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Australia still miss Victoria only

Dia 1,894, 17:49 Publicado em Australia Austrália por Martin von Anhalt

In the last days Argentina holds a big campaigne against Chile I saw them dropping province over province and loosing almost all their ressources.
For us it means Australia is almost free only Victoria is missing but the good question is can we keep our country free ?
Well we all hope so but it probably would be a good idea to look for some strong allies soon who could help us in defending our lands in the future.

Regards ,Martin



Nicky3Fingers Dia 1,894, 18:12

Well the way i have come to understand it is that eChile would kind of be a "buffer" for eIndo so we will have to see how it goes like i said idk if this is really what was happening just the way i saw it

BOUD1CCA Dia 1,894, 18:57

There is a sort of unreality about it all.
I think Argentina intends to remove Chile from Oceania & then start payback.
Look at the population - Chile has only half Argentina's now
As Nicky suggests - Indonesia may be the problem now

Iscay Dia 1,894, 19:17

So you could help us!!!

Nicky3Fingers Dia 1,894, 19:41 agree with me?

best day ever

BOUD1CCA Dia 1,894, 21:19

why would I not Nicky. Why would I not when you talk sense?
You are a new player, I have made a point of not disagreeing with what you have been posting, because it would seem like bullying you.
Keep talking sense & I will keep agreeing.

Martin von Anhalt
Martin von Anhalt Dia 1,895, 02:32

I did fight a lot for Australia last days...

Fibonacci Dia 1,895, 03:54

Interesting info...
SS taken,

Tabithi Dia 1,895, 03:58

Very interesting ss with comments taken.

Iscay Dia 1,895, 05:17

Good to know Martin... in the past few days eAustralia MoD urged citizens to fight for Chile and help them to keep eAustralia´s land. A weird thing.

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