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An Interview With Gervaz

Dia 1,982, 06:06 Publicado em USA Itália por Gervaz

Thank You The Mike (Profile)
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"[...]No, I’m not over yet Last week I made an interview with Gervaz. I remember voting for him on the primaries last month, so wanted to check how has been his first month in congress! Here is what he told me."

Mike: Hi, mate! How are you? I won’t ask you those boring stuff of who you are, so will go straight to the point. Are you ready?
Gervaz: Ok, i'm on until 14pm erep time.

Mike: How active have you been during the last three weeks and do you think you've performed well?
Gervaz: I'm joining forums every day, so yes, I'm very active: I'm reading the posts every day and when I have something to say i say it. As you can see this is my first time in Congress and so I'm not writing a lot my ideas, I'm instead trying to understand very well how to behave in Congress but I'm also trying to write as much as possible in addition to limit myself to read the discussions.

Mike: Nice, so how do you think our congress has been doing for the last month? How much of a problem is it, that non-USA-approved (AFA) party members members have so many congress seats?
Gervaz: I think we are doing a good job in this congress, as everybody know AFA is right now one of the most important internal problems, and the high number of its congress seats is really a problem that we most solve especially the problem of the citizenship.

Mike: Do you want to describe the main issues from the last month that have caught your eye?
Gervaz: So... we talked about different things such as the training war with Mexico and about the critical problem of the Citizenship (AFA) as I said and also about the situation of the Goldmines and its impact on USA.
In short, I dont have much experience, but I think they are the usual discussions of the congress.

Mike: And how did you find the behaviour of the other congressmen, the ones with more experience than you, to the younger ones?
Gervaz: So.. in general, personally I felt good, the older CM who realized that although being active and always reading threads I participate so little and sometimes encourage me to participate without fear of making mistakes because that's how I can increase my experience.
Obviously I tried to follow the advice of those with more experience than me and I'm still doing, in fact I noticed that you never stop learning new things.

Mike: Lovely! And what new things have you learned then?
Gervaz: So, in general I can say that the congress open my eyes on the world, I'm also U.S. ambassador to Italy as u can see (you can? lol) but this is a different thing: while the role of ambassador focuses on the specific country, in my case Italy, the role of the congress member is more complete.
I dont know how to explain so I'll say it in a few words: the congress made me realize that there is a very large community, you have to make actions to improve the situation of each and according to me, especially to help young people: if first I considered only my party, my nation with a "inside wiew" now I understand that everything is much "bigger" and the global community is the true heart of this game.
I hope I made it clear.

Mike: Indeed you did! Here comes my last question
As now (as you say you do) you are aware of the whole situation, what aim should the eUSA set next? What should we next achieve as a nation?
Gervaz: This is an hard question i will reply simply:
First of all we need to adjust the internal affairs, so the problem AFA and everything that is linked, I am not saying that we must eliminate the problem forever, I realize that it is impossible, but we must find a strategy to "eliminate" from the top5 the Party/Politicians TO but it must be a long-term strategy that can be used on other occasions also in the future.
Once this is done, we can proceed peacefully, in foreign policy.
For me this is the correct procedure that we must follow, but there could be many more directions all right.

Mike: Thank you mate! It has been pleasure for me to discuss the eUSA congress with you.

Thank You The Mike
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The Mike
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Grazie amico : P

Imamazha Dia 1,982, 06:38


Ronald Gipper Reagan
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