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Day 1899 War Summary

Dia 1,899, 16:13 Publicado em USA EUA por seeker1

by Colonel Ruthain

With the new map being rolled out soon I thought I'd take one last opportunity to use the old map one more time and take a quick look at the fighting going on around the world today.

The Americas

In the early hours of day 1899 a Canadian resistance war for Quebec was repelled easily by Spain 36-85.

Meanwhile in South America an attack by Colombia on their original territory of Andina was brushed aside 3-85 by Mexico.

This evening Spain continue their push into Canada with an attack on their capital Ontario, currently 77-0 to Spain.

Meanwhile Mexico keep pushing Colombia by attacking Amazonica. If successful Colombia will be down to 1 region, their capital Pacifica. It currently stands at 33-0 to Mexico.

Moving further south Chile attacked Argentina at Cuyo and are 33-33 as we speak.


This morning in Europe
Czech Republic have been wiped as Austria took their capital in Moravia 83-15.

Sweden easily defended an attack on Smaland by Latvia but a resistance war in Gotland was brushed aside by Latvia.

Hungary attacked Belarus in Homelskaya and look to be cruising to victory.

Wiped Ukraine started a resistance war in Bukovina but was won 85-31 by Poland, however a fresh battle sees them 55-0 up in the same region.

Macedonia attacked and captured Thessaly from Greece 89-21.

Bulgarian forces held off Turkish resistance fighters at Marmara 84-19

Evening in Europe
Czech Republic look to get back on the map with a resistance war against Poland in Northern Bohemia, currently 33-0 down.

Estonia attacked Finland at Laane-Eesti and are winning 11-0.

Germany look to wipe Denmark by taking their capital Nordjylland, currently 11-0 while also fighting a resistance war against Poland in Saxony, currently 32-1 down.

Romania are holding off a Ukrainian resistance war in Bessarabia 24-9, although they lost 88-0 to Hungary earlier in Donbas. They are currently winning a resistance war against Poland in Maramures 53-35.

Meanwhile Serbia are facing six resistance wars in Montenegrin Coast against Montenegro,
France in Aquitaine, Albania in Tirana, currently 37-7 up in the first two and losing 31-16 in Tirana, 31-17 up against Croatia in Istria and Kvarner, 24-9 down in Beersheba South District against Isreal and 27-14 up in Al Jawf against Saudi Arabia.

Bulgarian resistance fighters are currently 40-4 down against Turkey.

Sweden look set to lose Smaland after all with Poland winning 52-0 there.

The rest of the World

Australia lost two regions in Western Australia to Indonesia and Queensland to Chile while also losing a resistance war in South Australia to Chile. Northern Territory has just been attacked by Indonesia.

South Africa lost Eastern Cape to Brazil and are currently losing 21-12 in Western Cape to Uruguay.

Japanese resistance forces currently losing 51-15 to Republic of China (Taiwan).
Thailand lead by 54-1 in Peninsular Malaysia against Malaysia and finally The Philippines have started a resistance war against Spain in Mindanao, still in the first round.

Before I go I want to give a big shout out to Airbornes newest GOW Merle Corey. Now we all see new gods of war every day but I think he is one of the first to get the rank without getting one battle hero medal. That to me says it all about this man, a totally selfless team player. o7 Merle Corey

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Ruthain Dia 1,899, 16:27

I think its BBQ time!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,899, 16:43

Nice read! o7

Here's the TWO HQ logs that background the Poland-ASGARD conflict:

Harald von Uleaborgir
Harald von Uleaborgir Dia 1,899, 17:14

Someone should discipline Poland and its puppets.

ligtreb Dia 1,899, 20:56

Voted, good summary.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 1,899, 22:43

Grats, Merle!

KOSOVA Batoa Dia 1,900, 23:02


Tiamati Dia 1,900, 23:02

Excellent read; looking forward to seeing your reaction to the new map once its fully released.

Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Dia 1,900, 23:35

A Chilean points out CoT (and fingerguns) screwed Australia -

giladahgua Dia 1,900, 23:50


Philip Blackadder Rosovsky
Philip Blackadder Rosovsky Dia 1,900, 04:13


Barracuda1 Dia 1,900, 06:32


Mister Y
Mister Y Dia 1,900, 17:38

Voted, great summary.

ADFGDF Dia 1,901, 02:21

Voted, but it has a little mistake...

BTTrambly Dia 1,901, 08:45

France is back on the map!!!!

kitmen Dia 1,903, 23:26

Charts, charts everywhere.

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