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Halting Progress in eIndia

Dia 1,872, 12:49 Publicado em India Índia por India101
These last couple of months eIndia has been blessed with many talented, hardworking, and innovative people that have come to do good in our nation. Newtons law states that for every reaction there is an equal and OPPOSITE REACTION. Thus, just as good came to surface many eIndians' "hurt egos" halted our nation. They are still halting our nation as well as progress.

NOTE: I will not mention names of people who have halted eIndian progress, because they very well KNOW who they are and they don't need public bashing.

A vision for a better eIndia

I can proudly say its almost 3 years since I have been playing erepublik and in my time, I have mostly been in eIndia. I have seen A LOT happen, wars with a nation that once was filled with diosts called Pakistan, rent deals with USA, and lastly but not many "training wars". Through many tough times, I stayed in my country and looked upon the horizon. Hum hogay kamiyad eek din was the moto. (We will become successful one day). Throughout many instances of eIndian history, we have seen progress come and slowly leave. Thus, our progress in enation has pretty much been halted throughout our history. BUT now, progress is knocking on the doorstep and I see the same people, and their egos holding us behind.

Get over yourselves!

You all very much know who you all are, and we all know that your attitudes are effecting us as an enation. Once you come into power, India is turns southwards and your terms are like a PTOER an invisible PTO that no one can take. You have remained in our enation too long. SO MY ADVICE TO YOU: Get over yourselves! Stop acting in your best interest, and playing "under the table". Your manipulative attitudes aren't appreciated.

GROW UP! Honestly, it bugs me and annoys me almost as much as the Croatian betrayal to see you CONSTANTLY working under the table.

Work for our Nation!
Saara Jahan Se Aacha Hindustan Hein Hamara!
Chake de India!


Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Dia 1,872, 13:20


shreyash_wadiwala Dia 1,872, 20:33


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Dia 1,873, 23:03

voted, yeah grow up : D

Ind1anMartyr Dia 1,873, 01:09

voted! great article dude : D

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Dia 1,873, 01:11


Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Dia 1,873, 01:25


Zeeshe100 Dia 1,873, 04:17

Saray Jahan Say Acha Pakistan Humara ..
Voted 😃

Treian Dia 1,873, 06:45

There are a lot of great people in eIndia, and if we'd stop turning on each other and realize that we all want the same thing for eIndia we'd be much better off.

Let's all forgive and forget and get on with making this nation a better one to be in again.

o7 Voted!

soumo1989 Dia 1,874, 12:55


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