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Elite C for Irish Freedom Party - Party President

Dia 1,905, 09:57 Publicado em Ireland Austrália por Elite C

In just over a weeks time our party will go to the polls to elect their next Party President. As you may be aware I am seeking a second term as PP. I hope you can support me in my ascent.

Why should I vote for you? you might ask.

Well, here is what I accomplished as PP in December/January.

Created a Party Constitution
Outlined a new set of Policies for the party
Set-up a party council, which in this last term was not enforced. I blame myslef for not accuratly informing our PP
Got 9 new citizens to join the party

And, what have I been up to in the last 30 days?

I have served on the Committee of Immigration
I organised and chaired the Presidential Candidates debate
I interviewed relentlessly the Candidates
I was elected to Congress
I purposely caused two uproars which, as planned, lead the party into strong communication pattern..
Assisted in raising membership numbers

So what more can I do?
I present to you today my Term Manifesto.
Elite C - February/March PP Term Manifesto

Appointment of Committee Members:
Date: 16/02/2013

President [Elite C]
Vice President
Councillor of Members
Councilloe of the Treasury
Councillor of Public Interaction [Releasethe Krakken]
Councillor of Party Relations
Spokesperson on Finance
Spokesperson on Defense
Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs
Spokesperson on Community

Ard Fheis
Date: 24/02/2013

Where: IRC @ #IrishFreedomParty on Rizon server
What: Preliminary order of Congress lineup
Vote on Congress lineup*
Potential CP candidates within the party
Potential CP candidates outside the party
Other Party Related News

IFP Benefit Lottery
Date: Every Sunday
I will begin to run competitions in this term. I will donate 10 gold to the Treasury to start us off and the Lottery will be our main source of income.
A max. of 50 tickets will be sold each week at 20IEP each.
A will generate a number between 1 and 40.
In the event we sold 32 tickets, but 36 gets drawn, the prize fund rolls over to the following week.
3 gold (where applicable) will be the prize
If over he 4 weeks we sell al availble 200 tickets we will have brought in a net 5000IEP at a cost of 12 gold or 3288IEP.
Profit - 1712IEP/month
Taking into account the first 10 gold is donated we will get off light this month with a cost of just 540IEP making a profit og 4460IEP!!
It would also be on the cards to get willing members to sponsor the 3 gold prize.

The retained profit from the Lotto would be useless sitting in a bank. So it will be used to fund prizes for new citizens. I plan to hold varies comptitions throughout the term.

As you may have noticed the theme of my term will be re-lighting an old flame within the IFP. Making us more active as a Party and strengthening our bond as a Team.

All the Best,



Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dia 1,905, 11:07

If you gonna run this party like you did CP debate then poor IFP.
You are an amateur who dreams about flying and didn't even learn to walk.

Let people like Ronisu do the job.

He made IFP legendary and respected...and didn't act like some spoiled brat

Elite C
Elite C Dia 1,905, 12:34

Kurgan I ran the IFP with respect and maturity last time out. I have more common sense in a finger nail then you have in your whole body?. You may think your rude comments and attempt to diminish people on here is clever and up to scratch, but I am confident the members of the IFP have more sense in them than to listen to your impermeable remarks.

MUFC992 Dia 1,905, 12:37

Didn't you just recently found some left united party?

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dia 1,905, 12:54

Elite may act as an adult for a while but you can't run from a fact you are spoiled brat and you think like a spolied brat and that makes the whole difference between a true leader and leader wannabe.

Let adults take the helm.

And common sense is a human and a mortal race was born out of mindless rage that existed before creation of the first light...

Elite C
Elite C Dia 1,905, 14:57

How bad and pointless ones life must be if they have time to spend the day writing hate in a fictional world!

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Dia 1,905, 15:35

lold, Elite C hit the nail on the head there. So much truth

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Dia 1,905, 16:14

Don't listen to Kurgan Elite C. Just the fact that you tried to organize a debate is admirable, and from what I've seen from you the ifp should be proud to have you as their pp for another month.

There's my endorsement for whatever it's worth to your fellow members haha

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dia 1,906, 06:54

@Elite C
I am sorry i have to brake it for you...but this is a not's might even call it a fiction.

Also i am pretty sure you are not an old amiga game "Elite".......
We all have our own entertainment.
You get your kicks by trying to be in this illusional world something you are not born to any of worlds.
And my kicks are obvious to few advanced of you are too inferior to understand

And it does not take me whole day to write a few words...just a few seconds....especially if i write about douchebags like you. are MikeBane's b*** now......your job is to listen and obey your leader, not giving fence sitting advices to this boy....he is already corrupted with his illusional ambitions.
And Ian if you care about your EA please don't go whining to kunts to PTO EA like the last time....

Padraig..what happened with you?
Once you were the worst troll here...a you can't put two words together and use this brat as role model...

MR. HANK SCORPIO Dia 1,907, 23:53

Good luck Elite C, I thought the debate was a great idea!

IamGawain Dia 1,907, 14:38

Brake? Break*? Kurgan Elite c did a good job. I was going to run, but I do not plan on running against Elite c. Look luck! You have my support. 🙂

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