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How to BS your way to a BH.

Dia 1,940, 23:53 Publicado em Canada Canadá por The.Puppeteer

With all the articles coming out about important issues, like our membership with Asgard, I will throw in my two cents on the matter.


Moving on to the real reason I am writing for you today. *I say for you, in hope that I can help some people.*

Well Aletss04, this is your lucky day. Hit the most in the battle. Done.

If only it were that easy. I have been asked this many times now, and feel I should address it to the best of my ability. It is no secret that I am not a high strength player, and I will never hit the heights that some of the Visa Warriors have set, but I can still hold my own when it comes to winning the pixel award.

Before I begin, understand that I did not play when Erep was not separated by divisions. I know it was a free-for-all at one point, but I can't comment on that. This information will probably be more applicable to the younger breed of players.

Step 1: Confidence.

^ This is the facade I prefer to use.

In life, confidence is key. Tell yourself you are going to have a great night before you go out. You need to build yourself up to do something. I like to lay down a good amount of damage in the first half hour of a battle. Asserting yourself at the top of the damage leader board early on will deter others. Sure, this is not going to work 100% of the time, but for me, it works well. From experience, in division 2, I find a good amount to open with is 600-800k damage.

Step 2: Dress to impress.

Now that you feel good, you need to look good #SwagOn. No one says you have to be Brad Pitt to go home with the hottest girl in the club, but looking like him sure as hell doesn't hurt. This is where your rocket factory comes in handy. It is your three piece suit, your nicely done hair, and your shiny shoes. There are two ways of going about this.

First is using the two rockets that you are allotted daily. I ALWAYS start my battles using my rockets. Why? Show you have spent the coin, and are serious about being a decorated fighter. The obvious pitfall is that it does take a hit on the wallet. Try and cut costs where you can by asking for donations. People help, you just need to ask.

The second is making one rocket one day and saving it for the next. You can combo 3 rockets every two days using this method. It is definitely the safer method since you lay down more damage, and also cheaper. The drawback to this is less reward, but you assume less risk.

Step 3: Dance

No one will take you seriously if the first thing you do after making a big entrance is buy a drink, then look for a table in the corner to sit. You need to down a few shots, and then hit that dance floor like you own it. Sell the fact that you are the biggest player in that battle. After my rocket hits, I like to lay down a few Bazookas to keep the kill count low. I feel it shows people you are using your top guns, thus deterring them from trying. I will admit, a few BH's I have earned were all bluff and I was using the last of my resources, but people don't need to know that. All they need to see is the damage number, and the kill count.

Step 4: Timing and choosing your target

In my opinion, this is by far the most crucial step. You don't approach the girl that already has a guy on her arm, or is piss ass drunk stumbling around on the floor. One, it's not worth the headache, and two, there are too many variables, like getting your ass kicked. Do not walk into a battle that is between two countries that each have a long list of alliances. The damage needed to get a BH in these battles is not worth it, unless you are the host country and are reaping the TP damage as well. I really tend to avoid these unless they are our DO.

The time of battle is also relevant. You don't want to hit in a battle where it is high time for activity in that country. Using Canada as an example, I find the best time to go for it is after 11pm EST, or when I wake up around 6:30am-8am. The same for fights out of our country. Many phones have world clocks built it, or you can use Google to figure those things out yourself.

Step 5: Show your interest

Okay, so you've got the girl you had your eye on talking to you. Don't blow your chance. You need to show you are interested. Keep checking back with the battle after your initial surge. Keep a watchful eye for where the wall is, and take note of where the other top hitters are. Check back every so often and hit with a tank so your name goes across that ticker bar. The worst thing you can do is let it slip away at this point because you have done all the hard work. If you do see someone starting to creep closer, puff out your chest, and dump a bit of damage into it to widen that gap. You have to assume everyone is an asshole and wants your prize. I like to keep the distance of at least 250k, because in D2, that is what our rockets hit.

Another thing I will admit I do, is message the player in second place if they are looking to steal my thunder. Call them out on it, it annoys them, and you need to rattle their cage. Getting into their head makes the thrill much more fun. Play it big as well. Tell them you are sitting on tons of damage, even if you're not, and aren't afraid to use it. This could backfire if they take it as a challenge, but you have to be ready for that. #yolo

Step 6: Closing time

You asked her, she said she will go home with you. But you're not out of the woods yet. You still have to make it to the exit without falling on your face. Easier said than done in crunch time. You need to be watching the timer at this point. In the last 5 minutes of battle, it becomes another animal. You really need to, I repeat, really need to watch the other players. Keep your foot on the gas, hit to keep your distance, and lock it up. At this point, pending on how comfortable a lead you have, it could just be a waiting game. Nevertheless, watch, or you might be kicking yourself later.

Step 7: Protection

Wrap your stump before you hump. The last thing we need is more people on this planet. Always have a back up plan if things go south. Keep bazookas in storage for when you need them. It will happen, and people will try to steal your BH. I am guilty of not doing this, and it has come back to kick me. You need to be ready for that.

I realize this won't work 100% of the time, but this is the strategy I approach it with. I learned to play to my strengths, rather than the opponents.



TL;DR - Get off my lawn.



weasel2 Dia 1,941, 00:56

Uncle "The Closer" Buck.

VirgilBC Dia 1,941, 17:56 - I think you should see this text!
You have better chance for BH when you learn somethinh from this text 🙂

crisfire Dia 1,941, 00:56

damn newbs with more BH's

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Dia 1,941, 01:03

Well I don't think this will work in D4 but I like your tldr version xD

The.Puppeteer Dia 1,941, 08:48

Haha. Well as I am not in D4, it would make sense me not knowing the ropes. I would be happy to share and exploit a system if I can figure one out for D4.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Dia 1,941, 10:29

There is none, just accept the massacre and pray for a quick death.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,941, 01:09

Winning BHs these days is a complete lottery in D4, unless you're like 5 million or more in front in the last 30 seconds. Rockets even remove the 'race' element, so you can't even properly defend one nowadays against someone letting off a couple rockets in the dying seconds. The only warning you might get is if you see the explosion background image flash up and by then its already too late.

Good advice for would-be BH hunters, Buck! o7

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,941, 01:20

Some of the BH counts of newer players is hard to believe. Check out this guy: Born Jun 30, 2012 and already 330 BHs! I know another guy who's been playing about 5 months and is already GoW! The new perks like Boosters and x2 EBs are quickly making the current Military Ranking system obsolete.

The.Puppeteer Dia 1,941, 08:46

Yeah, the visa warriors. Can't say much though, their choice if they want to drop that much coin.

klop123 Dia 1,941, 05:32

The current military ranking system was made obsolete long ago.
In D4 you need to be able to do tens of millions of damage to even have a shot at a BH


klop123 Dia 1,941, 08:32

Have you tried lately? How would you be the expert anyways, I don't see you tanking much... Sabzii did that's for sure ^__^

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,942, 08:28

So Sabzii and Maximus are not the same RL player?

well I was Sabzii for a few months before I switched the name, but I was not the Sabzii of old

I just got a BH yesterday and the day before and I never cracked 10 mill in damage. for all his tanking he did not get many BH's

klop123 Dia 1,941, 08:37

Did ya use a bomb? Was it in the final minutes? 😉 It depends where you fight mate, like your TW would be easier than Russia-Poland or Serbia-Croatia where most fight.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Dia 1,941, 10:31

Here's the reason: The UK pussies are having training wars which nobody tanks on except complete fools 😛

true but you stated that in every battle you would need 10's of million in damage to come close to a BH. Which is wrong

klop123 Dia 1,941, 08:43

Fine. Most do/will.

klop123 Dia 1,941, 08:50

Prove it too me, I doubt you'll get more than 2.

WayneKerr Dia 1,941, 11:55

Needs a D5...

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dia 1,941, 16:59

Need them to be based on Strength and not Level.

MCMXCIlI Dia 1,942, 15:57

Indeed, If it was based on STR, the system would be perfect

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Dia 1,941, 05:50

I regret leaving D2 where it was easy to rack up BHs, but I know I will never see another one again when I move on to D4. I'll try and delay that as long as possible

The.Puppeteer Dia 1,941, 08:45

You'll be fine. I trust you.

Derphoof Dia 1,941, 08:56

There's a reason I've been sitting here at level 28 for a long time : P

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Dia 1,941, 14:32

Assumed you were just a little slow.

Venerable One
Venerable One Dia 1,941, 06:15

This is just what I needed to hear!
Thanks so much ❤

As a new player I'm going to be using these points.

kwest78 Dia 1,941, 06:43

"The last thing we need is more people on this planet."

This is the line of the year. Great job man, my favourite article yet!

Comentário apagado

klop123 Dia 1,941, 08:33

Not really.

not really what?

klop123 Dia 1,941, 08:38

More people=too many newbs : P

you mean children?

The.Puppeteer Dia 1,941, 08:44

No, I mean idiots. Hint... Hint..

klop123 Dia 1,941, 08:48

Consider the Malthusian Dilemma; soon enough we will reach our max sustainability anyways. Combine that with the natural process of selection. 7 billion people is already slowly stretching the limit.

we need people!

klop I'm talking just for Canada. We need more people and since we are not producing enough we are bringing in over 200,000 immigrants a year to meet our need

kwest78 Dia 1,941, 09:26

Have you seen Idiocracy? This is what is happening with civilized nations.

Dogpyle Dia 1,941, 14:56

Yeah, but they got electrolytes!

aletss04 Dia 1,941, 07:43

Im famous!!!! \o/

The.Puppeteer Dia 1,941, 08:44


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,941, 09:04


Great BH guide for newbies! o7

weasel2 Dia 1,941, 10:39

Above comments make me ask, what are is the number(s) that moves you up in division?

The.Puppeteer Dia 1,941, 12:09

I think..
D1 is 1-24
D2 is 25-29
D3 is 30-37
D4 is 38 and up. Not positive.

klop123 Dia 1,941, 12:19

D4 is 37 and up

weasel2 Dia 1,941, 13:43

Thank you kwest78

lancer450 Dia 1,941, 11:52

No, you get off MY lawn!!! : P

Anyways, great article dude! Really does have some good advice along with lots of laughs. : ) Nice job! o7

Valentyme Dia 1,941, 12:10

My solution to winning a BH, be the best player. All other strategies are obsolete.

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