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Dia 1,977, 06:18 Publicado em USA EUA por 2503830

Remember when i told you they're going to use this bombing to push some new restrictive 1984-ish crap on us?
Well you will never guess what did they do.
They passed CISPA. So far the bill has passed through the House of Representatives and we'll see how it gos from here.
"Supposedly" Obama is going to "VETO" the bill.
Uhu...right. The same way he vetoed NDAA? Sure, and if you believe that i got some nice property in the Nevada to sell you.
One of the Congressman evoked Monday's deadly bombings in Boston as a reason to pass it.
YES ! Because spying on your citizens ensures no bombs will go off anymore! Considering they already read our e-mails and our phones are mobile cameras/listening devices and GPS trackers it's amazing how well that worked out. much for that 4th amendment crap, eh?



Colonel Jack ONeal
Colonel Jack ONeal Dia 1,977, 14:33

The americans found just another way to kille their own citizens whit the goal to control and spying them

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Dia 1,977, 16:24

sad and true... "freedom" has become merely a word and "the land of the free" a rather twisted concept de facto.

jochannes Dia 1,978, 16:33


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