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Irishgawain for president!!!

Dia 1,902, 06:37 Publicado em Ireland Irlanda por Releasethe Krakken

We talk a lot about economy and how a CP will fix it. Players then want game elements which is lacking due to low country money. Now as I am introducing our next possible Country President I want you to consider a new kind of government. STEP 1: A government where experienced players like Bhane and others will be asked their opinion before implementing any changes. Why in a game do we always abandon not only RL knowledge but also experienced game knowledge. I have never placed any economic article where Bhane and players like eisenmutter has not contributed considerably to the article.

The second thing is we need a mass donation drive. eIreland finances was in its upturn largely dependent on donations by players quitting like Yddub. Now we are not going to ask paddy pearse to quit and give all of his money to us as an example. 😃 We are going to ask all players to make a gold ,money donation or guns donation based on their income and current holdings. Obviously this will be discussed as in step 1.

Thirdly we will look at other game elements to bring our country back to its former glory. Marinko mentioned hiring out state orgs. We have a lot of state orgz so I cant see really a problem with this if cleared with the moderators. However I think a CP can create state orgz custom built for individuals , MU's and parties and sell it to them. Correct me if Im wrong? Irishgawain also mentions selling Gold to private individuals or 1 on 1 trade. Certainly we can see whether this is feasible. What about hiring out or entire army. Other country pays for the MPP and we focus at a fee exclusively on their wars. All that I am saying is that we are going to need to get very creative very fast as the economy is not going up but plummeting ever downwards.

Fourthly we can lower some taxes and raise import taxes to eliminate competition as the Netherlands has done quite successfully. If we can get our own players to not buy and dump we will stimulate our own market. The excess we can sell of on other markets using trade licenses.

All these 4 points must be considered by any president when taking the reigns.

Once Irishgawain has us on a steady path economically wise we can using the money we generated bring back the army to its former glory.

New citizens need a good "social" player to draw in players , run competitions etc. We have plenty to chose from.

So finally why Irishgawain.

Lets look at the other candidates

1. Brian Boru - well people tend to not support any candidates on a immediate second run. They ask do he have anything he still have to finish. Did he burglarize a coffee house and has now developed the worst case of insomnia in the history of mankind. His reign left questions--- there was for one no solid drive to increase donations. When a company is making less money usually you fire people(he cut supplies). But there was no effort to increase donations. One need to raise income as well is my point. You can take any business and cut its expenses to shreds but if you look at its income and its not there you need to change that first before even contemplating anything further. So eIreland needs a massive donation drive and it needs to be done this term.

2. Marinko Margarin - although he is a solid choice as a candidate wont his candidacy divide the country. With claims of the Patriots PTO it just seems he should have left his candidacy for latter. Lets bury the PTO idea first I dont want to downplay one country against another but think the country should unite as one now and leave any doubts of a PTO behind in this election as it will not pop up if Marinko stands for election next month. What we should rather do is a joint government where we elect Irishghawain in with Marinko as first president.

3. Mikebane -- is a good candidate but will not get the necessary support. Enough said.

Which leaves us with Irishghawain. A lot is said about his inexperience but I think he is not that inexperienced and what is more we need a CP that actively discuss every decision with the people so that we can move all in one direction.

Furthermore Irishgawain stepped up to the plate despite the poor economy ,low morale in the Irish Army and low activity in the battlefield. That takes guts and I want a player that is willing to work as Irishghawain will towards solving these problems.

Not only is Irishgawain Irish but he is also politically neutral and his party and all other parties can as equals works towards ONE IRELAND!

So this election vote Irishgawain!.


Lord Scego
Lord Scego Dia 1,902, 07:12

How will Mike not get much support if the ILP the largest party in Ireland supports him ?

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dia 1,902, 09:57

Mike is a well known medal hunter who only speaks about solidarity and equality..but one time he had a chance to actualy stand for those ideas he back down and sided with a clique.

All mouth no actions...

ILP is just plain stupid to get him before them...

Boru...a kunts puppet.....

Domagojvu II
Domagojvu II Dia 1,903, 02:44

how much money did you spend on buying votes, maybe will be better to donate that money to IA and then we can have more wepp. you talking that we all must donate but you first don't want 😮

nice mate!

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Dia 1,903, 05:27

Bought votes? How do one do that. Shocking so you say my article is not worthy of number 1 article 😃 I can donate 95 Q4 weapons if that will satisfy you Domagojvu II but clearly my campaign said once in power we will all have to donate. Upon that future date I will gladly donate some gold. ATM I can only donate Q1 food and only about 1500 daily. But since I work in a commune and only ask for Q7 weapons if I fight and do not have to travel I think that any food donation will have to in me something as well.

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Dia 1,903, 06:47

Good article, best of luck to all candidates

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Dia 1,903, 06:57

Good article, best of luck to all candidates x2

IamGawain Dia 1,903, 15:30

Thanks, good article. 🙂

IamGawain Dia 1,903, 17:29

Cabinet (Planned) If you feel your better for a job let me know and it will be decided 🙂

Prime Minister: Elite C
MoD: Releasethe Krakken
MoFA: Rikian1776
MoF: Marinko Margarin
Governor: Moomoohead
MoE: Ian E Coleman

MUFC992 Dia 1,904, 23:01

Where's Biker's "how much u bought your votes" comment here?

Mr. Jack X
Mr. Jack X Dia 1,904, 05:30

good luck!

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