of days before the liberation told me about the game. The reason i joined was to help liberate all territories of egreece.

In RL I live in new york. My parents moved from greece to the usa a couple of years before i was born. I was brought up greek, taught the greek language and customs.

My best moment in egreece was the day we were able to liberate central greece. Back then it was one of the few regions with high iron. To control this region was very important strategically for our alliance. For us it was the means to catapult our country from nothing, (a small unimportant group of players that had almost no economy, low strength and a small population) to something.

That day i also witnessed our allies step up and show us that they stood behind us. And eventually we would become brothers and some time later be able to stand behind them in time of need.

We should always remember that egreece will always remember those who helped and when needed we will fight relentlessly for our brothers.


Also we need to remember that this is just a game and beyond game mechanics we need to respect one another no matter how different we are.

CRIS 99:
As you can see from the account I was born in December of '09 and started the game from v1,so I've seen all the steps in military module.My last actions is 2 months in a row in GR mod k one month as gr cp. Ofc,as u can see, i spend my damage for my country and for Eden,so i dont interested for a mercenary medal.

I have in my memory, many beautiful moments of the game, battles that won on the limit of time or we were returning the battle from the 1700.But the best moment was when, in v1 was a tactical move called* Kamikaze. * All old players will remember this, we were used to empty all our energy in the last attack, and was always 5 minutes before closing the battle (T-5).

Bear in mind all the battles we did for the liberation of our country, whether with the help of allies, either by ourselves. But do not just think of the past. Greece has its own profile, and its own characteristics, long ago,and all know how much firepower is (allies and enemies).


I am Anastasia or else known for the game, LadyArgana. Native Hellene, living in capital of Hellas, but in game I like to change often CS so to be around with my friends all over the world and especially Romania 🙂
I am playing almost 2 years and mostly only for those I consider as my friends. They are the reason I am still around and this is why I was always an EDEN fighter. For me, my friends are above everything, and I play the game only when I enjoy it. I like to fight for a cause and not for hate. I like to play to enjoy and not get pissed off.

When I feel burn out, I just take a break and I am for a while 2 clicks until I get a full refill on my energy to start over 🙂 It was this January on holiday for new year. There was a great battle on Hormozgan between Turkey and FYROM. Turkey had just joined EDEN and we had a RL meeting with Myrmidons (which I was member back then) and some more friends from other Units. We were having beers and drinks on Hard Rock Cafe Athens The battle was on fire and we were 25-30 ppl there having really good time At the same moment, on Greek Team Speak was about 150-200 ppl.

We started to tank from Hard Rock Cafe from laptops all together and rest of Greece ofc to join the same battle. It was the first time that Greece fought side by side with Turkey and we tanked HARD and we won. After that, exohoritis order drinks for everyone on his treat lol.
It was an amazing battle which I will remember for as long as I am player in this or in any other game. We proved we can just "play a game" and we can be all friends. We were allies! After that, the Turkey CP, made an article with the title "Thank you Hellas!" That... I will never forget! NEVER!

Check the numbers of the damage... back then they were HUGE! I am really proud I am on this list on battle no8 on top 5. Ever since, I do feel and believe that we can overcome every preconception and enjoy our game 🙂

I dont see how someone can forget an ally 🙂 and eGreece is an ally 😁) We are a loyal ally, we fight hard when we have to, and when we have NE, we have epic battles always 😛 A lot of damage, a lot of good organized players and tanks. I believe that EDEN's moto "Victoria Aut Mors" fits perfectly Hellenes and how they fight for their allies.
Each and everyone Hellene are proud members of EDEN and always will be

Victoria Aut Mors!

Ilias the Greek:

I'm the founder of HOPLITE PHALANX , the older MU OF eGreece . Our moto is ΤΑΝ Η ΕΠΙ ΤΑΣ , that means you return home victorious with your shiels or they bring you back home dead on your shield. Practivally means we fight to death.
I'm proud to say that our unit, offers major help in our members and many famous members of other units , have come from HOPLITE PHALANX. After more than 3 years our unit , still exists and is on the top units of eGreece.

I can say that the best moments are more than one, but i can choose the one that we eliminate , our now ally turkey , from the map for first time.
The fights of many Greek patriots for freedom and justice in eworld and we never will be traitors of our allies , even they are enemies in real life.

John TG

I'm John TG,born in greece in real life.I'm playing this game for over than 3 years.The first 1,5 years i was playing for eGreece.The rest 1,5 years i'm playing for my country eIsrael.I joined the game cause of an advertisement in a social network site, calling the greeks to help against turkish occupation.

When i joined the game Greece was fully occupied from Turkey and as far as i learned this was happening for a long time!3 great leaders (Jaguaros,Geokos,Che Greco) inspired the few Greeks and some days after my entrance in the game we liberated the first greek Region of Thrace!The beggining of a great era has began.That was my best moment in eGreece.
Greece has some great moments in the game.We should remember the first time Greece conquered the whole Turkey and the first time Greece conquered FYROM. Also greeks are known about the pride and their honor.They will not betray you.

In eRepublik, a country has almost no value without it’s Military Units, so we present you some of Greece’s Military Units.


The history of the Myrmidons starts from v.1, when Geokos, jaguaros and che Greco decided to create a powerful Military Unit, with committed players of that time, in order to help e-Greece against Turkey. Later on, Myrmidons were dissolved for a while until the day 1238, when Geokos the “father of the Myrmidons”, decided to re-establish the unit with a different composition. As a result, the Myrmidons entered a new era. Since then with Iaswn as the leader of the Myrmidons, the military unit has become a family. An open group of friends (in many cases both in game and in real life) who seek to reinforce their love for the game as members of one of Greece's strongest military units. Their purpose is the protection of e-Greece and its allies.

Tasos Maximus
He might not be with us right now, but he is and he will always be one of us!

Myrmidons… I really don’t know from where to start and where to finish. There are so many things that I want to say about them that normally I would need an entire article.
I was there for more than 1 year and I had a really great time there. It wasn’t an MU just to fight but it was a place to relax and have fun. I was lucky enough to meet many good people who acted like a family and where willing to help each other. Trust and support between members was something that happened in daily bases. I still talk with them every day and I hope that one day I will be back because as we say

“Once a Myrmidon always a Myrmidon” Have fun Brothers and Sisters see you soon.


When i was invited to enter Myrmidons military unit there wasn't 2nd thought. Until then I have given a lot of heroic battles as a lonely player, but since i became a Myrmidon i was inspired by the bravery and military spirit of brave soldiers. The teamwork and the friendship between the members of the team is perfectly awsome. We give our heart in the battlefields no matter if we win at the end. Additionally we help and prepare the new generation of players to become brave soldiers, as a Myrmidon should be. This team is fantastic and i will never think to walk out the door alone. As we always declare "Once a Myrmidon always a Myrmidon".

Angel ctz
I would never regret my choice to join the Myrmidons. It’s the best decision I ever made in erepublik. With the Myrmidons I learned everything about the game, and I found a reason to play this game. These past 2 years, they are the best part of my e-life! I was just a Major* when I joined them, and I will e-die as a Myrmidon!!


7NISA MU was founded 2 years ago by LEFKADIAN and many friends from IKARIAM .
Our official avatar is link but you can find many versions that includes our brand name .In this two years we prosper and succeed to grow , responding to the game’s versions and become one of the top MUs in e-Greece and EDEN .
Always following our Country's President orders and supported many times some EDEN’s RW

We count a number of a hundred active soldiers that obeys our DO and many times “burn” everything for the win and medal glory ! We never interfere in politics as a team , still our members individually have became ministers , MoDs , even CP of e-Greece .
There is our channel in IRC and daily we chat in teamspeak too .

Our commander Whitie1971 and a council of 30 members of the unit , discuss and decides the matters of the team .


Where Duty calls, when Brothers need help, whatever the damage, whenever the battle, 7NHSA will be there.
It is not important to win the battle if you fight with all your strength. We have given our last effort all over the world to comply with EDEN directives and protect our mutual interests. We received and gave back crucial help at endless battles. Even our weakest soldier will strictly obey to EDEN directions without asking why or what if. We just help brothers in arms. United we stand and we will never fall.

vanzel papado

The superiority is respect
Altruism is our magnet
and our offer is given to the alliance of EDEN


Integrity First
Service Before Self
Excellence in All We Do


I have nothing special to write. The diversity in the MU speaks for itself.....


Respect , Honesty , Loyalty that what 7NISA stands for ...
and that s the reason we are a true companion and became true friends

Black Roses

BlackRoses was founded in September 2011 by Spirosway and it is the first Military Unit in Greece who invented economical programs to upgrade the companies of their soldiers( like "Q4 WRM") . We spent more than 10.500.000 currency to create companies for our members in 10 months. The key of a successful M.U is to help each other.
Almost all our members started from 0 strength or low strength but after 1 year most of them are powerful fighters.
Today,our MU is providing Q6 weapons for newbies (13-17) and Q7 (8-14) for strong people every night on our tactical hit. Also we are offering full energy - max 2400 per day for each member until lvl 26.

Macedonian Phalanx

Macedonian Phalanx is one of the 3 oldest Greek MU's (Hoplite Phalanx and Hellenic Army or Infantry are the other 2).We operate a forum, a chat channel, a voice server and a radio of our own.
We are not the kind of MU that will dazzle a battlefield with its huge damage in a battle and certainly we are not the MU that will brag around for its accomplishments which are honestly a lot, but we keep them for ourselves.
In fact, we are proud to be called a "silent MU", one that works with and for its young members to help them learn the game and play it honestly, by the rules and for the fun of it.

We advice, we help, we create a fun ambiance for all and we try to stay out and away from all quarrels and political fights. In fact, we have 3-4 elected Greek CP's and most of them were elected under different parties, which means that we do not dictate our members what to do or follow any party line, all our members are free to be politically active anywhere they like.

The eldest members act as mentors. We "adopt" a younger player in our MU and we help them until they are capable to stand on their own 2 feet. Our pockets are constantly empty, whatever we earn, we give it to the young ones because this is what we love to do, help without expecting or asking anything in return.

We are not a unit actually, we are a family, we have become good friends, we have done several RL meetings in different cities in Greece and we come closer day by day.
This is the Macedonian Phalanx. A group of friends that keeps growing because we only see eRepublik as a game and have fun in here and in RL too.

(If you could read this article, it is in Greek only: and see the comments by our members, you could understand exactly what I mean)


Our military unit established at 651 erepublik day. We are one of the firsts military units at eGreece. Our founder and leader is Ilias the Greek
From the 1st day since now and in the future we are trying our bests for our eCountry and for our alliance. Also we are focusing in helping new players and making the game more easy for them.

A lot of famous eGreek citizens has passed from our military unit and made their first steps in game with us. We don't want to mention names in case we forget someone.


Spartiates ( Spartans ) was founded by Dihenekis 2 years ago . As you can see, his nick name , Dihenekis was the best of the 300 in Thermopyles battle ( learn about Dihenekis in this article so he decided to make Spartiates . Spartiates is a MU that's in brotherhood with Myrmidons ( you can see that from black avatars too ) with strong relationships in real life too . Many Myrmidons were Spartans in their game youth. As Spartiates grow they become future Myrmidones . All members of Spartans are friends with the Myrmidons and they also know each other in real-life.

As we promised , EDEN Media Team will countinue this series of articles and will present you in the following days, Military Units from EDEN Member countries. Stay tuned !

Thank you for reading,
Your faithfully,
EDEN Media Team

Victoria aut Mors


RoaiTG Dia 1,788, 14:14

Victoria aut Mors

John Locked
John Locked Dia 1,788, 14:16


LadyArgana Dia 1,788, 14:16

Victoria Aut Mors

Nenya Dia 1,788, 14:16

Hail Greece!
Hail EDEN!

Alfadi Dia 1,788, 14:17

Hail exohoritis

Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis
Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis Dia 1,788, 14:17


delete this
delete this Dia 1,788, 14:17

Remember the athenians, macedonians and all other greeks!


El Che G
El Che G Dia 1,788, 14:18

and than,come Macedonians and conquered G....

Athinaiooos Dia 1,788, 14:22

Remember the athenians,spartans, macedonians and all other greeks!


Athinaiooos Dia 1,788, 14:22

I remember myself 😛

kostass13 Dia 1,788, 14:22

Victoria Aut Mors

oboj Dia 1,788, 14:23

Hail Hellas!
Hail EDEN!

F@nis Dia 1,788, 14:24

Hail Hellas!
Hail EDEN!

Persej Makedonski
Persej Makedonski Dia 1,788, 14:26

Greeks discover sex,

after that Macedonian conquered tham and tell tham that thay can have sex with womans to


All the best neibors 😉

Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien Dia 1,788, 14:26

What about Rhodesknight 🙁

Dellodas Dia 1,788, 14:26

Victoria Aut Mors

johnias Dia 1,788, 14:26

Remember the athenians, macedonians and all other greeks!


NIGHTMARE WARRIOR Dia 1,788, 14:28


Eva Rosalene
Eva Rosalene Dia 1,788, 14:30

Hail Hellas!
Hail EDEN!

Stoupakis Nikos
Stoupakis Nikos Dia 1,788, 14:31

Voted o7

Sifis7 Dia 1,788, 14:31

Victoria Aut Mors

DiegoIceAge Dia 1,788, 14:32

My favorite country in whole brothers!!!

eGreece ♥

El Senso
El Senso Dia 1,788, 14:32


DimitriosT Dia 1,788, 14:32


III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Dia 1,788, 14:35

hail hellas!! ur great ally o/

mitsotakis 1212
mitsotakis 1212 Dia 1,788, 14:36

Victoria Aut Mors

Jan Karal Chadkievicz
Jan Karal Chadkievicz Dia 1,788, 14:36


Drawback Dia 1,788, 14:39


so racist EDEN against men MUs..

is eden afraid that greece will change allies?


LmBigger Dia 1,788, 14:39


ARISTOMAXOS Dia 1,788, 14:41

μια eχωρα αλλα με τοσα πολλα νουμερα ..... 🙂 ακριβως σαν την αληθινη ενα πραμα

PanoS THE DuellisT
PanoS THE DuellisT Dia 1,788, 14:43


Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis
Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis Dia 1,788, 14:43


ARISTOMAXOS Dia 1,788, 14:44

κατα φωνη

Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Dia 1,788, 14:44

with rabies. o7

Ntaikos Dia 1,788, 14:45

blah blah

What about brotherhood?

Nikolaos79 Dia 1,788, 14:47

Hail Hellas!
Hail EDEN!

Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis
Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis Dia 1,788, 14:48

Στο καψιμί σου εσυ.
Ο λοχος θελει φραπεδες.

Monaxoulis Dia 1,788, 14:48

Victoria Aut Mors
Hail Hellas!
Hail EDEN!

CRIS 99 Dia 1,788, 14:48


Angel ctz
Angel ctz Dia 1,788, 14:49


ion-voda Dia 1,788, 14:49

Hail Hellas!
Hail EDEN!

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Dia 1,788, 14:51

I'm proud to have you as an ally... Even a relatively new player like me, who hasn't experienced many epic battles, knows how loyal and ready the Greeks are in times of trouble.

Victoria aut Mors!

thaleia Dia 1,788, 14:55

Victoria Aut Mors

raoulito Dia 1,788, 14:55


FRin Dia 1,788, 14:58

Hail Hellas!

e-petros Dia 1,788, 15:00


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,788, 15:00



Thessaloz Dia 1,788, 15:01

Voted o7

Delijohn Dia 1,788, 15:01

proud e-greece and 7nisa member!

Iaswn Dia 1,788, 15:03

Victoria Aut Mors

I am more than happy to read the comments of my friends in EDEN talking for my country with such a nice words!

United we stand!

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