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Josh Frost: stewy for AFA PP!!

Dia 2,032, 12:20 Publicado em USA EUA por Josh Frost

In less than 48 hours many of you will have the pleasure of what very few in this nation's history have ever done. You have been called upon to fight not only for the political existence of the eUSA but for it’s very soul. One man has corrupted the spirit and sapped the energy of a Great People. It is now that people’s time to rise up and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

The Declaration of Independence states: that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

What does that mean? It means that human nature is to suffer greatly before people cast off the shackles of a government or system that oppresses them.

For many of you RGR and Unity is all you have ever known. Do you enjoy it? Do you enjoy watching him allow our enemies gain sanctuary and comfort within our country? Do you enjoy watching our enemies being elected to Congress? Do you like participating in elections that are predetermined? Do you enjoy being robbed of your voice in regards to the course of this nation because one two-bit sociopath has decided to make an entire nation suffer?

You can end this. You have that power. Regardless of level or rank you are all equal. You are the most powerful force in this nation. He is a cancer and you are the cure. On June 15th, America is going to reclaim it’s soul and set its course for months to come. What can you do? This battle will not be won with tanks or gold. It is going to be won with the vote. On June 15th I urge all freedom loving Americans to join the American Freedom Alliance and vote for stewy as the new Party President.

The destiny of an entire nation rests in your hands....



Josh Frost
Josh Frost Dia 2,032, 12:20

First for America and First for Freedom!!!

DMV3 Dia 2,032, 12:34

Long live these United States!

Geronimo100 Dia 2,032, 12:36


Greene12 Dia 2,032, 12:44

Stewy for Free Elections!

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Dia 2,032, 12:48

"Regardless of level or rank you are all equal."

Award for the highest concentration of crap in one sentence!

Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Dia 2,033, 17:31

If you hate this game so much.. quit

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Dia 2,033, 17:33

How did you come to this conclusion?

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Dia 2,033, 22:37

Boner initiated

Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Dia 2,033, 17:36

you seem to trash everything done in the game constantly... you seem to not be very happy playing.. *shrug* just sayin

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Dia 2,033, 17:42

Again, you got the wrong impression.

jadiv Dia 2,032, 13:29

I am tired of Serbs disguised as Americans threatening the very existence of this country by tying up the natural enemy selection process so that the president and majority of government and the populace are robbed of a meaningful method of defending itself by use of designating a true natural enemy.

It is nothing short of treason at the time of war and imminent invasion to be proposing bogus NEs at a time when we need every method available to us to coordinate the defense of our sovereign nation.

I am mad as hell and will vote to end this!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 2,032, 13:38

Good luck explaining to the AMP why they have to die to take one for the team.

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Dia 2,032, 13:41

Good luck explaining to the AFA why you sacrificed them. ;_;

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 2,032, 13:43

Actually might go all in against the feds, we are still deciding 😉

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Dia 2,032, 13:54

Miscalculation seems to be your weakness. 😉

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Dia 2,032, 14:04

Good luck explaining anything to RGR. He only sees things one way.

DMV3 Dia 2,032, 14:13

WE can and WE will take and hold all Top Five Parties! You scared bro?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 2,032, 14:14

Excuse me if I don't take the word of someone who doesn''t understand anatomy.

Gnilraps Dia 2,032, 14:15

All our bases are belong to ajay

DMV3 Dia 2,032, 14:18

Comentário apagado

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 2,033, 03:04

Ah...the AMP doesn't exist anymore, you took it over and renamed it; good luck explaining to your Serbian puppet masters why you wasted all their gold for nothing....

Gnilraps Dia 2,032, 13:42




The Era of Idiocy must end.

Reclaim our Sovereignty.

Vote stewy for AFA PP.

And may RGR rot in Servian Hell.

Free Area
Free Area Dia 2,032, 16:34

dream about it

Gnilraps Dia 2,032, 16:34


Free Area
Free Area Dia 2,032, 16:36

why do you have to scream whenever I penetrate

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 2,033, 03:06

...because and inch just tickles, is very unsatisfying; and down right frustrating.

Free Area
Free Area Dia 2,033, 03:25

lol, you dont know that im black from the waist down

Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Dia 2,032, 18:04

Stewy for AFA PP!

fingerguns Dia 2,032, 18:06

I have been stirred

stewy Dia 2,032, 18:06

"The destiny of an entire nation rests in your hands...."

If you're not voting, you're only enabling

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Dia 2,032, 18:17

I stand ready to wrest top 5 control from the traitorous prostitute known as RGR!

crashthompson. Dia 2,032, 18:43

Stewy for Free Elections!

xDesertHamsterX Dia 2,032, 18:49

you are using dishonorable methods. its not moral to take over a party. you should try defeating them by making people realize that your party is better. shame on you! how dare you call members of afa ptoers! you are the ptoers!

stewy Dia 2,032, 19:29

"dishonorable methods... not moral... shame on you"

yes... and how would you react if you had a party supporting ppl that were trying to send money from your country to ours repeatedly, or purposely setting NE's wrong so that we could attack you without the 10% NE bonus??
k, thx, bye

xDesertHamsterX Dia 2,033, 02:54

they are just learning the different law proposals ingame. they have no ill will towards eamerica!

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 2,033, 03:10

...and America is going to learn how to kick Serbian a**, while at te same time serving notice to RGR that he is longer welcome here; hope you Serbs enjoy having him....

andpy Dia 2,032, 20:17

Hi serb!

Jasher Dia 2,032, 21:58

Your funny Serb, go back to that hole you call home. I do not remember USA people PTOing Serb partys in Serbia.
cheers Serb 🙂

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Dia 2,033, 02:30

Haha. Haha! Oh, hahahahhaha! The irony is delicious.

Drke John
Drke John Dia 2,033, 09:36

desert you're funny guy

aven dejor
aven dejor Dia 2,033, 19:51

Did you not read RGR's comment further up the page about going all in against the FED's what do you think he's meaning. By the sounds of it another PTO. Also

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Dia 2,032, 19:37

Vote for Stewy! \o/

Jasher Dia 2,032, 22:03

Tired of the PTO, then it is time to "VOTE STEWY 4 AFA PP"

Free from

tsakali Dia 2,032, 23:11


Abedka Dia 2,032, 23:31


machine9897 Dia 2,033, 01:44

v 181

Drewnaldinio Dia 2,033, 03:22


Sandukaani Dia 2,033, 03:30

Vote stewy for AFA PP

Vaskoliki Dia 2,033, 04:57

Stewy is not American !
Why vote for nonAmerican ???
Instead nonAmerican vote for nonAmerican ???
I don't understand

Rex Ormunde Dia 2,033, 11:06

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