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Australia es de confiar? // Should we trust eAustralia?

Dia 1,865, 00:55 Publicado em Chile Chile por Judoka7
Una imagen vale mas que mil palabras / Please see that image

Ellos o no estan informados, o simplemente el gobierno no tiene control de sus soldados. // They aren't informed or the government doesn't have control of the population

Igor Stojanovic

Que gana eChile cediendo regiones en estas condiciones si debe gastar de igual forma en ganar batallas? // Whats the deal for Echile if they have to spend a lot of ressources to control the RWs?

Mas de 10 kk extra pegados (MDW+rockets EB boosters, etc,) que se podrían haber usado para apoyar a nuestros, aliados!!! // More than 10 kk (MDW+rockets EB boosters, etc,)that should be used to help allies...

No fue por la BH / it wasnt for the BH


II SKYNET II Dia 1,865, 01:02

es una verguenza de parte de los AUSSIES. demando una devolucion de los recursos gastados
>: (

Gral.Raton Dia 1,865, 01:02

pole 😛

Gral.Raton Dia 1,865, 01:02

tripole x3

Capitan Sevilla
Capitan Sevilla Dia 1,865, 01:05

xD tambien lance un rocket y algunos FFs ahi

ese australiano nos hizo gastar de mas, asi que él deberia pagar el daño gastado por Chile

Gral.Raton Dia 1,865, 01:05

creo que en cada gobierno hay cierto teléfono cortado ya que hay varios jugadores que solo granjean y ni le interesa revisar periódicos asi como la mayoría de nosotros que somos traumers XD

PD: mama sali en televisión :3

vejderr Dia 1,865, 01:10

you can't control whole population. Aussie gov is not suppling mercenaries to fight against you, nor sending their army to free their cores. Seems like this deal is workin fine

DraimAlexander Dia 1,865, 01:14

The orders we have out are specifically not to fight in the RW at all (and the ADF MU actually has fighting for Chile as the DO because of battle priorities, for Chile is higher then for Australia) You can even see the top d3 at the start of this battle is aussie ( and I'm about to go in) We can't control everyone but you are not getting most of them.

Judoka7 Dia 1,865, 01:17

@vejderr I know they cant control all the population, but please take a look in Aussies news, there is no information, no priorities, maybe all DO's are even against eChile....

Wildrunner Dia 1,865, 01:19

1 person still doesn't mean deal is broken, there are stubborn citizens everywhere, if an organized hitting by more people happen tho then there is a problem.

NO CARRIER Dia 1,865, 01:21

They fighting for the BH medal. See the current round. 16M influence wasted...

DraimAlexander Dia 1,865, 01:24

Judoka7: It's currently a general order so in general they know it. We have our ADF orders set to it but it's sadly behind a forum and shouted so you can't see them. I had to step down as MoD because I got elected as head of our Congress (and we have yet to appoint the new one but that should happen today) which is why there isn't an article but I'm going to see if we can get one up. I promise that most DOs are not in anyway against eChile, I think at least one accidentally reverted to that at day change but we're working on getting the MU commander so that he can change it, we found out about it because the soldiers themselves knew that it shouldn't be that.

Judoka7 Dia 1,865, 01:29

@NO CARRIER , hi, i put ss, it wasnt for the BH, i think, there are information problems, maybe they should do more articles...

Judoka7 Dia 1,865, 01:31

@DraimAlexander, ok bro, but i think, you need to do more articles.... inform more about it....

DraimAlexander Dia 1,865, 01:32

@Judoka7 I agree, we just got one out 🙂 Hopefully should be spreading soon

NO CARRIER Dia 1,865, 01:33

@Judoka7: I don't know then. : (

BOUD1CCA Dia 1,865, 01:57

For Gods sake. I knew this would happen
Australia is going to be blamed collectively for the actions of a very small minority of players. Any why, because you want to blame us, I would go so far to suggest that its in your interests to as you see it.

Use your eyes & check the battle - you will see that most of the people hitting for the resistance are NOT Australians. Understand NOT AUSTRALIANS.
I will bet that those who started the RW specifically do not want the agreement to succeed.

rtapiacl Dia 1,865, 02:43

The same as Australian gov can't control every citizen, we can't control when one of our citizens decides to post an article like this. Free press!

Most comments I read from fellow chileans indicate that no one is making a big fuss about it.

From my point of view the deal is holding on quite well. Let's not get nervous just because an isolated issue like this happened.

Pablo Moya Kuhnert
Pablo Moya Kuhnert Dia 1,865, 03:29

un soldado no es un pais entero, se nota considerablemente la baja.. ahora.. mientras no exista riesgo con alguna rw no reclamen tanto.. siempre hay dicidentes.

Zeliot Heisenberg
Zeliot Heisenberg Dia 1,865, 03:56

Llorón, es como tratar de controlarme a mi 😛

Tsuffur Dia 1,865, 04:13

dont joke with that australia doesnt support RW. 16kk is a bullshit of damage in d3.

fight for BH and true patriot.

Maybe we (aussies and chile) can have an strategic plan when the battle is for example 60 to 60 or worst aussie government can help us to mantain stato quo. maybe another region for aussies to continue with our good relationships

Pipexd Dia 1,865, 04:14

Es solo 1 soldado creo que estás exagerando un poco xD

fernando zuniga
fernando zuniga Dia 1,865, 04:24

lo que pasa es que la gran mayoria de los echilenos son corazon de abuelita, mientras a un extrangero lo tratan bien en algunos meses atras los canguros pegaban por argentina, NO MERCY, EN LA CONFIANZA ESTA EL PELIGRO, HAY QUE APOYAR A "NUESTROS ALIADOS" NO A NUESTROS ENEMIGOS

Femto666 Dia 1,865, 05:00


El gobierno de Chile reconoce que tanto el gobierno Australiano así como la mayoría de su población están apoyando el acuerdo que estamos tramitando y que en uno de sus puntos menciona que Australia pegará a favor de Chile en las RW abiertas en sus territorios.

Además, en este gobierno nos consta que el equipo de Greg Macgregor ha hecho todo lo posible por informar a su gente acerca de esta situación.

Como bien dicen muchos en estos comentarios, un par de personas no representan a un país.

vCP Chile

Femto666 Dia 1,865, 05:04


The Chilean government recognizes that both the Australian government and the majority of its population are supporting the agreement that we are dealing and especially one of its points mentioned that Australia will fight for Chile in the RW open in their territories.

Furthermore, in this administration we know that Australian government have made ​​every effort to inform their people about this situation.

As many of you say in these comments, a few people do not represent a country.

vCP Chile

Hire.killer Dia 1,865, 06:16

Nada para los traidores!

arayiptaulasamadiginnumero Dia 1,865, 06:21

Comentário apagado

Judoka7 Dia 1,865, 06:21

Bueno, en Australia, mas que en otros países hay disidentes y obviamente mal informados.... Espero que el acuerdo se cumpla.
Creo que una de las condiciones debería ser informar a la población mediante shouts y SIEMPRE un articulo. Después de mi articulo salieron con esto:

Juanin Gonzales
Juanin Gonzales Dia 1,865, 06:32

Weno, la verdad es que las personas hacen lo que estiman, algunas veces eso significa apoyarse al colectivo y otras irse por las de ellos, el tema esta claro para mi. Las rw en australia si han bajado

Ramiro Vergara
Ramiro Vergara Dia 1,865, 07:43

For me it is clear that aussies are behaving as per the treaty.

In Chile we have had eCitizens going against the orders even after issuing a lot of publications and spam in walls just because people do not read or do not care, so this is not grounds to generate uneeded untrust.

I am happy with the trust I have placed on Aussie hands

rtapiacl Dia 1,865, 08:07

@Ramiro +1

Lance Speed
Lance Speed Dia 1,865, 08:46

bueno, pueden algun par de eAustralianos, pero no olviden que ahi eArgentinos también metidos entre medio...

DrKaban Dia 1,865, 11:30

Hola, vengo a figurar!

GoNaRg Dia 1,865, 12:12

naa.... Australia es un epais muuuuy confiable, quedense tranquilos!!(guiño-guiño)

Lorena.Chile Dia 1,865, 12:50

no wei

OttoSkorzenyARG Dia 1,865, 16:48

"Retroceder NUNCA rendirse JAMAS" y nuestros hermanos Australianos hicieron lo contrario.
Quizás les convenga a los Australianos este pacto, pero se olvidaron que es un juego y que hay que jugarlo con dignidad ya sea que ganes o te borren.
Saludos desde la otra trinchera.

BOUD1CCA Dia 1,865, 17:55

Yes, that grates on me as well Otto,

I agree with what you say about playing with dignity whether you win or lose. I would have kept on fighting, But it all comes down to what our Government decided. Much as it irritates I follow their directives.

However, I can also remember Argentinian fighters demanding to be paid before they would fight for us.

rtapiacl Dia 1,865, 18:28

Ah... those argentinians.. 😉

El Nihilista
El Nihilista Dia 1,865, 21:55

para esta pregunta guiemosno por la ehistoria..... y esta nos da una respuesta firme y clara:

y me sorprende q el vcp que fue protagonista, bueno en realidad salio arrancando del protagonismo, sea tan suelto de cuerpo en afirma tal cosa, algunos por comodidad prefieren olvidar la ehistoria y su pasado

Waisepi Dia 1,866, 02:45

Apareció el gran nihilista..No lo había leído hacer rato 😕

fue sólo para atacar a femto xq comento un articulo??

Jaime Sendra
Jaime Sendra Dia 1,866, 10:10

estoy de acuerdo en que pactemos con los Aussies, pero deberiamos haber ido mas despacio. No soy partidario que se deje amarrado al nuevo gobierno, sea el que sea.

Vormund Dia 1,866, 11:08

Pero no he visto Australianos dando el todo por el todo para defender las RWs y ayudarnos a pear, ni usan barritas ni gastan su gold, así como lo hizo chuncho probablemente.

El Nihilista
El Nihilista Dia 1,866, 12:51

una respuesta al nivel de un estadista de carton... mejor sigue spameando wn, pa liderar un pais ya se vio q no sabes

Llillo Dia 1,866, 14:40

1 person still doesn't mean deal is broken, there are stubborn citizens everywhere

this weeks eAustralia respect the agree.
for me everything is fine. on the way to a long and very good value.

Llillo Dia 1,866, 14:46

una consulta a los chilotes...

porque era vital esos 3 puntos en esa ronda? si el marcador estaba 32-1, en la 3ra ronda.
Ose perfectamente se podia dejar esa ronda en D3 y guardar el daño.

o no?


huasoatomico Dia 1,867, 23:33

si wn tanto drama por 3 puntos todos cagados

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