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Dia 1,905, 18:39 Publicado em Ireland EUA por Raven Anarcho

Nations finally collide in the North, Indonesia is caught off guard with an attack from the East, and the Irish Radical introduces a new monthly feature. This will also be another issue that will mention some of the eworld’s newest leaders.


Poland finally made it through one of eEurope’s toughest nations, Sweden, in an attempt to reach Finland. After nearly a week of fighting, the large TWO power house has started its attack on the smaller Asgard nation. This was caused due to Poland’s choice to intervene in Finland’s war with Estonia, which has been raging on for some time now due to the nations being evenly matched.


A few weeks after embarrassing Spain, China has finally decided to lead an attack of their own, on Indonesia. Indonesia recently invaded Australia, splitting the land with Chile. With Chile still being occupied with Argentinian resistance as well, and Indonesia with China’s invasion, the time could be right for Australia to begin liberating their territories.


Starting this issue, I will be introducing a “Legend of the Month” in my paper. Each Legend issue will have keywords or hints to the next month’s Legend. Each reader will have the opportunity to pm me the answer, and win the prize listed below the keywords if correct. The Legends mentioned will be radicals and rebels throughout history from all nations. The first Legend will be revealed in issue 25, as it will be a “transition” issue, leaving you at least a week to send in your answers. Check the bottom for the hints to the upcoming legend, and remember this will only be monthly starting issue 25.

Note: for every answer correct, I will donate the same prize to bootcamp as well


President: Presidential Committee
Vice President: None
Biggest Challenge: The financial crisis and controlling immigration
National Goal: Have a fun, successful and progressive month.

President: Colonel Sanders
Vice President: Mary Chan
Biggest Challenge: Removing eSpain from our lands
National Goal: Showing our commitment to Asgard as we enter the final stages of our trial membership.

President: Tim_Holtz
Vice President: Scotty the NUKE
Biggest Challenge: Sorting out the mess we’ve gotten into in regards to being occupied.
National Goal: Trying to end this Political stalemate we have, as it has begun causing International problems for us as well.

President: Zeeuwsmeisje
Vice President: Dick_Dasterdly
Biggest Challenge: Restoring unity/bringing back fun despite Polish occupation
National Goal: Strengthen the bonds with our ‘Natural Allies’, as a blueprint of future cooperation and fun

President: John Killah
Vice President: Jefferson Locke
Biggest Challenge: Internal PTO
National Goal: Complete and end our war with Taiwan.

President: Marko Aberst
Vice President: Smells
Biggest Challenge: Colombian Congress/MU coordination
National Goal: Venezuela and Mexico synergy, but first no Colombian Congress.

President: Temskih
Vice President: Zecharia Raven
Biggest Challenge: War with Poland/PTO threat
National Goal: Having a congress election successfully this month.

President: Helder Medeiros
Vice President: Paisana
Biggest Challenge: Recovering our regions from Spain
National Goal: Recovering the 7 regions


I am currently waiting to see where Ireland’s path to an alliance leads, while I continue fighting for Canada, Australia, and now Finland.


Issue Song:
Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer

Legend of the Month

Keywords: Irish, Leader, San Patricios, Mexico
(please pm me with the answer in order to win)
200 health
5 Q4 weps

“I am told this is farfetched idealism, to paint this happy, povertyless, crimeless, diseaseless world; I have been told I "ought to be behind the bars" for it.”- Voltairine de Cleyre

The Irish Radical issue #23



The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Dia 1,905, 19:21


Marko Aberst
Marko Aberst Dia 1,905, 20:11


Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dia 1,906, 00:38

Another good one from the Raven!

MUFC992 Dia 1,906, 02:15

I'm in love with ur articles. Simple, objective and informative.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Dia 1,906, 03:46


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dia 1,906, 03:55

Cool. esp. the Clifden fella 😉

Dion Papa
Dion Papa Dia 1,906, 03:57


MR. HANK SCORPIO Dia 1,906, 04:13

I love these articles.

Make them longer!!!!!!!

Klynn Dia 1,906, 05:36


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dia 1,906, 08:02

Spot on, no bother

MUFC992 Dia 1,906, 11:47

69 subs :PP

Thomas Keesman
Thomas Keesman Dia 1,906, 12:53

excellence again. v, prev sub

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Dia 1,907, 08:26

President: Dictator Mike Bane
Vice President: Dictator Mike Bane
Biggest Challenge: Instilling Baneism into the hearts of the Irish.
National Goal: Trolling the people of Ireland.

Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins Dia 1,907, 14:52

Another great article Raven. Keep up the good work!

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