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AUP and the CP Elections

Dia 1,929, 04:47 Publicado em USA EUA por Portofoli Humbur
Hello eUSA

The Albanian Unity Party leadership has been talking about the CP elections these days.

The leadership has decided that AUP will take a neutral stand for these elections.
We know that both of the ATO candidates are great players , have great visions and will bring America where it belongs , on the TOP!

But , as a helping hand for the ATO , we do not want to chose between the two candidates , we are not here to stand beside one particular group of players , we are here to help the American community as a whole , against the threat of PTO.

So , if the American ATO parties come up with a Unity candidate (as we hope you will) , we will definitely vote for him!

That's it for now , eAmerica!
Together against the PTO!

Hail eUSA
Hail eAlbania
Hail Brotherhood!


Andiroid Dia 1,929, 05:06


SinaAria Dia 1,929, 05:15

Endless amounts of love and respect to our Albronians. Stay here forever and enjoy the game with us.

Portofoli Humbur
Portofoli Humbur Dia 1,929, 15:06

Thank you for these kind words , we really do appreciate them!

Sei Kaon
Sei Kaon Dia 1,929, 05:48

V + S

Sandukaani Dia 1,929, 06:06


Thanatos the Magnificent
Thanatos the Magnificent Dia 1,929, 06:18


kushtrimzz Dia 1,929, 06:38


CmenduriaMB Dia 1,929, 07:10


C E M I C A L Dia 1,929, 07:13


Shmoop Dia 1,929, 07:14


SilentSurfer Dia 1,929, 08:23

V + S

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Dia 1,929, 08:54

A definetly great stance to take. This will ensure good relationship between our two community as you will not try to influence the general politics of the USA. I can only applaud such selfless actions!

Loren Sh
Loren Sh Dia 1,929, 10:17


Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Dia 1,929, 12:48

Hail Albania!
Hail USA!

Nidza the Great Dia 1,929, 14:58

Comentário apagado

Portofoli Humbur
Portofoli Humbur Dia 1,929, 15:04

And here you are again...
And AGAIN writing in your masters language.. keep going you're getting good at this 😉

Sa i perket historise dhe ardhjeve ne ballkan , jeni ju o majmun sllav te ardhurit ktu!
Koha e juaj ka perfunduar , tani vetem do na e thithni 😉

Nidza the Great Dia 1,929, 15:12

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Portofoli Humbur
Portofoli Humbur Dia 1,929, 15:15

Lol , yeah your Empire hahahahahahaha the best joke I've heard today..
Don't worry serv , one day you'll wake up and face reality 😉

oh and if you ever decide to come to Kosova for a visit , do not forget to take your Passport with you , you need it to cross the border 🙂

Nidza the Great Dia 1,929, 15:19

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Portofoli Humbur
Portofoli Humbur Dia 1,929, 15:20

Wow... you lack on originality , but Hey.. what can you expect from a serv?

Nidza the Great Dia 1,929, 15:24

Comentário apagado

Portofoli Humbur
Portofoli Humbur Dia 1,929, 15:31

Ahahahahahahaahha , this coming from your mouth just makes me crack up from laughing , so much irony in your words hahahahaha
Servs are know as the puppets of "mother Russia" , you are just a puppet that dances the music that Russia plays.. without them you'd be nothing (you still are nothing) just saying...

And for US being servian Servants... hmmm what did you smoke this time?

Nidza the Great
Nidza the Great Dia 1,929, 15:40

Oooo come on baby light my fire!!!!!!!!!You crack up with brain.Russia yeah...Who was a member of Eastern block>Albania or Yugoslavia
And again SerB pussy cat,SerB

Portofoli Humbur
Portofoli Humbur Dia 1,929, 15:44

Well , if pussy cat is all you've got... than i guess i'm done with you 😕

Lord.Darcia Dia 1,930, 23:08

A clear and sensible policy. Thanks Albania!

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