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Dia 1,903, 01:36 Publicado em Japan Japão por Minakami Suoh

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My hands still felt stained. Of course due to my status within the Imperial Court, I did not serve a "sentence" for the war crimes - or terrorist acts in which some may claim. I was removed from the throne and claimed unsuitable, mental. Distrust was widespread among the people of Japan, and across the sea I could even feel the disgust of the Taiwanese. They marched upon our lands, and though I did what I could to salvage the wreckage when I realized my own insanity, it was far too late. It was a lesson I needed to learn, a lesson that taught me humility. I learned who to count on. I learned that I could count on no one - that I was alone.

Abandoned by companions and my wife, the few individuals whom stuck by did so only out of pity. It was obvious they pitied me, and I hated the looks they gave me. I wasn't a charity case, nor was I mental. I was allowed to break things, to finally let loose the frustration and anger of being stepped on and treated like a lackey since my start within the Imperial Sun Party. Then I realized that I wasn't allowed to do any of that. I was expected to be the person they could rely on for strength and serenity, and I had let them down. Soon I realized that maybe it was okay that they pitied me, and that perhaps it was simply arrogance that despised the feeling of sympathy they offered me.


The voice was soft but full of life, and a head of blonde peered from behind the slowly opening door of the study I had holed myself up in. Eyes of vibrant green stared with pursed lips, porcelain skin untarnished by the stains of war that tainted my own once "perfect" flesh. She entered with a tray of tea, sugar cubes, freshly baked pastries, and a pack of cigarettes; and sat herself down in front of the desk I sat behind.

Her name was Anneliese, though we mainly called her Anne. I happened across her about three years ago during a brief stay in Switzerland, and I decided instead of leaving her to tend to the estate I had purchased there, I would bring her back to Japan. She was beautiful, and an extremely dedicated woman. She became fluent in Japanese within a single year, and assisted me whenever she could when it came to ambassadorial work. No, she did not assist in the more intimate ways either, for those blessed with hearing my thoughts - get your mind out of the gutter, Dio almighty.

"I hope I'm not disturbing you," she started, "but I've made you some tea - and some other treats - before the reporters come to hear your statements."

"Thanks. When will they be here?"

"Within the next fifteen minutes, I would believe. If I may say, Your Imperial Highness; I am quite happy that you are returning to the forefront of politics. I know how it pleases you to assist the people of this nation." she smiled, taking a cup for herself to join me.

"Hopefully I don't get shot today."

"Oh, don't say such nonsense! I'm sure it's just your nerves, you've been quite worried these few weeks, have you not? Remember, not everyone is the same - not everyone should be distrusted... we are different."

While her words were obviously meant to comfort me, it didn't. Lately, I could feel eyes upon me as I walked through the palace during the night, or if I wandered too far from the premises. Someone was definitely trying to kill me, but I was determined to avoid becoming a casualty outside of a glorious death in battle, preferably doing battle against a Swede. Such was the desire of any practicing Dioist, though I must say I had been more or less a rather bad one. With the death of my father, many people had become fixated in a sort of cult like worshiping of him as if he still existed. Even I was beginning to realize how unhealthy it was for the progression of the state.

Whatever, I had other issues to worry about.

Namely, a certain Dong Zhuo. I could summarize what was occurring in the nation vividly; in fact I had most likely seen something akin to it on some anime awhile ago.

Let me think...


We were being held hostage from the inside, and there was nothing we could truly do about it. Two of the most prestigious parties our nation held had become a den of Balkan conspirators. It was typical, though I had been proud of my nation for remaining outside of the influence of European hands. Yes, we were a multicultural state - but never had we ever had a President so blatantly a stodge to the Balkan overlords than this new candidate: Usureki. He called himself a "Kitsune", and to be honest it really had my jimmies rustled as to how people actually took him serious.

Nevertheless, I supposed it was easy to control the mindless drones of Japan, people who didn't take the time to think for themselves, or to see past their own bias opinion simply because they are being fed from the teet of Dong Zhuo's wealth. I could see no other reason why individuals, particularly intelligent fellows, would actually find him enjoyable company. I suppose everyone had different taste in company - but as it goes in my own personal creed:

You are what your friends are.

Or in short, it takes one to know one. It brought me to a flashback during the South Korean war, a rage filled Prince getting his hands dirty - ripping apart the men and women who opposed the Black Dragon simply on orders of the orchestrator. But a very particular flashback stuck in my mind, vivid as if it were still fresh from yesterday. I had been engaging with a an enemy of mine, someone blatantly a puppet themselves, yet manipulative enough to be a puppeteer. Sugawara's naivete was the key component needed to justify treason of Black Dragon Society, and His Imperial Majesty Kokawayoshi Makoto was beyond impressed - alongside the orchestrator, that I was capable of playing the enemy like a fiddle despite my young age. I had promise to become magnificent if I truly tried.

In short, Sugawara barely escaped Japan with his life, and somehow... I became closer to my former enemy.

It was quite poetic, really. I think that's when I went downhill.

"I promise you, Presidential Candidate Usureki, that should you become President and continue your attempt to isolate the rest of the country beyond DNP and CtG, I will be left with no choice but to destroy you. I will tirelessly lay waste to your term as the blood hound I am, and you will be left with nothing but bitter regret. Do not think I am a threat to be taken lightly - as I have no boundaries." I spoke into the camera as I stood before the crew reporting me live across Japan, standing tall with narrowed, vehement eyes upon the steps of the palace. I had returned to the forefront, yes. But this time I was no ones personal attack dog, loyal purely out of desire to maintain friendships and fit in, and I had learned much about myself over the months I had taken in break.

I am your nightmare of words, and no amount of drones will overcome that.

His Imperial Highness,
Minakami Suō.


Zodiarque Dia 1,903, 02:31

I won't comment the content... But damn ! You are quite good as a writer. That was some nice RP !


tarasino Dia 1,903, 04:05


2.D.G Dia 1,903, 05:42

Nowe, use this instead

Sardar Confucius
Sardar Confucius Dia 1,903, 06:10


bobbySAURON Dia 1,903, 06:44

Nowe, you are not even close to be emperor.

Apart from that, I agree 100% with your article.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Dia 1,903, 09:21

I prefer my pictures @ 2DG

And lol k bobby.

Geezus Dia 1,903, 13:39

stop the drugs

Takahashi Kauzma
Takahashi Kauzma Dia 1,903, 14:25

Good stuff.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Dia 1,903, 14:53

VAU, very good writing. keep it going, i will subscribe o7

Squibeel Dia 1,903, 16:36

Enjoyed reading this. Voted.

arhangellord Dia 1,904, 23:28


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