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Italy, Alea Iacta est

Dia 1,817, 09:12 Publicado em Greece Grécia por Greek Ministry of Health

Salutations from House of EDEN,

Today EDEN Media Team will tell you an astounding story, a story about one loyal country, a country of which no one can say is a great superpower. They have survived for eras against our worst enemies, a country that has fought with pride for their allies, and no one can doubt their glory. Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about Italy.

Italy Joined the Brotherhood on the 7th of October 2010, and since then, they have rocked every day. With great friendship, armies and great moments, first of all, let us meet some people from this country.

Castell militarista: People calls me "the king of noobs" and i think they're right 😃. I was born two years ago but I've been 2clicking for a long time. In the first part of 2011 i started my political career joining the party which i still belong to. Since that day I've been much times a member of our parliament and i enjoyed the game much more. In my career I've been a lot of times Minister of Welfare and Minister of Interior and nowadays I'm the vice President of Italy, and I'm very proud of my role. Last month I was even elected CP in Italy but my party didn't have congress members and so the congress impeached me because i published an article with some late, all the CM who voted "yes" to the impeach were in the next govern team... But I'm not afraid of that, because I love my country first than its citizens and try to build a better future for Italy is my only goal. Last month I've been even a Swiss citizen for four weeks and I enjoyed the experience a lot, eSwiss is a great country and I hope to come back one day.

Citizen Cane: To find some information about me you can read the wiki, although it is a bit dated: . Currently I'm not involved in any government office, and I'm in something like 2 clicks mode, I am responsible only for the production of weapons in our military unit, Elite Eitaliana (and to be honest, I often forget to make work all the soldiers in my account...). Currently I try to keep my status unchanged, that is to remain in the top 100 in the eWorld by damage and strength, and at the third place by damage among the Italian players (not as a citizen, as I have Brazilian citizenship, because of productions bonus), making all train and fighting in our DO as best I can. My next target is bring a “top player” medal, and then end all medals achievements. I know...i know... currently my Elife is very boring …

prefetto: i was born in april 2011 and i immediately liked this game. I joined italian communist party and in few time, with his help, i become a CM. In july 2011 i become deputy minister of information but in few weeks i was promoted MoFA,After this first "adventure" i've been minister of information and mofa more times and finally, in december 2011, i become eitalian cp, Then i've been abroad, in usa and france, trying to help when possible.

frappa10: I was born on April 11, 2010, I joined eRepublik by an ad on facebook and from there I started my political and social life, I walked into my party and I was immediately elected Congressman, as there was a succession of promotions and political successes,with the first entry to the government, and election as party chairman and then elected as president Italian. All this over a year ago.Lately, I'm concentrating on military career.

Fanaxidiel: I am in this game from 2 years and half. I am commander in "Tanks4life" an international unit that fights for Italy.

Since the geographical location and borders of eItaly they were very useful for EDEN, and also took a part in the great wipe against Poland and Serbia, but this advantage is the worst flame of this brave country, because they stand against the worst enemies of the Brotherhood alone, so let’s meet some of the Italian military groups.

Brigata Partigiana Jovan

The Brigata Partigiana Jovan (BPJ ) born like the military brigate of PCE , one of the oldest italian party. Like the real partisan the brigate is very informal , and all the decisions are made with the vote of all members.
For uors supplies we use the PCE cooperative system , no weapons and food are send to the members but good salaries.

Esercito eItaliano

Esercito eItaliano(alias EI in Italy) is the only public military unit in Italy and we receive orders and Daily Order directly from CP. Esercito eItaliano, like organization of italian soldiers, was founded before admins added Military Unit like element in eRepublik. We are interested in the growth of our soldiers and recently we have actived also a lot of aid for young player.


AUDAX is an eitalian private Military Unit commanded by General Staff ( commander ER FOLLIA and two 2-nd ) and High Command (5 elected members ). All decisions are taken only through the system of majority voting.
AUDAX is not big MU so all members are good followed. MU is ruled by meritocracy and offers to all its members the same rights, possibilities and equipment in addition to a lot of fun and wonderful relation. The proof of a good interpersonal relationship are frequent meetings of its members. AUDAX is a small and loyal family with a motto "Proud to be different".

Tanks 4 Life

Tanks4life in its origin wasn't a MU, but it was the first supply service ever created. Some time later, seeing so many International and Italian friends willing to help the cause of Italy, its founder, Fanaxidiel, decided to start a MU that in some months became the biggest one in Italy.
Then, also because Italy was frequently without congress, Tanks4life opened branches in China, USA, Iran and Bosnia, Actually it has a very particular organization, with (, with 2 supplying channels, and a public one ( #tanks4life ) and some tools for enhancing erep's experience,It fights for Italy, according to Eden priorities, and as often as possible, also gives help to allies, completely free.

As expected from a country with history and legacy like Italy, there were poor moments, but also moments of greatness and unity, so let’s ask some Italians what was their greatest moment.

Castell militarista: My best moment in Italy were two years ago when we had our only "empire", Italy conquered most of Austria and even a lot of regions of Germany and we felt like a power: it was fantastic!

Fuxxxx: In 1 year and a half that game i have never seen the eitaly completely free and do not i will have nothing to remember until will happen.

frappa10: My best moment was definitely my first choice for president, when the victory was not sure but he came strong.

Citizen Cane: Is an easy question, any old players in Italy could respond, was in early 2010, then culminated with my term as president in March 2010. At that time I was among the richest player in the eWorld, with a personal fortune of ERX quantified by almost 10,000 golds, and strange to say, I enjoyed the game in all its three levels (the economy, war and politics), which I think it is impossible to say now. I remember that period very nicely, and the thing I'm most proud of, is to have founded the military unit that still, after two years, I find myself playing with old and new friends, Elite eItaliana.

Fanaxidiel: My best moment is everyday when I log in and I see my friends online..

After we learned about Italy, the question is: What it leaves behind? What should we remember from those people, from this country?

Castell militarista: Italy is a great and friendly country, which had a great heritage and a loto of great players, which always prefers to help its allies than her... we are usually divided but the community is strong and when it's needed we are one of the most cohesive populations of erepublik. We don't forget and we love or hate, no middle way xD.

frappa10: Italy can be remembered for so many aspects, primarily for the military, as many battle were decided by its elite,and then for all he has given to erepublik.

Citizen Cane: We must remember first of all players as bisiacco, Colinar, mappina and others, who in the past have given much to the country, in a time when, thanks to them, Italy was among the first countries in the eWorld. We have to remember the Theocracy, that although it was not only Italian, two of the founders were from my country, Dio Maksas and Dio Akira. You have to remember the epic battle for Sardinia against Spain. We should also remember the TO, in summer 2009, by the Croats, which later became our best friends one year later. It must be remembered that until two years ago Italy was never fully occupied, but now we can hardly maintain a region, only thanks to the good Greek ally.

Fanaxidiel: Italy is a nice country in real life as in game, and has some pros and some cons. The best of Italy is friendly and funny people. The worst is that we complain a lot, too much maybe, because some of us are a little too lazy to complain.

prefetto: Italy is a little country, but is always ready to help his allies. We are from a long time under foreign occupation, and this teach us to appreciate "the little things" have just one region and can ask italian citizenship after a period abroad.
And let me say that we don't understand some countries, also allies, that play only to delete from the map some other nations.

Thank you for reading!
Yours faithfully,
EDEN Media Team

Victoria aut Mors


RoaiTG Dia 1,817, 09:12

Victoria aut Mors

FlorenciaC Dia 1,817, 09:13

italy s2

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Dia 1,817, 09:16

Victoria aut Mors

Nikaron Dia 1,817, 09:18

oh, not you again ...

icona Dia 1,817, 09:26

Hail Italy!
Hail EDEN!


John TG
John TG Dia 1,817, 09:31

Voted for my friends from Italy!!!
Hail Israel!
Hail Italy!

Bigger Lebowski
Bigger Lebowski Dia 1,817, 09:36


JAPR Dia 1,817, 09:36

Hail Italy!
Hail EDEN!

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Dia 1,817, 09:37

In the mean time so much Italians want changes in HQ..
Better make changes possible then wait Italy and others to leave..

SandalaiM Dia 1,817, 09:38

Hail italy!
Hail EDEN!

e-petros Dia 1,817, 09:43

ciao bella

viva Italia

El Reto
El Reto Dia 1,817, 09:43

I can't see Italy on map...

ChiMiner Dia 1,817, 09:51

Hail Italy!
Hail EDEN!

Tototwalker Dia 1,817, 10:05

Who is crossing the rubicon ?

raoulito Dia 1,817, 10:14

Vote for Italian friends o7

etheathi Parafrwn
etheathi Parafrwn Dia 1,817, 10:16


CRIS 99 Dia 1,817, 10:21

Victoria aut Mors

Doge N7
Doge N7 Dia 1,817, 10:22

EDEN 4ever

N4zGuL Dia 1,817, 10:22

Hail Italy!
Hail EDEN!

Fanaxidiel Dia 1,817, 10:25

My new slogan:
Eden 4ever is Eden 2gether!
Shall we all try to give the best for our brotherhood, shall our brotherhood give the best for everyone of us!

@El RetTo: watch better... lol

Nova.Navid Dia 1,817, 10:34


timbuctu Dia 1,817, 10:37


Sleeping Beauty in the Woods
Sleeping Beauty in the Woods Dia 1,817, 10:39

Italy, the country in my heart < 3

Baldovino IV
Baldovino IV Dia 1,817, 10:49

Thanks for all to EDEN.
But why our battles are never the priority of the alliences?

mdjole Dia 1,817, 10:49


and hail my daddy fanax 😁)))

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Dia 1,817, 10:52

You remembered about Italy only now that they are going to held a referendum about their EDEN membership. Maybe you should put more priority on Italy's battles than some useless Croatian colony instead of looking so pathetic now.

damir zlaTu
damir zlaTu Dia 1,817, 10:52

Hail Italy!
Hail EDEN!

Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Dia 1,817, 10:54

"Italy we like you! We are never going to try and free you because it's pointless... but we still like you!"

superpimpo Dia 1,817, 11:07

Is Elite eItaliana disappeared?
It's one of the most important Military Groups in eItaly, founded a lot of time before MU were created by admins and still fighting hard for eItaly and for EDEN.

SEP II Dia 1,817, 11:16


THRAX and RUMELIAN Dia 1,817, 11:18

ο/ Italy! Una Faccia Una Razza!

caspep Dia 1,817, 11:23

Hail Italy!
Hail EDEN!

erkiller96 Dia 1,817, 11:24

Is Elite eItaliana disappeared? x2

Jimkats1 Dia 1,817, 11:26


Smiljan Dia 1,817, 11:31

Italian are great people and frieds!
my wishes is that Italy be liberated

Nick Auditore
Nick Auditore Dia 1,817, 11:40

SISI grazie grazie, prego prego. Quando buttate giù un piano per una liberazione, o meglio, per l'occupazione di qualche paese più scarso del nostro?

Dihenekis Dia 1,817, 11:44

mappina? where is mappina ?

o7 Italy

superpimpo Dia 1,817, 11:56

No mappina no party.

The Witch is among us \o/

Baysound Dia 1,817, 12:05

more than 20% of damage with 5% of citizen durinh normal situatio.

Is Elite eItaliana disappeared?
It's one of the most important Military Groups in eItaly, founded a lot of time before MU were created by admins and still fighting hard for eItaly and for EDEN.

Belo Horizontee
Belo Horizontee Dia 1,817, 12:06

hail italy!

Walter.Gentile Dia 1,817, 12:14

v137 s7895

blackguard76 Dia 1,817, 12:34

Eden, don't forget Italy..
Grande fanax, +1.

Oivalf Dia 1,817, 12:49

Castel militarista = impeachment men citizen (CH)

Citizen Cane = mercenary (BR)

prefetto = yankee tank for life (USA)

frappa10 = communist fail (URSS)

Fanaxidiel = tank for loser (China)

Not italian people, FAIL Eden Media Team

Jaime Pearson
Jaime Pearson Dia 1,817, 12:58

Italy has active citizens?

Dot Hunty
Dot Hunty Dia 1,817, 13:01

1- elite
2- why do you remember of us just now?...

superpimpo Dia 1,817, 13:03

tiremm innanz (cit.)

erkiller96 Dia 1,817, 13:09

dot hunty that's a very difficult know asd

Dellodas Dia 1,817, 13:35


MaZzA Dia 1,817, 13:39


Nick Auditore
Nick Auditore Dia 1,817, 13:44

Italy has active citizens? WAAAT?

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